Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ex-Viga, Catanduanes officials indicted in Sandiganbayan

NAGA CITY 5/30/17 (Bicol Standard) -- The former town officials of Viga, Catanduanes have been indicted over the purchase of a backhoe without the required public bidding.

Said backhoe was purchased for P13.95 million in 2005.

Among those charged are former mayor Jose Torres, vice-mayor Yolanda Tuquero, and councilors Lourdes del Rosario, Asuncion Odi, Rosario Mollasgo, Horacio Aquino Jr., Domingo Villanueva, Orbel Tonio, William Tuplano, Gomercindo Litong and Nerissa Usero.

They have allegedly violated Section 3(e) of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.

Said section reads: "In addition to acts or omissions of public officers already penalized by existing law, the following shall constitute corrupt practices of any public officer and are hereby declared to be unlawful: (e) Causing any undue injury to any party, including the Government, or giving any private party any unwarranted benefits, advantage or preference in the discharge of his official administrative or judicial functions through manifest partiality, evident bad faith or gross inexcusable negligence. This provision shall apply to officers and employees of offices or government corporations charged with the grant of licenses or permits or other concessions."

Improvised explosive device, nagsabog sa Goa, Cam Sur

GOA, Camarines Sur 5/30/17 (Bicol Standard) -- Sarong truck kan mga miembro kan Philippine Army an tinamaan kan magsabog an sarong improvised explosive device (IED) sa Barangay Pinaglabanan sa banwaan na ini poco mas o menos alas 5:30 nin aga kasoodma (Mayo 29).

Nakasakay sa military truck an mga miembro kan Alta Company kan 3rd Infantry Batallion na nakabase sa Barangay Hiwacloy sa banwaan na ini, na pabalik na kuta hale sa 83rd Infantry Batallion sa Mabalodbalod, Tigaon, Camarines Sur.

Segun sa Goa Municipal Police Station, nagtutubod sinda na mga lokal na terrorista an nagtanom kan nasambit na IED, na gibo sa apat na pedasong double A na pila asin sarong rolyo nin electrical wire.

Dinagdag pa kan Goa MPS na mayo man nin nakulgan sa nasambit na pagsabog.

Monday, May 29, 2017

DepEd Bicol opens hotline for Balik Eswela concerns

LEGAZPI CITY 5/29/17--The Department of Education Regional Office V has opened today a hotline intended to accommodate all concerns and queries relative to the opening of classes on June 5, 2017.

Mayflor Marie Jumamil, Public Information Officer of Department of Education Region V, announced through media interviews that the Regional Office has formally activated its hotline number to help ensure the smooth opening of classes for school year 2017-2018.

The hotline will be facilitated by the members of the Oplan Balik Eskwela Information and Action Center (OBEIAC) Committee headed by Assistant Regional Director Tolentino G. Aquino, with the support of the members of the Regional Public Affairs Unit of DepEd Region V and the other officers of the Regional Office.

Jumamil said the DepEd Regional Office V will accommodate public concerns from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Sunday until June 16, 2017.

She added that the Regional Office will create a Quick Response Team to address concerns and queries that require immediate action or as the need arises.

Meanwhile, aside from the hotline, a regional and division help desk/action center was also established to accommodate walk-in clients at the Regional Office and Division Offices.

For Balik Eskwela Concerns, the regional office may be reached through these hotlines:

Text: 0947-813-00-42

E-mail: depedrov.pau@gmail.com

Social media DepEd Region V (Facebook)

ROV_DepEd (Twitter)

Helpdesk: Public Assistance Desk

Cam Norte Anti-Drug Abuse Council bares proposed projects

DAET, Camarines Norte 5/29/17 (Bicol Standard) -- A proposed budget of P6.12-million was recently endorsed by the Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Council (PADAC) for the anti-illegal drug program in this province.

Among the projects and activities for said program are the creation of a database of drug dependents by municipality and barangay, profiling and evaluation of identified drug personalities, conduct of drug tests among government employees and students, organization and activation of Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (ADACs) in the municipalities and barangays, and capability-building for local ADAC members and organization of house clusters.

Also part of said program are the clearing of drug affected barangays in the province; intensification of anti-illegal drugs campaign using quad media; neutralization, arrest and prosecution of all drug pushers and users; establishment of checkpoints; conduct of consultation, workshop, meeting of concerned agencies; organization and strengthening of Barangay Intelligence Networks.

Furthermore, there will be an inventory of barangays with or without organized MASA MASID through the conduct of dialogues with barangay officials, peace forum, house to house visitation, and conduct of seminars, lectures, symposium and education campaign in school and community to increase awareness on anti-drug campaign.

