Thursday, August 31, 2017

Masbate Vice Gov named Outstanding Local Legislator 2017

MASBATE CITY 8/31/17 (Bicol Standard) -- Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil has been named as Outstanding Local Legislator by award-giving body Superbrands Marketing International for the year 2017.

Revil was recognized as a public servant who participates actively towards nation-building, particularly in local legislation.

The young legislator, who is also a lawyer, was awarded based on overall performance, with emphasis on social and environmental responsibility and projects for education, health, security, infrastructure and livelihood.

San Fernando's Mayor Mabulo suspended

NAGA CITY 8/31/17 (Bicol Standard) – Mayor  Fermin Mabulo of San Fernando, Camarines Sur has been suspended for three months and one day by the Ombudsman after he was found guilty of Simple Misconduct.

He (Mabulo) explained that in 2013, while he was the head of the Sagip Kalikasan Task Force of the Province of Camarines Sur, he was ordered by the governor to apprehend illegal loggers, miners, quarry operators and other perpetrators of illegal activities that brought about the filing of numerouns cases against him.

Of the many cases that were filed against him, Mabulo said all, except one prospered, which was the basis for this suspesnsion order.

Meanwhile, he and his lawyer had done their best to convince the Ombudsman that the three months and one day suspension is detrimental to the mandate given to him by the people who elected him to office.

“The offense--if indeed there was--happened in 2013, when I was in an appointive capacity. I’m sure a huge amount passed hands in that office to arrive at this stupid decision,” he said on Facebook.

“I would, however, abide by the decision and respect the Rule of Law,” he said.

Mabulo said in the same Facebook post that because of this three months and one day suspension, he will have more time for his family, business, his animals and cacao plants.

Mabulo is the President of the Municipal League of Municipalities of Camarines Sur.

DA Bicol: No bird flu in region

NAGA CITY 8/31/17 (Bicol Standard)--"There is no case of bird flu in the Bicol region," Dr. Rona P. Bernales, Regional Animal Health Coordinator announced to the media this morning.

In a press conference organized by Emily B. Bordado of the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office 5 this morning, Bernales emphasized that the agency has beefed up the measures in the inter-island transportation of birds and poultry products because of the recent threat of bird flu, also known as avian influenza.

"Those intending to transport birds must secure a shipping permit and a veterinary health certificate," she said.

She noted that since the bird flu outbreak in Pampanga, vendors of poultry products in the region have seen a decline in their sales.

Even the growers of corn, which are used as poultry feed, have reported less income recently.

"That is why we must strengthen our information drive," she said.

"There is nothing to fear, as bird flu has not been recorded in this region," she added.

Still, she said, farmers should be alert to the signs of bird flu: severe depression and inappetence, drastic decline in egg production, swollen and bluish combs and wattles, dehydration, severe congestion of musculature, severe congestion of conjunctiva, excessive mucous exudate in tracheal lumen, severe hemorrhagic tracheitic, urate deposits in renal tubules, hemorrhage and degeneration of the ovary, and hemorrhage and erosion of the gizzard lining.

The do's and don'ts in avoiding bird flu must also be followed.
  • Don’t eat raw poultry meat or egg
  • Don’t buy or eat smuggled poultry products
  • Don’t come in contact with transient, wild or migratory birds
  • Don’t go to areas with very large crowds or very poor air circulation
  • Don't release birds or expose them to the wild
  • Don't go to poultry houses, farms, or live poultry markets.
Further, Bernales differentiated bird flu from newcastle disease (NCD), locally known as "rabia," which affected some avian species in the region last year.

"Lab tests can confirm if the bird is affected by bird flu or NCD," she clarified.

"Bicol has had no history of a bird flu outbreak," Bernales said.

Meanwhile, as regards the migratory birds which are spotted in several parts of the region mostly during December to March, Bernales said they are employing a "no-touch policy."

The office is also conducting surveillance of domestic birds twice a year.

Asked about the upcoming derbies and cockfighting events this September in Bicol, Bernales said cockers should be prudent not to bring fighting cocks from the bird flu-affected areas.

Organizers of cockfighting activities should also screen the fighting cocks so as not to allow the spread of the dreaded virus.

"This is a concern not only of the Department of Agriculture, but also of the Philippine National Police and the local government units," Bernales said, urging the media to help in spreading information about bird flu.

Gov. Bobet strikes back; cries foul over 'distorted news'

SORSOGON CITY 8/31/17 (Bicol Standard)--"Simply a classic example of irresponsible news writing and malicious distortion of the truth."

This is the statement of Sorsogon Gov. Bobet Lee Rodrigueza on the recent report that the salary of the contractual workers at Dr. Fernando B. Duran, Sr. Memorial Hospital or Sorsogon Provincial Hospital has been delayed for four months.

In truth, according to the governor, they were not paid their salaries only since July 2017 because their contracts were awaiting renewal.

The said report added that the reason is the computerization of the Personal Data Sheet (PDS).

Gov. Rodrigueza clarified that the real reason behind the delay is that they are waiting for the appropriation ordinance of the budget that is needed for the renewal.

"Actually, handa na ang mga PDS at naghihintay na lang ng instructions kung pwede na for submission," he explained.

He added that in fact, the salary of the contractuals were raised in January 2017.

"Naturally, added funds are needed for this. Patience is what is necessary to fix the system."

He blasted the "one-sided" report that was published (not this newspaper).

He asked: Should they not have rejoiced since it meant that the governor had acceded to their request for an additional remuneration?

He also lamented the fact that he was not even given the chance to explain his side before the story, which was very derogatory, was published.

All he wanted is a fair treatment on matters that would malign the reputation not only of himself, but also of other provincial officials, he said. (With report from Edgar Tumangan)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Graceland factory stinks; City Hall inaction blamed

Grease-Wastewater Traps. Along Barlin St., Sta. Cruz, Naga City
Photo courtesy of Clarito Limjoco

NAGA CITY 8/30/17 (Bicol Standard)--Time is up. This problem must be solved now.

This, in essence, is the sentiment of Clarito Limjoco who feels disheartened with the way the city government is handling the environmental and health issue regarding Graceland Food Industries, Inc.

Graceland's building, located at Barlin St., Barangay Sta. Cruz, this city, discharges foul-smelling wastewater and emits loud noises because of its operation and generator, apart from being located in the incorrect residential zone, he said.

Limjoco emphasized that DENR Regional Director Eva S. Ocfemia sent a letter to Mayor John Bongat on May 23, 2017 informing him of the findings of the validation inspection of the building.

"Said investigation revealed that the management [Graceland] failed to secure Wastewater Discharge Permits for the grease traps...Same failed in the Noise and Ambient, and Wastewater Sampling conducted," Ocfemia's letter reads.

DENR V said that Graceland committed to: immediately refrain from discharging wastewater until it passed the DENR standard, construct a wastewater treatment facility within sixty (60) days, maintain proper housekeeping, and submit the requirements as stated in a previous technical conference dated February 28, 2017.

The agency endorsed the issue to the Local Government Unit of Naga, which has jurisdiction over it.

Until now, however, Limjoco said they see no action on the part of the LGU.

Earlier today, he told the Bicol Standard that he visited the City Health Officer Dr. Butch Borja to air his gripes.

He was told that the matter is being handled by the Office of the Mayor.

Meanwhile, Mayor John Bongat, in an interview by the Bicol Standard, said: "Dai man ini pigpapabayaan kan gobierno lokal kan Ciudad nin Naga."

The local chief executive added that they are giving consideration to Graceland since it is a locally-grown business.

Bicol Standard's reporter tried to get the side of Graceland, but nobody wanted to speak for the company. (With report from Joe Caguimbal)

CBSUA grad tops 2017 Agricultural Engineering Board

PILI, Camarines Sur 8/30/17 (Bicol Standard) –An alumnus of the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA) has once again landed himself in the top ten in the recently concluded Board Exams for Agricultural Engineers given by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

John Jeric Avila Batanes of the CBSUA got the fifth highest score among those who took the exams.

Included in the top ten are the following: (1) Christian Jake Espiritu Villamar, Central Luzon State University; (2) Rod Cadalig Dumanog, Benguet State-La Trinidad; (3)Ryan Cabangbang Ancheto, Isabela State University- Echague; (4) Camille Guhit Martinez, University of the Philippines, Los Banos; 5) John Jerik Avila Batanes; (6) Elman Cantero Torres, University of Rizal System –Tanay; (7) Deel Balestramon Lucena, Central Philippine University; (8) Eric Jhosua Delima Ballesteros,  University of Southestern Philippines –Tagum; (9) Melrose Marges Salona, Cavite State University (Don Severeno Agricultural College) and (10) Francis Pallones Diocton, Visayas State University (VISCA, LSU) Baybay.

