EPIC FAIL? | Drug suspect eludes arrest, takes with him P18,000 buy-bust money

NAGA CITY 9/25/17 (Bicol Standard) -- A well-planned buy-bust operation of an alleged bigtime drug dealer went up in smoke after the drug suspect was able to elude arrest, taking with him the P18,000 buy-bust money.

Christopher Mendonez, a resident of Barangay Triangulo, has long been in the watchlist of the Naga City Police Office for his alleged involvement in the drug trade in the city and nearby towns.

Mendonez, the police said, agreed to receive the buy-bust money in exchange for the drug commodity.

After receiving the money, however, he allegedly pulled out his gun, pointed the same to the poseur-buyer and immediately fled.

The reports say that the apprehending team tried to capture Mendonez, firing several gunshots towards his direction.

None of the shots, however, were able to hit the suspect.

As of this writing, the whereabouts of the suspect have not been traced.

Meantime, the police involved in the buy-bust are confronted with the problem of explaining why in spite of the planned operation, the same went down the drain. (With report from Boyet Paderes)