The PADAC will also lobby for the inclusion of anti-drug abuse advocacy dissemination in the school curriculum.

Said budget and activities will be forwarded to the Sanguniang Panlalawigan for their approval.

Woman ends life after discovering she had hypertension

DARAGA, Albay 5/29/17 (Bicol Standard) -- A 54-year-old woman decided to end her life yesterday afternoon shortly after learning she had hypertension.

Merly Britanico y Armillo, married, a helper, and a resident of P-2, Brgy. Bañadero, this town, was discovered by her song hanging on the wooden trusses of the ceiling.

The son, Lito Britanico y Armillo, told the authorities that his mother had a check-up at the Brangay Health Center and was "deeply depressed upon learning the status of her health."

The discovery, he said, may have prompted his mother to kill herself.

Mrs. Britanico was rushed to the Bicol Regional Teaching and Training Hospital in Legazpi City but was pronounced Dead on Arrival by the attending physician.

Threat of second-hand smoke remains high due to inaction of LGUs

The Framework Convention Alliance on Tobacco Control – Philippines (FCAP) on Sunday said the inaction and passiveness of many local government units (LGUs) in the country is the main reason why the threat of second-hand smoke (SHS) remains high.

FCAP executive director Dr. Maricar Limpin said many LGU officials have continuously disregarded the provisions of Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003, which bans smoking in several public places.

“The main reason why the threat of second-hand smoke continues to be prevalent is because many local government units opt not to implement the ban on smoking in public places,” Limpin said.

Based on the 2015 Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) – Philippines, SHS exposure is highly prevalent in public places, particularly in bars and nightclubs at 86 percent.

Second-hand smoke exposure was also found to be prevalent in public transportation at 38 percent; followed by restaurants at 22 percent.

Other public places also affected by second-hand smoke are in government buildings at 13 percent; schools at 11 percent; and healthcare facilities at 4 percent.

SHS exposure was also found to be high in workplaces at 21.5 percent; while exposure to it at home is at 35 percent, according to the 2015 GATS.

Under the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003, smoking is absolutely prohibited in public places such as schools, recreational places, shopping malls, movie houses, hotels, public and private hospitals, health centers; and public conveyances and public facilities, such as airport and ship terminals and train and bus stations, restaurants, and conference halls.

Limpin, however, pointed that SHS exposure is already on a decline as seen when the 2015 GATS – Philippines data in comparison to the 2009 results.

“There is a significant improvement in the SHS exposure rate because it went down. However, it remains to be high in some places,” said Limpin.

Based on the 2009 GATS – Philippines, SHS exposure is at 55 percent in public transportation; 33 percent in restaurants; 25 percent in government buildings; and 7.6 percent in healthcare facilities.

In 2009, workplaces provide SHS exposure to 32.6 percent; while homes have a 54 percent SHS exposure rate.

Meanwhile, Limpin said that the newly-signed Executive Order No. 26, which bans smoking in all public and enclosed places, can be a big help in pressing LGUs to do their part in prohibiting smoking in all public places.

“This EO comes at an opportune time as it orders all LGUs to really protect the public’s health against the ill-effects of second-hand smoke because the President is really serious about this,” the FCAP Official said.

Last May 16, President Duterte signed EO 26, which fulfills his campaign promise of providing a smoke-free environment in the entire country. (LSJ/PNA)

Saturday, May 27, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Masbate's most notorious gun-for-hire killed

MASBATE CITY 5/27/17 (Bicol Standard) -- Masbate's most notorious and most wanted gun-for-hire was killed after a firefight ensued while the police attempted to serve six warrants of arrest.

Leonardo del Rosario y Villaran, also known as "Padoy," was shot dead at around 4:15 p.m. Friday at the crossing of Villa Alvarez, Barangay San Pablo, Mandaon.

He was allegedly the head of the so-called Del Rosario Gang or Sako Gang that operates in the towns of Milagros, Mandaon, Baleno, Balud, and Aroroy.

He was also allegedly the number 2 most wanted person in the region.

Reports say Del Rosario and five other persons were on board two motorcycles when the police tried to serve the warrants.

The group attempted to elude arrest by opening fire on the police.

Leonardo del Rosario and his father, Norberto del Rosario were killed on the spot.

Meanwhile, Alemado del Rosario, who was wounded in the firefight, was brought to the hospital, but also died.

The police also arrested R.V. Marino del Rosario, Roger del Rosario y Paglinawan, and Romeo del Rosario y Abroso, all alleged members of the Del Rosario Gang and residents of Balud town.