The examination result was released two (2) days after the last day of the board examination.

Mayor Bongalonta faces new graft complaint

PILI, Camarines Sur (8/30/17 (Bicol Standard)--Four job order employees of the office of the Mayor assigned under the KALAHI-CIDSS program filed a complaint at the Office of the Deputy Ombudsman for Luzon against Mayor Tomas Bongalonta, Jr. earlier today.

The complainants alleged that Bongalonta should be held liable for violation of Section 3 (e) of RA 3019 (Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act), Grave Misconduct, Grave Abuse of Authority, Oppression, and Conduct Prejudicial to the Best Interest of the Service.

The four complainants are Norma N. Eligoyo, Joy Reonal, Fatima Grace Divino, and Annabelle Frago. Of the four complainants, however, only Eligoyo, Reonal, and Frago affixed their signature on the document.

Among the allegations hurled against Bongalonta were his "unilateral, capricious, and whimsical rescinding of the Contract of Service of the job order employees without any justifiable ground or reason for the same."

"The act is an oppressive, abusive, vindictivem and malevolent conduct that caused undue injury to us [complainants] and the other Job order employees numbering to more than 150 persons, more or less," the complaint reads.

They further claimed that they should not have been removed because of the contractual obligation that was entered into between the municipality and the herein complainants that was signed by Acting Mayor Rogelio Raymond Regondola while Bongalonta was serving his preventive suspension .

They believe that they should not have been terminated because the valid grounds for termination are only: end of contract period, lack of funds, or when the services are no longer required.

None of the valid grounds for termination were present when they were terminated, they alleged.

They also expounded that after their termination, they were immediately replaced by people who are loyal to Bongalonta.

This complaint was sworn to before Prosecutor Rommel Chrisante F. Agbayani.

Mayor Bongalonta has not issued a statement as of this writing (With report from Joe Caguimbal).


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

PDAF scam issue vs Gov Bichara, 'politically-motivated' daa

LEGAZPI CITY (Bicol Standard) – “Politically motivated.” Ini an simbag kan kampo ni Albay Gov Al Francis Bichara sa nagluwas na report na pig iimbestigaran ngonian kan Ombudsman si saiyang PDAF, kan siya iyo pa an deputado kan ikaduwang distrito kan provinciang ini.

An sabi sa report may mga imbestigador hale sa Ombudsman na nag sisiyasat kan sala na pag gamit kan PDAF ni Bichara, na pig release sa Non Government Organization (NGO).

An field investigation office kan Ombudsman nagpadara nin surat sa mga local government units sa segundo distrito kan Albay para maghagad nin prueba na naka recibe sinda kan fundo hale sa foundation, na tinawan nin cuarta hale sa PDAF kan dating congressman.

May report na nagsasabi na an fundo na hinahanap hale sa PDAF ni Bichara na itinao sa Technology and Livelihood Resource Center (TLRC) asin sa Kaagapay Magpakailan man Foundation, Inc. kan taon 2007 hasta 2008.

Itinagama fundo para sa pagbakal asin pag distribuir nin limang volume nin livelihood technology kits.

May pig sisinasar na report na pinaagui suboot ni Bichara an funding allocation por medyo kan National Agribusiness Corporation (NABCOR) asin sa Kabuhayan at Kalusugan Alay ng Masa Foundation, Inc.

Mag poon ini kan 2008 hasta 2009 sa proyektong pag pag distribuir nin walong water pumps, pitong hand tractors asin mga seedling nin manga.

Kabale sa pighahagad na kakusgan kan Ombudsman iyo an listahan kan mga benefisyaryo, retrato, accomplishyment reports, certificate of completion asin iba pa.

Inaaram ngonian kun ginibo o dai an mga proyekto. Kun dai ginastos an cuarta sa mga sinambit na proyekto, pwedeng kasohan si Bichara sa Sandiganbayan, sa inaapod na Pork Barrel Scam.

Pig probaran na hagadan si Bichara kan saiyang reaksyon asin paliwanag dapit digdi.

Alagad, an tinawan nin poder na magpaliwanag sa isyu na ini iyo si Danny Garcia, an parataram kan gobernador.

Sinabi ni Garcia na may lagod nin politika an issue na pig-oorolayan ngonian (May report hale ki Susan Bernal Balane).

Monday, August 28, 2017

Nakabudal sa acacia, gadan

Gadan an driver kan sarong motorsiklo kan makabudal sa poon kan acacia sa gilid kan tinampo, sa Maharlika Highway, Brgy. South Centro, Sipocot, Camarines Sur.

An incidente nangyari kasubanggui, alas 10:29.

Sabi sa police report, nakalunad sa motorsiklo an victima na nabisto sa pangaran na Christian Dicen, 24, taga De Guzman St., North Centro, Sipocot. Kasuno niya si Jeffrey Lapitan y Eclera alias "Naruto," residente kan San Bartolome, Brgy South Centro, Sipocot, Camarines Sur.

Sabi pa sa police report, mantang an motorsiklo nagdadalagan sa tinampo, aksidenteng nakabudal siya sa poon nin acacia sa gilid kan tinampo.

Idinalagan sinda sa Sipocot District Hospital para ipabulong.

Alagad, an driver na si Christian Dicen, pig declarar na dead on arrival.
Kabale si Dicen sa listahan kan kadakul nang mga tawo na nadisgracia sa tinampo, sa paagui kan pagbudal sa poon nin kahoy.

Photos and list of Miss Bicolandia 2017 official candidates

Photo by Joe Caguimbal

Photo by Joe Caguimbal

Photo by Joe Caguimbal

Miss Bicolandia 2017 Official Candidates:
  • Julia Novel Gonowon - Iriga City
  • Sigrid Grace Flores - Panganiban, Catanduanes
  • Paula Madarieta Ortega - Ligao City
  • Kayesha Clauden Chua - Legazpi City
  • Leorosa Maria M. Kennedy - Lagonoy, Camarines Sur
  • Lyra R. Velchez - Tabaco City, ALbay
  • Febelin G. Pena - Daet, Camarines Norte
  • Maria Lina N. Prongoso - Iriga City
  • Elaine I. Pascual - Tigaon, Camarines Sur
  • Sandra P. Vivo - Lagonoy, Camarines Sur
  • Denise Omorog - Catanduanes
  • Trixia Jorgia P. Aganan - Naga City
  • Angelita O. Marasigan - Daet, Cam. Norte
  • Joime Louissa A. Arcilla - Naga City
  • Maria Angela M. Rodrigo - Magarao, Camarines Sur
  • Faith Kristel G. dela Pasion - Vinzons, Camarines Norte
  • Krizzia Ann P. Toral - Naga City
  • Azucena Desideria Quintana - Naga City
  • Ma. Kyla A. Magayanes - Ragay, Camarines Sur
  • Hannah Hei V. Aquino - Catanduanes


Friday, August 25, 2017

20,000 eggs donated to Sorsogon province

Photo by Edgar Tumangan
It's like Christmas in August after at least 20,000 poultry eggs valued at half a million pesos were donated to the provincial government of Sorsogon by two businessmen.

The businessmen, identified as Llone Lim at Cris Valeña of Gubat, Sorsogon made the decision to donate the eggs after they were unable to secure permits due to the ongoing bird flu-related restrictions.

The eggs came from a poultry in Gubat, Sorsogon.

Lim and Valeña initially wanted to transport a truck carrying the eggs from Matnog port to Allen, Northern Samar.

Meantime, Dr. Enrique Espiritu of the Veterinary Office in Sorsogon confirmed that the eggs were safe to consume.

The eggs were distributed to locals and inmates of the Sorsogon Provincial Jail earlier today. (With report from Edgar Tumangan)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Fake shabu triggers shooting of 17-year-old boy in Albay

LEGAZPI CITY 8/24/17 (Bicol Standard)--A 17-year-old boy is now recovering in a hospital here after suffering four gunshot wounds the other day from an angered customer who bought what he believed to be shabu from the boy's friend.

In an interview by the Bicol Standard, Information Officer PCI Arthur Gomez of the Albay Provincial Police Office said the minor had just taken his girlfriend to school when two persons on a motorcycle poked a knife at his side and told him to get on board.

Sandwiched between the two persons, the minor was brought to Malilipot town.

Upon reaching the place, the minor noticed that another motorcycle-riding person followed them.

The group brought him to Barangay Comon, Tabaco City.

