117 hectares of prime lots in Naga City claimed by Rodriguez heir

NAGA CITY 6/26/17 (Bicol Standard)--The entire Central Business District II in barangay Triangulo in and other parcels of land in this city are being claimed by the attorney-in-fact of Henry F. Rodriguez, the court-declared heir of the Rodriguez estate.

In a press conference this morning here, Salvacion Colarina-Bance, the grantee, announced that they are informing the owner of business establishments occupying the real properties covered by lot plan 117 Cad. 290 Naga Cadastre of the final and executory decision of the Supreme Court.

Said decision "granted special authority to Don Henry F. Rodriguez the following acts: (1) to sell, dispose and to recover all the real properties, included in the judicial inventories, issued by the Supreme Court; (2) to fence, conduct relocation survey, segregation and re-titling; and (3) to execute said acts, in order to perfect the imperfect title in favor of Rodriguez estate."

Furthermore, Colarina-Bance said they "are notifying the public to stop transacting with anybody who still continues to execute and use the document of Rodriguez estate to fool unsuspecting victims."

They are also making "a warning to the occupants, especially those who received notices to negotiate with the authorized representatives of Rodriguez estates to avoid force implementation of the court directives."

Colarina-Bance said their basis is Royal Decree No. 01-4, which awarded the Titulo Propiedad de Terrenos to Don Hermogenes R. Rodriguez being the gobernadorcillo de Manila as a gift from his cousin Queen Isabela II of Spain.

She said they have already posted various notices on said property, however, the same were removed a day after they were posted.

She added that they want to help the occupants of said parcels of land, and not eject them from the property.