String of killings

Antecedent to this, Leonardo del Rosario was identified as the leader of the gang that was implicated in a series of murder incidents in Masbate.

Among them was the 2015 ambush of Samson Suplito, Jeremiah Suplito, and Flor Rapsing. The latter was beheaded after being shot.

The Del Rosario Gang was also fingered in the robbery, homicide, and carnapping of small gold refinery owner Jesus "Ka Isong" Amaro, his son Boyet, and their driver in 2015.

Furthermore, Leonardo del Rosario was a suspect in the murder of "Dos por dos" anchorman Joaquin Briones earlier this year.

At press time, investigation is still underway.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Police visibility pig sugo ni CSupt Buenafe

LEGAZPI CITY (Bicol Standard) — Nagsugo si Bicol PNP Regional Director Omar Buenafe sa mga pulis na orog pang higotan an seguridad sa region huli sa pagdeclarar kan bilog na Mindanao na nasa lindong kan ley martial.

Kabale sa directiba ni Buenafe iyo an pagbugtak nin mga check points sa mga mayor na tinampo, sa mga matawong lugar, mga patrabaho kan gobierno, airports, seaports, terminals, mall, simbahan, eskwelahan, kabale an mga communication lines.

An gustong sabihon, mas dakul na mga pulis an mabantan sa laog nin 24 oras, nin huli sa declarasyon na “full alert status.”

An obheto kan pulis iyo an maibitaran an ano man na problema na pwedeng magbungkaras na may relasyon sa seguridad kan mga tawo.

Sinugo ni Buenafe an gabos na hefe kan mga pulis sa bilog na region na dagdagan an “police visibility” asin pakusogon an pagtipon nin mga intelligence report, katuwang an mga officiales kan barangay.

Hasta sa sinusurat an baretang ini, mayo pa man nin naheheling na mga grupo nin mga terorista na nagbabaray-basay sa arin man na parte kan region.

1 gadan, 2 irido, kan badilon sa Aroroy, Masbate

MASBATE CITY – Saro an nagadan asin 2 an may lugad, kan sinda badilon kan suspechadong si Ronnel Imaas, na residente kan Balete, Aroroy, Masbate.

An binawian nin buhay iyo si Jerry Imaas y Narido,48, mantang an mga may lugad iyo sinda Robert Imaas Sr y Calimutan, 25, asin si Robert Imaas Jr y Dongon, 4 anyos an edad.

Nangyari an incidente kasubagong alas 4:00 nin hapon (May 25) sa Barangay Lanang, Aroroy, Masbate.

Sabi kan mga imbestigador, nalagarto kan bala si Jerry Imaas, kaya binawian tulos siya nin buhay.

Mayo pang malinaw na motibo sa parte kan suspechado kun tano ta nagibo niya an krimen.

Rally kan Bayan guinibo sa Naga, Legazpi

NAGA CITY – Duwang tiripon nin mga miembros kan grupong Bayan an nanotaran kasuodma – saro sa atubangan kan Rotonda, Quezon Ave, Barangay Lapu-lapu, Legazpi City, asin digdi sa Plaza Quezon, Ciudad nin Naga.

Si Katherine Chancoco, an Presidente kan Ateneo de Naga University Supreme Student Government (AdNU-SSG), nagtao nin mensahe sa mga jovenes sa rally na ginibo sa Plaza Rizal.

An mga jovenes nagsulo nin kandila bilang pagromdom sa mga binawian nin buhay sa Marawi.

An sadit na grupo nin mga nagpoprotesta nag-condinar kan pag bugka ni Pres Rodrigo Duterte kan Mindanao sa lindong kan ley martial.

An mga nagparticipas sa mass action nagpapara suriyaw nin “No to Martial Law,” asin nagpapaguiromdom kan mga maringis na pag-abuso na nakomitir durante kan Martial law na ibinaba ni dating Pres Marcos.

Poco mas o menos alas 9:30 kasuodmang aga, may sarong puti na multi-cab na may lunad nin 5-10 mga tawo an nagkaigwa nin programa sa Rotonda, sa Quezon Avenue, Barangay Lapu-Lapu.

Digdi sa Naga City, maabot sa 30 hasta 50ng mga jovenes, kadaklan mga escuela sa Ateneo de Naga University, an nagbale sa pag sindi nin candila, bilang pagprotesta sa ipig declarar na Martial law sa Mindanao.

An mga nagtaram, liwat pinaguiromdom an mga mapait na experiencia kan mga Pilipinas durante kan ley martial kan panahon ni Marcos.

Pirang minutos man na nagdurar an programa sa Plaza Quezon.