He was ordered to tell them the whereabouts of his friend who allegedly sold them tawas passed off as shabu for P20,000.

When he did not give them the information, he was shot at the buttocks.

He fell on the ground and was shot again at the back and legs.

The minor was left for dead.

A few minutes later, he was able to crawl and walk for about a kilometer and sought the help of a barangay official.

The barangay official brought him to the hospital for medical attention.

A team of investigators is presently on the case.

As of this writing, the suspects have not been apprehended.

Babae, gadan kan tamaan bala hale sa piglilinigan na badil

DAET, Camarines Norte 8/24/17 (Bicol Standard) -- Binawian nin buhay an babae na aksidenteng nabadil nin retiradong miembro kan pulis sa Barangay Alawihao sa banwaan na ini.

An saiyang pangaran iyo si Antonieta Calnea, 58 anyos an edad.

Sabi kan imbestigador aksidenteng nakiblit kan suspechadong si Leodel Belaro, 57, an gatilyo kan pig lilinigan niyang badil sa bakanteng lote kataid kan harong kan victima.

Idinalagan pa sa doctor si Calnea alagad mayo na nin hinangos kan makaabot sa hospital.

May tama siya nin bala sa walang parte kan liog.

Mientrastanto, nagsuko tulos sa mga awtoridad an nakadisgracia.

Maatubang siya nin kasong reckless imprudence resulting to homicide, sabi kan imbestigador.

Albay broadcaster's car shot by riding-in-tandem gunmen

LEGAZPI CITY 8/24/17 (Bicol Standard)--The car of radio commentator Carlos "Caloy" Sasis of Zagitsit News FM was shot by unidentified gunmen at around 8:50 a.m. today.

The gunmen were on a motorcycle and shot at his vehicle at the radio station located at Imelda Roces Avenue Brgy. Cruzada, this city.

The broadcaster was unharmed in the shooting, although the tires of his vehicle suffered damages.

In an interview with the media, he said the gunmen probably did not intend to kill him, and merely wanted to scare him off.

The incident is still under investigation.

Following the shooting, the Presidential Task Force on Media Security (PTFoMS) released a statement expressing its alarm and strongly condemning the shooting of the journalist.

"Upon instruction from Communications Secretary Martin Andanar, Co-Chair of the Task Force, PTFoMS Executive Director USec. Joel Sy Egco immediately directed Supt. Joselito Esico, Legazpi City Police Chief, to conduct a thorough investigation to identify the gunmen behind this cowardly attack on the commentator.

While it is yet to be confirmed if this incident falls under the mandate of the Task Force in relation to the Administrative Order No. 1 (AO1) of Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte in protecting the life, liberty and security of Media Workers, there is a possibility that the shooting may be related to Sasis work as a broadcaster.

Sasis, also a Barangay Kagawad of Cabangan, Camalig, Albay, co-hosts the radio program with Wally Magdato. Shortly after the incident, Magdato received a text message saying that the bullets were meant for him.

The PTFoMS will continue to monitor the progress of the investigation and provide the necessary security and legal assistance to both Sasis and Magdato.

The Task Force is committed in fulfilling its mandate to keep media workers free from any and all forms of threats and violence that may be carried out against them and their families."

LPA sa may Catanduanes pwedeng maging bagyo

MANILA 8/24/17 (BICOLSTANDARD) -- An low preassure area (LPA) na harane sa Catanduanes pwedeng maging bagyo sa laog nin 24 hasta 36 oras.
Sabi kan PAGASA, mayo ini nin direktang efecto sa maski arin na parte kan nasyon, alagad mapakusog ini kan duros habagat.
Kun madagos na maging bagyo an tropical depression  papangaranan Jolina, na magiging ika 10ng bagyo ngonian na taon.
An LPA yaon sa distanciang 565 na kilometros sa sirangan norteng sirangan kan Virac, Catanduanes ngonian.

Chris Clemeno: Homecoming

NAGA CITY 8/24/17 (Bicol Standard) -- You can't miss Chris Clemeno when he walks into a room. Every inch of him screams stardom: his long silver ponytail, his Chinese-inspired tattoos, a couple of necklaces swinging on his neck.

Yet the musician, now 62, is every bit as humble as he was when his name was synonymous with folk music in Bicol back in the 70s.

Today, the mere mention of his name sends fans—male and female alike—sighing with fond memories as they recall where they were when Chris sang Jim Croche, John Denver, and James Taylor hits such as “Wandering,” “Country Roads Take Me Home,” “I Have To Say I Love You In A Song,” among many others.

He released an LP album, which had one of his original songs “The Captain.”

At one of the rare occasions that he has come home to Naga City, Chris sat down with BICOL STANDARD for a brief chit-chat about his life and career.

Born Chrisogonous Llorente Clemeno, the musician who is now based in Guangdong, China is married to a Chinese lady called Lu Yin Mei, whose name he has inked on his arm.

“I also have the yin-yang, a phoenix, and the biohazard symbol” he says while rolling up his sleeves to reveal the tattoos that give a glimpse into his introspective, philosophical nature.

“I’m basically a peaceful person. Habo kong kariribokan,” he explains.

He has five children from a previous marriage, all of whom inherited his love for music.

Nowadays, Chris plays the grand piano at the 4 Seas International House or Si Hai Yi Jia in China.

Once in a while, though, he still plays the guitar, for which he was known while he was still in Bicol.

His passion for music began when he was very young, as his mother used to play at the Naga Cathedral.

His mother enrolled him in violin and piano classes, although his interest at that time was really the guitar.

At the Naga Parochial School, Ateneo de Naga, and the Holy Rosary Minor Seminary, Chris continued to show his love for music, particularly popular and folk songs.

He was married to a former Miss Naga City, Teresa Napoles.

After his mom died in the 80s, he travelled to Japan, then to Oman, where he performed with a group.

These days he performs solo at the international-themed restaurant, serenading restaurant customers with mostly Spanish songs.

In November, when Chris turns 63, he says he still plans to continue with his musical career.

“Growing old is a priviledge,” he quips.

Asked by the BICOL STANDARD about what made him so successful and loved by Bicolanos, he responds with a humble shrug.

"Dai ako nagsasabi na successful ako. Bako man akong inaapod na pabongga,” he says. “I just love music.”

“That said, I am happy that Bicolanos remember me,” he adds.

To budding musicians, he has this piece of advice: “They should pursue their passion ta an musica mayong boundaries. Kun musikero ka, dai mo man iisipon an monetary returns. Sa music dipisil magsikat not unless igwa kang backer. But if it [music] is truly within you, you will succeed.”

To cap the conversation, he invited the BICOL STANDARD team to listen to him play the piano at a nearby hotel.

Although he has no scheduled performance, he asked if he could play something on the piano.

A few bars in, people quickly started forming a crowd around the crooner.

“Ay si Chris Clemeno!” one woman remarked.

When asked how much they had to pay him for his performance, he just replied with a smile.

“I just love music.”

“It’s nice to be home, indeed,” he said.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ama, tinadtad nin taga an aki na adik

LEGAZPI CITY 8/22/17 (BICOL STANDARD) –Inako kan 74 anyos ama, na si Nelson Cimanes y Mapa na siya an naggadan kan saiyang aki na si Ramil Cimanes y Mendoza kasubagong alas 5:45 nin aga, sa laog kan harong kan victima.

Segun sa declarasyon kan gurang (Nelson Cimanes) dinisidiran niyang gadanon an saiyang 39 anyos na aki, ta kun dai, siya an pwedeng mapeligrohan an buhay.

Antes mangyari an krimen, sinabi kan suspechado na pirme siyang pighohomaan na gagadanon kan saiyang aki orog na kun sinda nag-iiwal.

Inako kan ama na an saiyang aki drug dependent.

“Talagang dai ko na siya bubuhayon ta baad ako pa an gadanon,” sabi kan ama na mayo nin pagbasol sa nangyari.

An victima tadtad nin lugad sa man laen-laen na parte kan saiyang lawas.

Igwa pang naheling na mga tama nin saksak.

Nangyari an krimen sa Purok 4, Barangay Banag, Daraga, Albay.

Sabi ni Police Chief Inspector Arthur Ramirez Gomez, an spokesman kan Albay Police Provincial Office, an victima binawian nin buhay sa pinangyarihan kan krimen.

Yaon na ngonian sa carcel an suspechado, mantang pighahalat na isangat an caso contra saiya.

Church seeks prayers, justice for Kian

Photo via St. Jude Thaddeus Parish

NAGA CITY 8/22/17 (Bicol Standard)--The Archdiocese of Caceres is appealing for prayers for 17-year-old Kian Loyd Delos Santos, who was killed recently in a raid in Caloocan City.

