BM Alegre warns Cam Norteños against fake meds

DAET, Camarines Norte 7/14/17 (Bicol Standard) -- Alarmed by the alleged presence of fake medicines in the market, 2nd District Board Member Joseph Stanley V. Alegre has delivered a priviledge speech calling upon the residents of the province to be cautious in purchasing over-the-counter drugs.

In the session earlier this week, Alegre urged Cam Norteños to purchase medicines only from legitimate pharmacies to avoid being duped.

Alegre mentioned that he is urging the Sangguniang Panlalawigan to invite representatives of the Food and Drug Administration to shed light on the matter.

He further called upon the Provincial Health Office and Rural Health Units to be careful in dispensing medicines.

In response to the issue, he said he wants to sponsor an ordinance "prohibiting importers, distributors, sellers, owners, and/or operators of drugstores and/or pharmacies and other similar and other related business entities to import, sell, distribute unregistered misbranded and/or hazardous imported drugs, foods, cosmetics and/or medical devices where the label of which are in foreign character without the corresponding equivalent English translation within the territorial jurisdiction of the Province of Camarines Norte prescribing penalties for the violation thereof providing funds therefor and for other purposes."

In addition, he will sponsor an ordinance "prohibiting establishment engaged in the manufacture, conduct of clinical trial, distribution, importation, exportation, and retailing of drugs, foods, cosmetics and/or medical devices without proper authorization from the Food and Drug Administration."