“Miracle drug” pwedeng madiscubre sa kadagatan kan Pilipinas

Pwedeng maghale sa kadagatan kan Pilipinas an masunod na “miracle drug,” sabi kan mga scientists ngonian na semana.

Si Dr. Aaron Joseph Villaraza, associate professor sa University of the Philippines Institute of Chemistry sa Diliman, Quezon City, makusog an pagtubod na makukua an “miracle drug” hale man sana sa mahiwas asin mayaman na kadagatan sa palibot kan Pilipinas.

Sa pagratam ni Dr. Villaraza sa ika 39ng Luzon Session kan National Acedemy of Science and Technology, sinabi niya na an bulong para sa paghale nin kulog o “pain reliever” na ginagamit sa cancer research hale sa mga marine life, na abunda sa Pilipinas.

An Pilipinas may mayamanon na “biodiversity,” kaya ngani an Smitsonian Institution nag conducir kan taon 2015 nin survey kan 2,98 na species nin sira, sari ni Dr. Villaraza.

An kadaklan na pig adalan nindang mga species nin sira hale sa Verde Island, sa may Mindoro.

Nagkakaigwa man ngonian nin research sa Ilocos region, asin naconfirmar an medicinal properties kan nagkapirang clase nin seaweed, sabi kan dean sa College of Aquatic Science and Technology sa Don Mariano Marcos State University.

Sa presente, kadakul na mga darakulang companiya an nag invertir nan in cuarta para sa mga pag aadal sa Pilipinas.

Makusog na maray an pagtubod kan mga scientists na makukua an “miracle drug” digdi sa kadagatan kan Pilipinas, sa dae mahahaloy na panahon.

49th IB sa Bicol nagmumundo, 4 na pagiriba nalugadan sa Marawi City

NAGA CITY — Half mast ngonian an bandera kan Pilipinas sa laog kan headquarters kan 49th IB, sa 9th ID kan Philippine Army digdi sa Bicol.

Ini pangkatapos na magluwas an confirmadong bareta na nagadan sa encontrada sa Marawi City an sarong official kan Army, na dati nakadistino digdi.

Enot kaini, kasuodmang aga, an 49th IB kan Army an nagsabi na 4 na soldados na hale sa Bicol an nalugadan kabale an duwang mga official.

Sinda an nakasagupa kan carculadong 30ng mga miembros kan Maute Group.

Hastang kasuodmang hapon, dai pa opisyal na ipinapaluwas kan Army an pangaran kan saindang pag-iriba, mantang dapat paisihon ngona an saindang familia.

An mga soldados kan Army na hale sa Bicol ipinadara sa Mindanao kan Septiembre kan naka aging taon para pandugang sa fuerza kan gobierno na nakikipag bakbakan sa mga rebelde.

An mga na mga miembros kan 49th IB hale sa Camarines Norte.

Miembro kan “Dadi Mariano Criminal Group” nadakop kan CIDG

DAET, Camarines Norte – Nahulog na sa kamot kan mga miembros kan Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) si Alexander Seva Arrogante, an saro sa mga pusikit na miembros kan “Dadi Mariano Criminal Group.”

An nasambit na grupo sinasahotan na imbuelto sa nagdadanay na pagpabakal nin illegal na droga sa Camarines Norte, sabi kan pulis.

Nadakop an suspechado sa Sitio Masagana, Barangay Palanas, Paracale, Camarines Norte sa bisa kan search warrant, huli kan pagbalga niya sa R.A. 10591, an illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, kasuodmang alas 5:55 nin hapon.

Nakua sa saiyang poder an cal .38 na revolver, asin 4 na pidaso nin mga bala.

Dinara siya sa hepatura kan pulis sangagtan nin caso.

Taga Bula, nadakop nagsasaray dai licensiyadong badil

NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) Dinakop kan mga pulis si Presco Balleber Jr y Follero alyas “Kalbo,” pakatapos na i-serve saiya an search warrant, asin nakuanan nin armas.

Si Balleber, na residente kan Sitio Bulilacao, Barangay Palsong, Bula, Camarines Sur, binitbit kan mga awtoridad tanganing sangatan nin caso.

Nakua sa saiyang poder an cal 5.5 mm M16 Elisco Rifle, na may laog pang bala.

Afuera kan badil, nakakua pa nin steel magazine an mga pulis, na may laog man guiraray nin bala para sa armalite asin para sa 9mm.

An search warrant firmado ni Judge Manuel M. Rosales, an Executive Judge sa RTC, Iriga City, asin may fecha Mayo 23, 2017.