In a statement issued earlier today, Archbishop Rolando J. Tria Tirona, OCD said they are grieving with the family of Delos Santos and crying out for justice after the teenager was "BRUTALLY KILLED BY SOME BLOOD THIRSTY CALOOCAN POLICEMEN."


Churches under the Archdiocese discussed the war on drugs in masses last Sunday.

Meantime, the St. Jude Thaddeus Parish here announced that it will ring the grieving church bells every 8 p.m. to invite parishioners to a 15-minute silent prayer as it "weeps with the Nation for the countless citizens murdered by the government."


9,000 na balut, pigcompiscar sa Masbate

MASBATE CITY 8/22/17 (BICOL STANDARD) -- Pinogol na sa port area an rinibong balut na gustong darahon digdi kan mga negosyantes kan sarong aldaw.

Sabi sa report dai nakapaheling nin mga papeles an viajero kan balut kaya dai tinugotan na makahale an cargamento sa port area digdi.

An mga awtoridad naghigot na maray sa pagreparo kan mga papeles kan mga nagdadara nin manok asin sugok palaog sa lugar, huli kan pag-ibitar na makalaog sa saindang terrorityo an tinatakutan na bird flu.

An mga miembros kan Maritime police katuwang an Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) an nagpapaotob kan estriktong reglamento sa palaog asin paluwas sa provincia kan Masbate kan mga producto agricultural, arog kan manok, itik, pabo, pato, pugo asin iba pa.

Mientrastanto, an rinibong balut na palaog kuta sa Masbate an sinulo kan mga awtoridad.

An sabi, nagduda an mga maritime police asin taga Bureau of Animal Industry ta an declarasyon kan may sadire kan 9,000 na pidaso nin balut, hale suboot sa Sorsogon.

Alagad, nakakua sinda nin informasyon na hale sa pier kan Pioduran, Albay.

An kantidad kan balut P120,000.00.

Bakong malinaw an informasyon kun tano ta nakalusot an balut pasiring sa Masbate, apisar kan malinaw na pangalad hale sa Departament of Agriculture na prohibido an pagdara pasiring digdi. (Bareta ni Jet Ramos)

DA-Bicol bags highest number of Rice Achievers awardees

The Department of Agriculture (DA) regional office for Bicol had the highest number of awardees in the recent Rice Achievers Awards from three regions in South Luzon held at Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, DA spokesperson Emily Bordado said.

Bordado, in an interview Friday, told the Philippine News Agency the annual Rice Achievers Awards started in 2011 and aims to recognize the significant contributions of the Local Government Units (LGUs), agricultural extension workers and other stakeholders in the rice industry in achieving food sufficiency in the country.

Among the 61 outstanding Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs) and 10 outstanding Local Farmer Technicians (LFTs), the Bicol region got the biggest number of awardees with 27 AEWs and 5 LFTs. Each awardee received P20,000 cash prize and plaque, Bordado said.

The outstanding AEWs from Bicol from the province of Camarines Sur are: Tita Bendaña (Minalabac); Jocelyn Comprado (Pamplona); Nercy Alvaro (Libmanan); Allan Salvador (San Fernando); Anicia Mancita (Magarao); Julieta Deris (Nabua); Sylvia Oaferina (Buhi); Elsa Cabrera (Buhi); Janice Orciga (Iriga City); Celedonio Elevado Jr. (Nabua); Hector Llagas (Bato); Rowena Otamias (Sipocot); Gregorio Beldad (Ocampo); Jessie Bare (Ocampo); Dolores Bongalos (Pili); Raul Conmigo (Sagñay); Grace Santelices (San Jose); Marinette Briñas (Baao); Aline Bravo (Baao) and Rosa Belgica (Canaman).

From Catanduanes: Eva Laurente (San Andres).

From Albay: Prescilla Ferrer (Manito), Mat Peñafiel (Ligao City), and Meden Castor (Ligao City); Cheryll Rebeta, the Provincial Agriculturist of Albay; and Ligao City's Dexter Mendoza, also awarded as Outstanding City Agriculturist. Ligao was adjudged as Outstanding City. From Masbate City: Ulysses Cabrera Jr.

The five LFT awardees who all came from Camarines Sur are Genaro Tamon Jr. (Magarao); Erwin Barnuevo (Minalabac); Ramon Gaudiel (Pili); William Bisenio (Baao) and Chimmie Aguilar (Sipocot).

In his speech, DA-Bicol OIC Regional Technical Director for Operations and Extension Rodel P. Tornilla quoted Agriculture Undersecretary Segfredo R. Serrano as saying, “They (AEWs and LFTs) are the heroes of the DA. Without them, our projects will never be implemented with greatness".

Tornilla added that he wants to see new faces in the next Rice Achievers Awards as most of Bicol’s AEWs are already hall of famers or have been awardees for three consecutive years. Tornilla also attended the awarding ceremony of the ASEAN Outstanding Rice Farmer and Scientist in Manila recently. (PNA)

PB Amesola kan Pili, pinahimutikan an sahot na siya drug lord, adik

PILI, Camarines Sur 8/22/17 (Bicol Standard)--"Bako akong drug lord asin adik!” Ini an sinabi ni Pili, Camarines Sur ABC President asin Sangguniang Bayan Ex-Officio Member Punong Barangay Efren Amesola kan Palestina.

Ini dapit sa pigparataram ni Mayor Tomas Bongalonta sa flag raising ceremony kan Lunes na may mga opisyal kan Pili asin mga punong barangay na imbwelto sa transaksyon kan ipinapangalad na bulong.

Dai naitago ni Amesola an pagkabangit sa saendang alkalde nin huli ta sige daa kayang taram nin mga sahot imbis dapat na maghapot asin mag-imbistiga kun may mga kapitan baga talaga na imbwelto sa droga.

Inangat ni Amesola si Bongalonta na pangaranan an mga sinasabi kaining opisyal asin mga kapitan na imbwelto sa siring na aktibidad.

Ngunyan na aldaw, tiniripon ni Amesola an mga Punong Barangay kan Pili tanganing maghaman nin marhay na plano dapit sa mga pigparataram kan alkalde asin mapanday man soboot nin resolusyon na masugo ki Mayor Bongalonta na pangaranan an aram kaining opisyal na imbwelto sa droga.

Tinawan duon ni Amesola na an saiyang yaman ngunyan bakong hali sa anumang ilegal na aktibidad imbis hali sa pinagpagalan kan saiyang familia.

“Kun malaog ako sa ilegal na droga, tano ta ngunyan sana?” sabi pa ni Amesola.

Dai man naitago kan kapitan an pagkadisganar sa ibang mga taga-media na pinapasabitan an saiyang pangaran na siya drug lord.

Mientrastanto mayo pa man nin naipaluwas na pahayag an nasambitan nang opisyal kun nagsuko ini sa PNP kan panahon na labo-labo an Oplan Tokhang. (Bareta ni Joe Caguimbal)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

21ng cabo arestado, haros P200 mil nakumpiskar

LEGAZPI CITY 8/17/17 (BICOL STANDARD)-- Sinakyada kan pulis an opisina asin pig bobolahan kan sugal na Small Town Lottery (STL) kasubagong alas 12:15 nin odto.

Dinakop an 21ng cabo.

Sa entrevista kan BICOL STANDARD ki PSupt Eymard Gomez, OIC kan Legazpi City Police, saiyang sinabi na an saindang operasyon parte kan pinakusog na kampanya kontra sa gabos na forma nin ilegal na sugal.

Mantang sinusurat an baretang ini, an 21ng mga cabo asin corriador kan STL an yaon pa sa hepatura kan pulis, mantang pighahalat an pag sangat kan formal na caso sa oficina kan fiscalya sa aga.

An mga nadakop na suboot imbuelto sa ilegal na sugal na ginigibo sa Lakandula Drive, sa Barangay Gogon, Legazpi City iyo an minasunod: Roger Anunuevo y Araojo; Raymundo Abiera y Almayda, Oscar Mina y Redito, Gerald Ayson y Dy, Jerwin Nebria y Calisin, Lito Armero y Botin,Ronnie Ricafort y Aranil, Jomar Paul Liabres y Imperial, Larry Nunez y Perez, Vincent John Arao y Aguinillo, Ronel de Guzman y Anda, Antonio Ascutia y Sarza, Noel Bahoy y Carretero, Alfredo Navarro y Imperial, Elmer Lorejo y Soledad, Reymon Geronimo y Santos, Nilda Bahoy y Nunez, Gemma Maceda y Rosare, Ma. Theresa Llorca y Brin, Rosita Luna y Asaytuno, asin Teotimo Ramirez y Divina.

