Albay provincial gov't mulls partnership with Rotary Club for environment campaign

Incoming and outgoing presidents Sebastien Domingues and Ferdinand Armedilla of the Rotary Club of Metro Legazpi met with Albay Governor Al Francis Bichara at the Governor’s Office to discuss the possibility of forging a partnership in a massive environment campaign to help keep the province litter- and garbage-free.

In the said meeting, Mr. Domingues presented the “Don’t Mess with Albay” campaign which aims to create an identity statement for Albay which connotes its disdain for trash and its proliferation.

Mr. Domingues said that the campaign is all about empowering Albayanos to maintain cleanliness in their community and spreading the message all throughout the province, as well as to visitors coming in to Albay.

“This could be Albayanos battle cry, when we say ‘Don’t mess with Albay,’ the connotation is that we do not like it when you litter in our community and we won’t stand for it if you do,” he said.

The slogan, which will be printed in various materials such as shirts, caps, bags, stickers, badges, and others, will also be used as a hashtag #dontmesswithalbay for its online campaign.

Aside from increasing awareness to the slogan, the program also aims to do various clean-up drives and information dissemination in the dangers of massive garbage build-up and the positive outcome of regularly cleaning the community.

Garbage segregation is also an integral aspect of the program.

In their discussion with Governor Bichara, who also provided his own insights, the possibility of including a food for work program may be included in the project to entice community members to participate in regular clean-up drives.

Mr. Armedilla said that the members of the community should be able to make it a habit to clean up after themselves so that the program may be sustainable.

”We cannot rely on one time clean up projects, as we ourselves should be responsible for the cleanliness of our surroundings, this equates to better quality of living,” Mr. Armedilla added.

Other program inclusions discussed where the possibility of putting up a recycling center and conducting livelihood programs utilizing recycled materials collected by the project.

On a final note, Mr. Sebastien Domingues, a Belgian proudly married to an Albayana, and the incoming president of the Rotary Club of Metro Legazpi, said after the meeting that he is hopeful that the partnership with the PGA will fall through.

“I see years of fruitful cooperation between our club and the PGA, this is a long-term sustainable program which is all inclusive, meaning, all Albayanos will benefit from this.” Mr. Domingues said. (PGA-PIO)