An caso na isasangat contra ki Balleber iyo an pagbalga sa R.A. 10591, o illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ligao City wins P1-M in National Rice Achievers Search

The Local Government Unit of Ligao City in Albay won in the outstanding city/municipality category in the 2016 National Rice Achievers Search and received P1 million cash prize and trophy. 

Senator Cynthia Villar, chairperson of the senate committee on agriculture led the awarding ceremony held at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) on May 23, 2017.
The DA gave away over P52 million in cash prizes to seven provinces, 15 municipalities and cities, four Irrigators Associations (IAs), and three Small Water Impounding System Associations (SWISAs).

OIC City Agriculturist Dexter A. Mendoza received the award. Mayor Patricia Alsua was represented by Ligao City Vice Mayor Sherwin Quising during the awarding.
They were accompanied on the stage by Usec. Segfredo R. Serrano, DA Undersecretary for Policy and Planning; Usec. Ranibai Dilangalen, DA Undersecretary for Special Concerns; Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) national director Luz A. Taposok; and Usec. Ariel Cayanan, Undersecretary for Operations.

Also present were DA Bicol Regional Executive Director Elena B. de los Santos; ATI Bicol OIC Center Director Vivien Carable and DA Bicol OIC Regional Technical Director Rodel P. Tornilla.

The City of Ligao was awarded in recognition of its important contributions in sustaining and increasing rice production in the country which is vital in the attainment of food security and increased farmers’ income. Ligao City has 143% rice self-sufficiency and 2.5% contribution to the regional rice production. It recorded a 2.5% increase or 31,548 metric tons in rice production from 2015 to 2016. The increase in yield was 5% for irrigated areas and 2% in rainfed areas. One hundred percent of the rice areas in the city are planted to high quality rice seeds such as hybrid, registered, and certified seeds.

A total of 45% of Ligao City Agriculture office’s budget in 2016 was allocated for rice program. A total of P1 million was spent for rice hybridization; P1.2 million was used for fertilizer subsidy; P72,000 for pest control program and P720,000 for inbred rice production. Ten agricultural extension workers out of 18 or 60% are assigned to implement the rice program in the city covering 3,229 hectares including 3 coastal barangays.

Ligao City is also home to the PhilRice Bicol station resulting to fast and easy access to the different technologies, projects and technical assistance being offered by the station to the farmers.
Also included in the roster of National Rice Achievers Awardees were 32 Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs) and five Local Farmer Technician (LFTs) from the Bicol Region.

Director de los Santos said that a separate awarding by cluster is slated in June. (by Lovella Guarin)

3 passengers die in road mishap in Sorsogon

LEGAZPI CITY (Bicol Standard) -- A passenger jeepney plunged into a 30-meter ravine at Sitio Colonia, Barangay Hidhid, Matnog, Sorsogon.

The incident occured at 4:30 pm Tuesday, resulting to the death of three passengers identified as Josefa Hilao, 78; Judy Hilao, 60; both residents of Barangay Tabunan, Matnog and Bernalet Alcantara 32, a resident of Tabaco City, Albay.

Senior Inspector Maria Luisa Calubaquib, spokesperson of Bicol police said the jeep which was driven by Joey Garalde was negotiating a sharp curve when he lost control of the steering wheel that resulted in the said accident.

Apart from the three deaths, 18 passengers were also injured. They were brought to the Matnog Medical and Community Hospital, Sorsogon Provincial Hospital and Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital (BRTTH) for medical treatment.

Additional information also revealed that the the vehicle also rammed into the railing on the left side of the road before it plunged into the cliff.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

DOTr suspends implementation of Anti-Distracted Driving Act

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has suspended the implementation of Republic Act 10913 known as the Anti-Distracted Driving Act which prohibits motorists from using mobile devices and electronic gadgets, Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) board member and spokesperson Aileen Lizada said Tuesday.

The move comes after various sectors such as members of Congress, transport groups and some drivers of public and private vehicles called for its suspension due to the confusion brought about by its implementing rules and regulations (IRR).

Among the concerns raised are the banning of rosaries, figurines and other accessories on dashboards which distract the view of drivers as well as the use of navigational apps while driving.

The law prohibits motorists making or receiving calls, writing, sending or reading text-based communications, playing online games, watching movies, surfing or browsing the Internet, among others, while vehicles are in motion or temporarily stopped on a traffic light or an intersection.

Drivers are allowed, however, to apply hands-free function or applications in using such devices or gadgets as long as they do not obstruct with their line of sight.

Violators will be penalized with a fine of PHP 5,000 for the first offense, PHP10,000 for the second offense, and PHP15,000 for the third offense with a three-month suspension of driver’s license.