Ipinahayag ni Gonez na dinakop sinda huli kan pagpataya nin STL na mayo nin magkakanigong papeles sa pagpataya, mayo nin uniforme, asin dakul pang pigbalga na reglamento susug sa ipig papasunod na Implementing Rules and Regulations sa sugal na STL.

An mga nadakop nagbibilang kan mga taya na cuarta na nagaabot sa kantidad na P197,392.00.

Nakua an ibang mga evidencia arog kan 4 na pidasong columnar worksheet, 1 calculator, stapler, mga ball pen, stamping pad asin dakul pang iba.

May suspecha an mga awtoridad na an lugar na saindang sinakyada bookies kan sugal na STL sa ciudad na ini.

Naga City, pinakadakol na caso nin HIV-AIDS sa Bicol

NAGA CITY 8/16/17 (BICOL STANDARD) –An Naga City an may pinaka dakul na tawo na naolakitan kan helang na HIV-AIDS, sabi kan Department of Health sa Bicol.

Susog sa pinakabagong report, igwa na ngonian nin 71ng residentes digdi an igwa kan siring na haling; 10 sa Iriga City, tig aranom an mga banwaan kan Baao, Magarao.

Igwa man nin may siring na helang sa Calabanga, Goa asin Ragay, asin 9 pang iba.

Sa laog nin limang bulan poon kan Enero hasta Mayo, 2017, 21 nang caso an nairihistro sa Camarines Sur.

An total na numero na affectado kan nasambit na helang sa Bicol, 89 na gabos.

Base sa pahayag ni Dr. Rey Millena kan DOH Region 5, nakaka alarma an siring na sitwasyon kan HIV case sa Bicol.

An DOH nagpapadagos sa pagkalap nin mga impormasyon para mamonitor an paglakop kan helang.

Idinagdag pa sa report na libre an pagpa-examen kan sisay man na pwedeng may tama kan sinambit na helang.

Pwedeng magdulok sinda sa City Health Offices sa Region V.

Mientrastanto, nagpatanid liwat an mga doctor sag abos na mag-ingat na maray sa HIV AIDS, orog na sa “unsafe sex asin multiple partners”, sabi pa sa report.

BM Quinones slams CNorte mining squabble

DAET, CNorte— The conflict between mining companies Mt. Labo Exploration and Development Corporation (hereinafter Mt. Labo) and Galeo Equipment Corporation (hereinafter Galeo) has brought confusion and alarm at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.

In connection with the issue, Board Member Gerardo Quinones delivered a recent privilege speech pointing out that said conflict has raised questions on who should be held responsible in the event that two companies formerly in a Joint Venture Agreement decide to part ways and there are violations against environmental laws.

“Hindi natin alam kung sino ang ating hahabulin kapag may mga paglabag sa environmental laws at nagkaroon ng hidwaan ang dating magkasamang kompanya,” Quinones said.

Antecedent facts
Quinones narrated that the destruction of the environment which he is opposing stemmed from the instance when Mt. Labo granted its consent to Bohai Top as the operator and overseer of the mining operations in Barangay Napaod.

In exchange for the consent, Mt. Labo, through its director Johannes Raadsma, requested for 1 percent of the royalties, Quinones said in his speech.

He added that following this, several Chinese nationals were arrested by the National Bureau of Investigation in a raid, and pieces of heavy equipment and minerals were confiscated.

The Mines and Geosciences Bureau, heeding the call of the residents of Barangay Napaod, thereafter issued a cease and desist order.

Dangerous open pit

The problem, however, did not stop there.

The mining operations left a huge open pit, which the Napaod residents and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan have deemed dangerous.

“Sa katunayan, ang inyo pong lingkod at BM canlas ay may ipinasa noong 2014 na isang resolusyon para sa MLEDC (Mt. Labo) na magsagawa na ng rehabilitasyon sa Venida Pit, and record shows bagamat paulit ulit po tayo sa pag follow up ay hindi po ito nagkaroon ng katuparan,” the Board Member stated.

“At kung atin pong titingnan, dapat kasama ang Galeo Equipment Corp. sa may pananagutan sa pagkasira ng kanilang area na sakop ng mining claim exploration permit no. 014-2013-V. Sapagkat sila ay may 42% share sa kanilang JVA. Sa mahabang panahong nanahimik ang MLEDC (Mt. Labo) at Galeo sa usapin ng mitigasyon, ito ay muling binuhay ngayong taon ng Brgy. Napaod sa paghingi ng tulong sa Sangguniang Bayan ng Labo na nagresulta sa pagpapatawag sa Galeo at MLEDC (Mt. Labo) noong enero at pebrero ng taong kasalukuyan sa dalawang magkasunod na public hearing.”

Mitigation measure

Earlier this year, the two mining companies were called to appear before the Sangguniang Panlalawigan to shed light on the issue, Quinones said in the same speech.

Mt. Labo, citing its reasons, did not make a commitment before the SP. Meanwhile, Galeo announced that it was ready to carry out a mitigation measure.

Three local government units supported the mitigation measure.

It was during this time, Quinones said, that Mt. Labo announced that they and Galeo were not seeing eye-to-eye on certain points. In particular, Mt. Labo’s representative said that the Joint Venture Agreement was not in effect.

Quinones revealed that the conflict between the two mining companies was surprising, and had raised questions in the minds of the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, as well as the residents of Barangay Napaod.

The Board Member added that because of the issue, he is proposing an amendment to the Environmental Code in accordance with what Pres. Rodrigo Duterte said in his latest State of the Nation Address.

This, he said, will ensure the protection of the environment in the crafting of laws, especially if the applicants have a Joint Venture Agreement.

Pili mayor gets death threats

PILI, Camarines Sur—At least two death threats have been received by Mayor Tomas Bongalonta in the past two weeks.

In an interview by the Bicol Standard, Bongalonta revealed that he got the threats via cellphone calls from a number that was not known to him.

Allegedly, he was threatened that he will not be allowed back into his position as mayor.

He said, however, that he is not afraid of the threats.

“If the person were really serious about killing me, he would simply do it and not go through the trouble of warning me,” he said.

“Regardless, we are tightening our security by asking for assistance from the police.”

“I believe this is politically-motivated,” he declared.

His detractors, on the other hand, said the mayor is simply seeking for sympathy.

Previously, Bongalonta was imposed a two-month preventive suspension by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Camarines Sur in an administrative case filed against him.

Division Supt. ng Catanduanes idineklarang persona non grata

SAN ANDRES, CATANDUANES – Idineklarang Persona Non Grata ng Sangguniang Bayan ng San Andres si DepEd Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Socorro dela Rosa dahil sa umano’y pambabastos nito sa mga miyembro ng nasabing konseho.

Ang deklarasyon ay naganap sa loob ng 60th Regular Session ng SB San Andres noong ika-16 ng Agosto, kung saan inaprubahan ito unanimously ng buong miyembro.

Ang hidwaan sa pagitan ng DepEd at SB San Andres ay nag-ugat sa pagpapatawag ng Sanggunian sa isang inirereklamong guro mula sa Palawig Elementary School. Hindi sumipot ang nasabing maestro, sa halip, isang liham mula kay Dela Rosa ang tinanggap ng SB San Andres.

Sa liham, binanggit ni Dela Rosa na ang isyu na kinasasangkutan ng teacher ay naresolba na matapos umanong mamagitan ang Grievance Machinery ng ahensiya. Katunayan, dagdag ng sulat, nailipat na sa ibang paaralan ang nasabing guro kaya ayon kay Dela Rosa, hindi na kailangan mag-appear pa sa Sanggunian ang teacher.

Gayunman, binanggit din ni Dela Rosa sa sulat na ang pagpapatawag ng Sanggunian sa guro ay hindi saklaw ng hurisdiksiyon ng SB, at ito umano ay lumalabag sa prinsipyo ng pagkakahiwalay ng kapangyarihan ayon sa Saligang Batas at iba pang umiiral na jurisprudence.

“And finally, it would be a fitting reminder to each of us not to allow political vendetta to shroud our objectivity and integrity in judiciously resolving an issue before us,” ayon pa sa nasabing liham.

Sa pagdedeklara kay Dela Rosa bilang Persona Non Grata ng SB, nagkakaisa ang kanilang paniniwala na lubhang ininsulto ng DepEd official ang bawat miyembro ng sanggunian. “Her letter has shamelessly depicted the members of the Sangguniang Bayan as a cluster of politicos wanting of common sense.” Gayong ayon sa kanila, ang SB San Andres ang Outstanding Sangguniang Bayan ng buong Bicol noong nakaraang taon at katunayan, representative ng Bicol Region ang SB San Andres para sa National Competition para sa Outstanding Sangguniang Bayan ng Pilipinas. Kaya ayon sa kanila, lubha umanong dinusta ni Dela Rosa ang Sanggunian.

Maliban dito, naging tuntungan din ng deklarasyon ang umano’y tahasang pambabastos ng superintendent kay Coun. Alan del Valle nang magtungo umano ito sa tanggapan ni Dela Rosa ngunit hindi pinaupo.

“She was seated behind her desk, but never offered me a chair to the entire duration of our conversation,” ayon kay Del Valle.

Samantala, bago ang approval ng deklarasyon, inilahad muna ni Del Valle, bilang proponent, ang kahulugan ng Persona Non Grata para kay Dela Rosa. Ayon sa kanya, hindi pagbabawalan si Dela Rosa na umapak sa San Andres ngunit hindi umano nito asahan na tatanggap ito ng anumang respeto.

“She can attend school activities, but she will not be acknowledged in case there is an LGU Official present in the same activity.”

Sa kabilang dako, sa simula ay kinontesta ni Coun. Andy Facundo ang deklarasyon kay Dela Rosa bilang Persona Non Grata. Ayon sa kanya, masyadong marahas ang hakbang at tila mas makabubuti umanong hilingin na lamang ng Sanggunian sa DepEd na ilipat ng pwesto ang superintendent. Ngunit sa huli ay napahinuhod ng mga kasama si Facundo. Dagdag dito, inatasan din si Facundo na maglikha ng resolusyon para sa transfer ni Dela Rosa. Sa deliberasyon, inaasahang ihahain ni Facundo ang hiwalay na resolusyon sa susunod na session ng Sanggunian. (RAMIL SOLIVERES)

Cong. LRay files bill vs fake news

PILI, Camarines Sur — Camarines Sur Rep. LRay Villafuerte is proposing a bill to penalize the creation and sharing of fake news.

In House Bill 6022 or "An Act Prohibiting the Creation and Distribution of Fake News," the following are penalized: the creation of fake news; dissemination; adding and abetting in the creation of fake news and the failure or refusal to retract or remove the fake news and issue an erratum.

The bill defines fake or out-of-context news as "misquotations, false and inaccurate reports including the editing audio and video bites which could result in the distortion of facts and contents."

The penalties include a fine of Php1 million for the first offense, Php2 million and suspension of the outlet or corporation for a week; and Php5 million fine and suspension for a month.

Meanwhile, a similar bill has been filed by Senator Joel Villanueva.

The Villanueva bill defines fake news as information that would damage the safety and welfare of the public and is likely to cause panic, chaos, violence or intends to exhibit propaganda that discredits reputations.

It would penalize those found guilty with a fine ranging from P100,000 to P500,000 and imprisonment from one year to 5 years.

"The aim is to encourage responsible and credible journalism, as well as creating awareness of the harmful effects of spreading untruthful facts. Misleading and deceptive news can cause divisiveness, health hazards, security risks, panic and chaos to this nation, contrary to our Constitutionally enshrined principle of adhering to a policy of peace and cooperation," Villafuerte said in the Explanatory Note of the bill.

"While the responsibility of discerning lie from truth falls with the person consuming the information, it is a moral duty of the State to protect its people from such lies in the first place. This bill aims the curb the existence of disreputable news sources and prevent established mass media outlets from careless publishing of unverified or false content," he added.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Illegal na parapataya sa STL dinarakop sa Albay

CAMALIG, Albay 8/16/17 (BICOL STANDARD) –En vez na mapoho an illegal na sugal na jueteng orog pa lugod na naglangkaba ini poon na maging legal an operasyon kan Small Town Lottery (STL) na garo man sana jueteng.

Base sa obserbasyon nagparadakul an mga bookies na an nasa likod kan illegal na operasyon iyo man sana an mga tawohan kan mga legal na operador kan STL.

Mientrastanto, kasuodma, 24 personas an dinarakop kan pulis huli ta mayo sinda nin darang validong papel na mapatunay na awtorisado sinda magpataya sa sugal na ini.

An mga nagkadarakop nag-ooperar sa Barangay Cotmon digdi.

Kabale sa listahan kan mga nagkadarakop iyo an minasunod: Darwin Morota, Luis Mangampo, Randy Nocillado, Domingo Nicerio, Edgar Echaluce, Noel Lleva, Jesus Vibar Jr., Nonilon Naz, Eladio Mimay, Jomar Macasinag, Randy Marticio, Andrin Neo, Dindo Vibar, Eduardo Tugaw, Mark Edwin Magnata, Nino Nebreja, Rustom Magallon, enrico Olayao, Nestey Bobadilla, Jomar Atienza, Roberto Romero, Alexander Espinosa, John Rafael Masupil asin Christopher Rivera.

An 24 personas na nagkadarakop mayo sa master list kan mga awtorisadong empleado/agente kan STL sa Albay.

Kabale sa mga pig balga ninda iyo an minasunod na reglamento: Mayo nin uniform sa pagpataya, ID card, SSS Number, asin dai awtorisado kan Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) an saindang operasyon.

An mga pulis na nagdakop nagsabi na sinda gabos nadakop mantang yaon sa akto na nagpapataya bilang bookies kan STL.

An mga evidencia na nakua sa saindang poder iyo an papeletos kan PCSO, ball pens, calculators, taya na cuarta na nagtotal sa kantidad na P11,400.00.

Maatubang sinda nin kaso na isasangat kan pulis.

Nag-ikit nin mga bitamina, sabon; nadakop kan sekyu

NAGA CITY 8/16/17 (BICOL STANDARD) –Binitbit kan sekyu kan SM City an 29 anyos na lalaki na taga Zone 5, Inarihan, Barangay Carolina na nadakop na naghabas nin 4 na pidaso nin Myra-E, (P98.75 an kada saro); 1 botelya nin multivitamins na Enervon tablet (P194.75) asin 2ng pidasong sabon na Likas Papaya (P77.75 an kada saro).

An suspechado nabistong iyo si Benedict Santos y Camacho.

Pinugolan siya kan mga sekyu mantang patuyatoy na kuta na madulag sa luwas kan Supermarket Store sa SM City Naga, daradara na an mga hinabonan.

Nagluwas na imbestigasyon na saro-sarong ilinaog sa saiyang brown na bag an mga hinabon na gamit asin sekretong nag-ibitar na magbayad sa cahera dangan naglakaw na padulag.

Pakatapos na tukloon siya kan mga security guards dinara siya sa pulis tanganing sangatan nin reklamo.

Si PO2 Jay Cortez kan Naga City Police an nag-iimbestigar kan casong ini.

Susog sa record kan pulis, kadakul an mga nadakop kasuodma na mga sagin-sagin na para saod na dai nagbabayad sa counter kaya nagbugtak sinda nin dakul na mga bantay.

3ng hepe kan pulis sa Bicol, talsik sa pwesto

LEGAZPI CITY 8/16/17 (BICOLSTANDARD) – Tulong (3) hepe kan pulis sa Bicol an ipig rekomendar na ribayan sa pwesto huli sa maluyang performance sa paglaban sa illegal na sugal sa saindang distino.

Ini an sabi ni Police Regional Office V spokesperson Sr. Insp Ma. Luisa Calubaquid.

Sabi niya, an saro digdi, iyo an hepe kan Donsol Police Station sa Sorsogon asin an duwa nakadistino sa Camarines Norte.

Mismong an Police Provincial Director kan nasambit na mga provincial an nagsumitir kan saindang pangaran sa Camp Simeon Ola, sabi pa sa report.

An desisyon na ribayan sinda bilang hepe guikan sa pagboot ni Presidente Rodrigo R. Duterte na an sisay man na hepe kan pulis na maluya an performan dapat haleon sa pwesto.

Nagsayuma ngonang si Calubaquib na sambiton an pangaran kan mga riribayan na hepe sa rason na tatawan pa sinda nin panahon na magpaliwanag sa technical working group.

Maroromdoman na nagpaluwas nin 15ng aldaw na ultimatum si Police Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa para pohoon an gabos na klaseng illegal na sugal sa bilog na nasyon.

Digdi sa Bicol, an pulis nakadakop na nin 1,500 na mga tawo na imbuelto sa illegal na sugal poon na ipig lansar an higot kan kampanya kontra sa nasambit na aktibidad.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Masbate's Villalobos Gang leader falls

MASBATE CITY 8/15/17 (Bicol Standard)--The alleged leader of Villalobos Gang, Ruel Villalobos y Amo, was neutralized in an anti-illegal drug operation by the police yesterday.