Violations incurred beyond the third offense shall be penalized with the revocation of driver’s license and a fine of PHP20,000.

Owners and operators of public utility vehicles (PUV) and commercial vehicles found in violation of the said act shall both be held liable. (PNA)

Sorsogon mayor, 2 others charged in Sandiganbayan

SORSOGON CITY 5/23/17 (Bicol Standard) -- Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales has recommended the filing of criminal charges against Bulusan, Sorsogon town mayor Michael "Mike" Guysayko with the Sandiganbayan for the violation of Section 52(g) of the GSIS Act of 1997.

Mayor Guysayko, together with municipal treasurer Jasmin Garcia, municipal accountant Ramon Belleza, and municipal budget officer Marieta Negrite, allegedly "willfully, unlawfully and criminally" failed, refused or delayed the payment, remittance, turn-over or delivery of the GSIS premium contributions of the municipal employees both personal and government shares in 2010 to 2011.

Section 52 (g) of the GSIS Act of 1997 reads: "The heads of the offices of the national government, its political subdivisions, branches, agencies and instrumentalities, including government-owned or controlled corporations and government financial institutions, and the personnel of such offices who are involved in the collection of premium contributions, loan amortization and other accounts due the GSIS who shall fail, refuse or delay the payment, turnover, remittance or delivery of such accounts to the GSIS within thirty (30) days from the time that the same shall have been due and demandable shall, upon conviction by final judgment, suffer the penalties of imprisonment of not less than one (1) year nor more than five (5) years and a fine of not less than Ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00) nor more than Twenty thousand pesos (P20,000.00), and in addition shall suffer absolute perpetual disqualification from holding public office and from practicing any profession or calling licensed by the government."

Bail of P100,000 was recommended for the temporary liberty of each of the accused persons.

Guysayko served as Bulusan mayor in 2010 to 2013. In 2013 to 2016, he was Board Member of Sorsogon, and was elected mayor of Bulusan again in 2016.

CASE IN POINT by Dean Ed Vincent Albano | Speedy disposition of cases

Vexations delay results in dismissal of a case.

In Commodore Lamberto Torres v. SB, et al., G.R. No. 221562-69, October 5, 2016, Velasco, J, from the time the Affidavit of COA Auditors and the COA Audit Report were turned over to the Ombudsman for review and scrutiny for at least 8 years before the Ombudsman ordered the conduct of the investigation, it took 16 years before the Ombudsman found probable cause. Ruling that there was delay and a violation of the right to speedy disposition of the cases, the SC

Held: The speedy disposition of cases covers not only the period within which the preliminary investigation was conducted, but also all stages to which the accused is subjected, even including fact-finding investigations conducted prior to the preliminary investigation proper. In Dansal v. Fernandez, Sr., G.R. No. 126814, March 2, 2000, it was said:

Initially embodied in Section 16, Article IV of the 1973 Constitution, the aforesaid constitutional provision is one of three provisions mandating speedier dispensation of justice. It guarantees the right of all persons to “a speedy disposition of their case”; includes within its contemplation the periods before, during and after trial, and affords broader protection than Section 14(2), which guarantees just the right to a speedy trial. It is more embracing than the protection under Article VII, Section 15, which covers only the period after the submission of the case. The present constitutional provision applies to civil, criminal and administrative cases.

Considering that the subject transactions were allegedly committed in 1991 and 1992, and the fact-finding and preliminary investigations were ordered to be conducted in 2004, the length of time which lapsed before the Ombudsman was able to resolve the case and actually file the Informations against petitioner was undeniably long-drawnout.

Any delay in the investigation and prosecution of cases must be duly justified. The State must prove that the delay in the prosecution was reasonable, or that the delay was not attributable to it (People of the Philippines v. Hon. Sandiganbayan, First Division & Third Division, et al., G.R. No. 188165, December 11, 2013). In Coscolluela v. Sandiganbayan (First Division), G.R. No. 191411, July 15, 2013 is instructive:

Verily, the Office of the Ombudsman was created under the mantle of the Constitution, mandated to be the “protector of the people” and as such, required to “act promptly on complaints filed in any form or manner against officers and employees of the Government, or of any subdivision, agency or instrumentality thereof, in order to promote efficient service.”

This great responsibility cannot be simply brushed aside by ineptitude. Precisely, the Office of the Ombudsman has the inherent duty not only to carefully go through the particulars of case but also to resolve the same within the proper length of time. Its dutiful performance should not only be gauged by the quality of the assessment but also by the reasonable promptness of its dispensation. Thus, barring any extraordinary complication, such as the degree of difficulty of the questions involved in the case or any event external thereto that effectively stymied its normal work activity – any of which have not been adequately proven by the prosecution in the case at bar – there appears to be no justifiable basis as to why the Office of the Ombudsman could not have earlier resolved the preliminary investigation proceedings against the petitioners.