Villalobos was 36 years old, married, jobless, and a resident of Brgy, Guinbanwahan, Balud, Masbate.

According to the police report, the joint PNP operatives knocked at the door of the suspect and identified themselves as cops.

The suspect then took his firearm that was concealed under his pillow and aimed it at the operating team.

The team leader then shot the suspect, injuring him.

The suspect was rushed to Balud Municipal Hospital, Balud, Masbate but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Villalobos, the police said, is the leader of the dreaded Villalobos Criminal Gang responsible for robbery extortion, gun-for-hire and illegal drug activities in the municipality of Balud and nearby municipalities.

He was also included in the drug watchlist personalities as high value target (HVT) and was a revolutionary tax collector of the New People's Army in the area.

Several items were recovered from the crime scene, including a revolver, a fired cartridge, and sachets of a white crystalline substance believed to be shabu.

The recovered pieces of evidence will be returned to the issuing court and subjected to laboratory examination.

Group thumbs down release of flying lanterns in Legazpi City

LEGAZPI CITY 8/15/17 (Bicol Standard)-- A petition to stop this the release of flying lanterns or sky lanterns in this city on August 16 has been launched online.

The campaign, which was created by Rodne Galicha, raised the concern that the flying lanterns cause a negative impact on local fauna. They likewise pose a fire hazard, according to the campaign.

The campaign is addressed to the City Government of Legazpi, Albay; Legazpi Office of the City Environment and Natural Resources; Provincial Government of Albay; and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

"With enough signatures we plan to talk to the organizers of the event to convince them that it is not necessary to do an event so harmful and wasteful. We propose a zero impact alternative such as a green collective meditation event," the petition reads.

The petition was launched yesterday, August 14.

As of this writing, 607 persons have signed the petition.

Said lantern activity is part of the festivities of the Legazpi Weekend Market.

Monday, August 14, 2017

DA Bicol nagpatanid manungod sa avian flu

NAGA CITY 8/14/17 (Bicol Standard)--Nagpaluwas nin Patanid sa Publiko an Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office 5 ngonian na aldaw manungod sa pagkagaradan kan mga pugo, itik asin manok sa San Luis, Pampanga:

"Base sa naging resulta kan disease investigation and sampling and laboratory testing na ginibo kan miyembros kan Animal Welfare & Health Division kan Bureau Of Animal Industry asin kan mga personahe sa DA Region 3 na konpirmar na ang pagkagaradan kan mga pugo, itik asin manok sa San Luis Pampanga dara kan Bird Flu reactors o Avian Influenza Type A Virus. Ang BAI nagpadara na kan sample sa Australian Animal Health Laboratory para sa molecular asin genetic analysis.

Nin huli kaini an Departamento nin Agrikultura sa paagi ni Sekretaryo Emmanuel Piñol asin in coordination sa ibang nanunungdan na ahensiya sin Local Government Units nag adoptar kaining minasunod na lakdang:

1. Ang pagdeklara nin QUARANTINE Area and pag establisar nin inital na 12 quarantine checkpoints sa laog kan 1 kilometro radius kan apektadong lugar sa San Luis asin San Simon sa Pampanga.

2. Ang inmediatamenteng pag convene o pag conferencia kan Avian Influenza Task Force sa national, regional, provincial asin municipal level;

3. Ang pag enforsar o pagpautob kan mga minasunod na aktibidades duman sa mga lugar asin palibot na infected asin pigdeklarang quarantine areas:

a. Pagcontrol kan movement o paghiro/dara kan gabos na poultry, poultry products and by products sa laog kan 7 km radius. Kabali digdi ang manok, itik, pugo, manok na pambulang, pabo asin salampati asin an karne asin sugok ninda buhay man o naproseso na;
b. Stamping out o pagpuho kan population kan mga nasambit na hayop asin ang pag pautob kan tamang pag dispose kan mga gadan na manok, itik asin pato sa laog kan 1 kilometro radius o palibot duman sa mga infected na lugar asin pagtaraid;
c. Tamang pag dispose kan mga bahog, produktong hale sa mga apektadong hayop asin iba pang gamit sa mga istaran o lugar kan nasambit ng mga hayop duman sa apektadong lugar.
d. An maigot na pag surveillance o pag monitor kan gabos na poultry animals sa laog kan kilometrong radius na pinagtalaan.

4. Siring man ipapautob ang paglinig asin maigot na pag disinfect kan gabos na gamit sa mga poultry houses o istaran kan mga nasambit na hayop kaiba ang mga vehikulo, asin facilidades bago mag poon uli mag stock nin hayop;

5. An pagbawal sa mga poultry farms saka kaharungan na sakop kan quarantine areas na mag restock nin mga manok, itik, pato, pabo , manok pambulang asin salampati na mayo nin permiso kan mga nanonongdan na awtoridad kan gobyerno."

Mayor Hirose: 'My husband and I are living happily together'

CAMALIGAN, Camarines Sur -- Mayor Marilou Hirose said she and her husband are living happily together following reports that she had her husband apprehended for theft of a Php1-million fishing net.

In an interview by the BICOL STANDARD, she categorically denied that she and her husband have been living separately.

She also pleaded for her critics to stop meddling in her personal life, as she has a child to protect.
It will be recalled that on August 9, the police arrested several persons for allegedly stealing a fish net belonging to the local chief executive.

Among those arrested was Uzo Hirose, according to the police report. (With report from Joseph Napay)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

VM kan Sto Domingo, Albay, may huma sa buhay

LEGAZPI CITY 8/12/17 (BICOLSTANDARD) –Lamos sa paghadit an ika duwang pinakahalangkaw na opisyal kan Sto Domingo, Albay na si Vice Mayor Bong Banda huli sa suboot huma sa saiyang buhay.

Sinabi kan vice alkalde na poon pa kan Abril, ngonian na taon nakarecibe na siya nin mensahe sa text hale sa dai niya bistong tawo na naghahagad nin tabang para suboot sa saindang rebolusyon.

Inapodan man suboot siya kan Hulyo 23 kan nagpabisto sa pangaran na “Ka Roger Fernandez”, na nagsisigato saiya kan hinahagad na tabang.

Alagad, pinasipara niya an apod na ini sa cellphone.

Mientrastanto, kan Agosto 8, nakarecibe naman siya nin mga texts na may kaibahan nang patanid na kun dai magtao kan hinahagad na cuarta saiya, ipapagadan siya.

Nin huli sa bagay na ini, pinakiolayan niya an nag-aapod sa cellphone na makipagolay saiya, pero nagsayuma saiya.

Makuri na an paghadit ni Vice Mayor Banda nin huli kan mga nangyayari sa ibang lugar na dakul na an nagagadan.

Orog pa siyang nahadit ta an kadaklan na mga ginagadan sinasahot sana sa rason na may relasyon sa illegal na droga.

Sa pakihumapot kan BICOL STANDARD ki Sr. Inspector Malu Calubaquib, an parapahayag kan PNP Bicol, saiyang sinabi na dai nakaabot sa saiya an baretang ini.

Nagsabi si Vice Mayor Banda na padagos siyang nag iingat ngonian, kasabay kan pag-arang sa Kagurangnan na maging salbado an saiyang buhay. (LBJ)

Nag gadan kan drug surenderer sa Tinambac dai bisto

TINAMBAC, CSur (BICOLSTANDARD) – Mayo pa nin malinaw na informasyon an pulis kun sisay asin ano an motibo kan pag gadan ki Jeango Iturrios, na binadil sa Barangay Bagacay sa banwaan na ini.

Sabi kan pulis sinasara pa ninda an mga ipinapaabot na mga puro-piridasong evidencia na pwedeng makatao nin giya sa mga imbestigador para masusog an guira kan 2ng suspechado.

Si PO2 Carlo Pacardo kan Tinambac police nagsabi na dai ninda na-oogid kun ano an motibo kan mga criminal sa pagbadil, gadan kan victima.

Antes mangyari an krimen si Iturrios nakasakay sa motorsiklo.

Pag-abot sa Barangay Bagacay digdi, pina-uranan siya nin bala kan dai nabistong mga para gadan.

Nagsapo nin mga mortal na tama sa saiyang lawas an biktima na iyong naging causa kan saiyang kagadanan.

An nakuang bala sa pinangyarihan kan krimen hale sa calibre .45.

Inako kan pulis na an victima sarong drug surrenderer.

NPA, inako an ambush sa Viga, Catanduanes

VIRAC, Catanduanes (BICOL STANDARD) –Inako kan Nerissa San Juan Command kan New People’s Army (NPA) an responsiblidad sa pag gadan kan duwang pulis sa ambush na nangyari sa Viga, Catanduanes.

Sa saindang ipinadarang informasyon nag lansar sinda kan operasyon bilang pag responde sa “all out war” kan Duterte administration kontra sa grupo kan mga rebelde.

Nagadan sa ambush iyo si PO1 Eva Torcilino asin PO3 Joseph Tupue na pareyong miembro kan Viga Police.

Afuera kan mga nagadan, tinamaan pa nin bala si Sr. Insp. Ernesto Montes Jr., saiyang likod.

May kaiba sindang duwang drug surrenderees na pareyo nairido.

An ambush nangyari sa Barangay Sagrada, alas 12:30 nin odto.

Sabi sa pahayag kan pulis an enot na napeligrohan iyo an duwang police vans na na nalagarto kan Improvided Explosive Devise (IED) na puminutok sa dalan na inaagihan kan vehiculo kan pulis.

An lunad kan duwang vans iyo an 10ng supechado sa illegal na droga na dadarahon kuta sa banwaan kan Vitac.

An masunod na atake kan NPA nangyari poco mas o menos ala 1:40 nin hapon.

Carculado kan mga nakaheling na dai makulang sa 20ng armadong rebelde an naghipa sa grupo ni Sr. Insp. Montes sa Sitio Pinarayan.

Nagkaigwa nin grabeng baradilan na nagdurar nin pirang minutos.

Base sa ipinadarang text message kan NPA mantang nag aatras an saindang grupo naka-encuentro ninda an mga pulis.

Digdi nagadan sinda Torcilino asin Tupue, na pareyong naporohan nin bala hale sa mga rebelde.

Afuera sa duwang binawian nin buhay nakua kan NPA an 2ng M16 na ripple, sarong gloc .9mm asin iba pang mga gamit kan pulis.

Sabi kan mga rebelde imbuelto an pulis sa Viga, Catanduanes sa illegal na pagpalod nin kahoy na ginagamit sa pagpagibo nin harong.

Mientrastanto, pig condinar kan liderato kan PNP an patraydor na gibo kan mga NPA.

Nagsabi an pulis na apisar kan nagsapo na nin mga mortal na tama nin bala an duwang awtoridad, pinaseguro pa ini kan mga rebelde na putokan sa saindang payo asin lawas para mayo nang buhayan.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cops arrest spouse of Camaligan CSur mayor

CAMALIGAN, CSur (BICOL STANDARD) – Fifteen persons including Uzo Hirose, husband of Camaligan town mayor Marilou M. Hirose, were apprehended yesterday (August 9) upon complaint of the town’s chief executive for the crime of theft.

The record shows that at about 9:30 am the following persons were arrested by the local police operatives, namely: Hosie Tomita, 58 years old, Married, Secretary of Dragon Maru Company; Cyril Alimuin y Dayto, 31 years old, Single, of Bgy San Lucas, Camaligan, Camarines Sur;Renato Cutora y Gloria, 36 years old, Married, DOB: July 17, 1981, of Brgy. Balele, Tanauan, Batangas;Jose Tacorda y Buenaflor, 36 years old, Married, DOB: July 6, 1981, of Brgy. Salvacion, Tigaon, Camarines Sur;Christopher Tejero y Cambaling, 25 years old, Married, DOB: March 5, 1992, of Zone-4, Brgy. Dugcal, Camaligan, Camarines Sur;Rolly Manalastas y Alfie, 24 years old, Married, DOB: April 6, 1993, of Brgy. Namwar, Gainza, , Camarines Sur;Alex Fullantes y Refolloso, 22 years old, Single, DOB: April 8, 1995, of Zone-5, Brgy. Dugcal, Camaligan, , Camarines Sur;Jheoyie Antonio y Francisco, 47 years old, Married, DOB: November 7, 1969, of Brgy. Dahilig, Gainza, Camarines Sur; Justino Fedelino y Beljica, 26 years old, Married, DOB: July 31, 1991, of Brgy. Dahilig, Camarines Sur; Jhunbel Angeles y Buenconsejo, 21 years old, Single, DOB: March 18, 1996, of Brgy. Dahilig, Gainza, Camarines Sur;Marlon Angeles y Priel, 19 years old, Single, DOB: January 24, 1998, of Brgy. Dahilig, Gainza, Camarines Sur; Christian Brian Alfonso y Agravante, 19 years old, Single, DOB: June 13, 1998, of Brgy. Dahilig, Gainza, Camarines Sur;Ronnele Agna y Billarda, 18 years old, Single, DOB October10, 1998, of Brgy. Dahilig, Gainza, Camarines Sur and Jeorgia Angeles y Buenconsejo, 18 years old, Single, DOB: December 11, 1998, of Brgy. Dahilig, Gainza, Camarines Sur.

The arrest was made while the above named persons were loading the fish net allegedly owned by Mayor Hirose at the Fishing Port at Barangay Dugcal, here.

The fish net is valued at more or less P1,000,000.00.

Upon the arrest, Hosie Tomita said that he was ordered by Uzo Hirose to hire people and load the said fish net in the truck bearing Plate Number RJY 951.

The arrested persons were brought to the Municipal Police Station here together with the fishing net.

It was also learned that the Mrs Hirose and husband Uzo Hirose have been living separately.

2 cops killed, 4 injured in Catanduanes ambush

VIRAC, Caranduanes (Bicol Standard) Alleged members of the New People’s Army (NPA) have staged another ambush which resulted to the death of two police officers, while four others were injured, at Viga, Catandunes, today, August 10.

Senior Inspector Maria Luisa Calubaquib, spokesperson of PNP Bicol, said they were informed that Senior Police Officer 1 Marwin de Vera and two drug surrenderers were on their way to Barangay Sagrada, when an improvised explosive device exploded at around 11:20 am.

The three were fired upon and later brought to the hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, upon receipt of the report, Viga police chief Senior Inspector Ernesto Montes Jr., Senior Police Officer 2 Bienvenido Trinidad; Senior Police Officer 1 Erwin Pichuela, Police Officer 1 Eva Torcilino, and Police Officer 3 Joseph Tupue responded to the area.

When they reached the area on board a private vehicle, they chanced upon some 20 suspected NPA members in the area. 

PO1 Torcilino and PO3 Tupue were killed.

On the other hand, Chief Inspector Montes, who was also injured, is now being treated in the hospital due the the gunshot wound in his back.

The rebels did not suffer any casualties.

No. 1 drug suspect sa Albay, nabadil, gadan

LEGAZPI CITY 8/10/17 (BICOLSTANDARD) – An pig pig coconsiderar na No. 1 sa listahan kan mga pigtutubodan na imbuelto sa illegal na droga sa Albay an binawian nin buhay sa pakipag badilan sa mga pulis.

Si Orlando R. Rolda, Punong Barangay kan Paulog, Ligao City, an naporohan nin bala hale sa mga awtoridad kan suboot mag probar siyang maglaban.

Sigon sa pahayag ni Chief Inspector Arthur Gomez, an spokesman kan Albay PNP, mas pinili ni Rolda na maglaban sa mga awtoridad en vez na magsuko na sana kan maaraman na mga pulis si saiyang naka-transaksyon sa illegal na droga.

Nakatabang kan Ligao City police an saindang Intelligence Branch asin ibang mga drug enforcement agencies sa buy bust operation contra sa ki Kapitan Rolda.

Si Rolda dati nang nagsuko sa mga awtoridad kan enot na ipig lansar an Oplan Double Barrel.

Alagad, pirang aldaw sana an nakalihis nagbwelta na naman siya sa aktibong pagpabakal kan illegal na droga.

Gusto kuta kan mga pulis na kumbensiron si Rolda na mag-suko sa mga awtoridad, alagad nagbunot tulos kan saiyang badil asin nakipag ribayan nin putok sa mga awtoridad.

Maroromdoman na pirang beses nang naging laog kan mga bareta si Rolda.

Enot, sa ciudad nin Naga, kan binadil niya si Myrna Reyes sa sarong bar sa Magsaysay Avenue.

Na-imbeulto man an saiyang pangaran sa saro pang incidente sa Pili, Camarines Sur.

Mientrastanto, sa pinakahuring incidente sa Paulog, Ligao City, kaiba kan mga pulis bilang mga testigo, iyo an representante kan Departamento de Justicia, mga miembros kan local na media asin mga official kan barangay.

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