In the present case, respondents failed to submit any justifiable reason for the protracted conduct of the investigations and in the issuance of the resolution finding probable cause.

The petitioner asserted his right to a speedy disposition of cases at the earliest possible time. When he filed his counter-affidavit, he had already argued that dismissal of the case is proper because the long delayed proceedings violated his constitutional right to a speedy disposition of cases. He wasted no time to assert his right to have the cases against him dismissed.

Prejudice petitioner suffered.

As for the prejudice caused by the delay, respondents claim that no prejudice was caused to petitioner from the delay in the second set of investigations because he never participated therein and was actually never even informed of the proceedings anyway. A similar assertion was struck down by this Court in Coscolluela, to wit:

Lest it be misunderstood, the right to speedy disposition of cases is not merely hinged towards the objective of spurring dispatch in the administration of justice but also to prevent the oppression of the citizen by holding a criminal prosecution suspended over him for an indefinite time. Akin to the right to speedy trial, its “salutary objective” is to assure that an innocent person may be free from the anxiety and expense of litigation or, if otherwise, of having his guilt determined within the shortest possible time compatible with the presentation and consideration of whatsoever legitimate defense he may interpose. This looming unrest as well as the tactical disadvantages carried by the passage of time should be weighed against the State and in favor of the individual. In the context of the right to a speedy trial, the Court in Corpuz v. Sandiganbayan (Corpuz) illumined:

A balancing test of applying societal interests and the rights of the accused necessarily compels the court to approach speedy trial cases on an ad hoc basis.

x x x Prejudice should be assessed in the light of the interest of the defendant that the speedy trial was designed to protect, namely: to prevent oppressive pre-trial incarceration; to minimize anxiety and concerns of the accused to trial; and to limit the possibility that his defense will be impaired. Of these, the most serious is the last, because the inability of a defendant adequately to prepare his case skews the fairness of the entire system. There is also prejudice if the defense witnesses are unable to recall accurately the events of the distant past. Even if the accused is not imprisoned prior to trial, he is still disadvantaged by restraints on his liberty and by living under a cloud of anxiety, suspicion and often, hostility. His financial resources may be drained, his association is curtailed, and he is subjected to public obloquy.

Delay is a two-edge sword. It is the government that bears the burden of proving its case beyond reasonable doubt. The passage of time may make it difficult or impossible for the government to carry its burden. The Constitution and the Rules do not require impossibilities or extraordinary efforts, diligence or exertion from courts or the prosecutor, nor contemplate that such right shall deprive the State of a reasonable opportunity of fairly prosecuting criminals. As held in Williams v. United States, for the government to sustain its right to try the accused despite a delay, it must show two things: (a) that the accused suffered no serious prejudice beyond that which ensued from the ordinary and inevitable delay; and (b) that there was no more delay than is reasonably attributable to the ordinary processes of justice.

Closely related to the length of delay is the reason or justification of the State for such delay. Different weights should be assigned to different reasons or justifications invoked by the State. For instance, a deliberate attempt to delay the trial in order to hamper or prejudice the defense should be weighted heavily against the State. Also, it is improper for the prosecutor to intentionally delay to gain some tactical advantage over the defendant or to harass or prejudice him. On the other hand, the heavy case load of the prosecution or a missing witness should be weighted less heavily against the State. x x x

As the right to a speedy disposition of cases encompasses the broader purview of the entire proceedings of which trial proper is but a stage, the above-discussed effects in Cm1Juz should equally apply to the case at bar.

Adopting respondents' position would defeat the very purpose of the right against speedy disposition of cases. Upholding the same would allow a scenario where the prosecution may deliberately exclude certain individuals from the investigation only to file the necessary cases at another, more convenient time, to the prejudice of the accused. Clearly, respondents' assertion is subject to abuse and cannot be countenanced.

In the present case, petitioner has undoubtedly been prejudiced by virtue of the delay in the resolution of the cases filed against him. Even though he was not initially included as a respondent in the investigation conducted from 1996 to 2006 pertaining to the "overpricing of medicines" procured through emergency purchase, he has already been deprived of the ability to adequately prepare his case considering that he may no longer have any access to records or contact with any witness in support of his defense. This is even aggravated by the fact that petitioner had been retired for fifteen (15) years. Even if he was never imprisoned and subjected to trial, it cannot be denied that he has lived under a cloud of anxiety by virtue of the delay in the resolution of his case.

Ex-cop shot dead at wedding reception in Masbate

A former policeman was shot dead by three gunmen during a wedding reception in Cataingan, Masbate, a report to the Police Regional Office (PRO 5) in Bicol here stated on Tuesday.

Sr. Insp. Ma. Luisa Calubaquib, PRO5 spokesperson, said the victim, PO1 Michael Sauro, was eating when three of the guests sharing the table with him stood up and shot him in the forehead during the wedding reception in Barangay Nadawisan in Cataingan town around 11 a.m. on Monday.

She said Sauro, who also stood as sponsor during the wedding, died on the spot from bullet wounds in the forehead and cheeks.

Calubaquib said the guests scampered in various directions because of the commotion but the gunmen, who all wore black jackets, did not immediately leave the area.

“The gunmen located Sauro’s car and smashed its windows with the intent of getting the victim’s gun but failed to get any,” she said.

She added that Sauro, a resident of Barangay Nadawisan, had retired from the police service last year after filing for total permanent disability claims when he lost one of his legs after surviving an ambush of the New People’s Army (NPA) rebels in Cataingan.

Calubaquib said investigators are looking into business, politics and possible role of the communist rebels in the attack. (Jorge Hallare/PNA)

CD Munez abot na sana sa Junio sa Naga City

NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) — Abot na sana sa bulan na Junio ngonian na taon digdi sa Naga City si Senior Supt. Julius Muñez, an hefe kan pulis digdi.

Segun ki Muñez na-oogma siya na trangkilo an ciudad, afuera na sana kan mga saradit na krimen, asin an padikit-dikit na nadadakop na imbuelto sa droga.

Segun sa hefe kan pulis, antes siyang maghale, para sa nagdadangadang na na retirement, handa na an security plan sa Peñafrancia Fiesta.

Pira nang beses suboot sindang nag meeting kan saiyang mga tawohan asin an mga oficial kan ciudad, para repasohon an mga dapat gibohon sa maabot na dakulang celebrasyon.

Kan hapoton kun ano an pinaka maray na nagibo niya sa Naga, pig orgolyo ni Muñez na sa saiyang turno, naging maray an relasyon kan mga oficiales kan ciudad asin kan pulis.

Sa parte kan pulis, naging maray an cooperasyon kan lambang saro.

Pig babandera kan hefe kan pulis na kan naka aging Disyembre, sa panahon kan Pasko, maroromdoman na haros zero casualty, huli kan maray na cooperasyon asin maigot na pagbantay kan mga pulis.

CHED, DSWD honor grantees with top academic honors in Bicol

LEGAZPI CITY — The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) have recognized 94 scholars from seven state universities and colleges or SUCs in the Bicol region who recently graduated with academic distinctions from their schools.

They mirrored the “anchor values of selflessness, determination and adaptability,” said CHED-Bicol Director George Colorado.

He said the top students, who received medals and certificates of recognition, were grantees of CHED’s Expanded “Students Grants-in-Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation”.

“Some were also beneficiaries of DSWD’s 4Ps or 'Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program',” he added.

Colorado said among those recognized was John Dave Boribor of Bulan, Sorsogon who graduated magna cum laude from the Sorsogon State College (SSC) with a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education, major in Mathematics.

Boribor got the CHED scholarship when he was in third year college at SSC where he also worked as a student assistant.

“During the recognition rites Boribor had recalled that since his childhood until his second year in college he relied on a “gasera” (oil lamp) so he could study for his lessons as their home did not have any electricity,” according to Colorado.

The CHED official also recounted that as Boribor was receiving the recognition from CHED and DSWD, the latter’s father, who died in an accident, had lain in state at their residence.

“A grieving but proud mother of Boribur was the one who accompanied him during the recognition rites,” said Colorado.

DSWD Bicol Director Arnel Garcia had promised burial assistance to the family.

The honorees received various distinctions—as magna cum laude, cum laude, dean’s lister, academic distinction and as among the top 10 in the class.

They were also recipients of various special awards from their schools, such as service award, best in undergraduate theses, leadership award, best student researcher, outstanding in practice teaching and best public speaker.

The CHED scholars graduated from the Bicol University in Legazpi City; Central Bicol State University of Agriculture, Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges and Partido State University-– all in Camarines Sur; Camarines Norte State College; Catanduanes State University; and Dr. Emilio Espinosa Sr. Memorial State College of Agriculture and Technology in Masbate. (Edgar Alejo/PNA)

Shabu lab sa Virac, iimbestigaran sa Congreso

Pig lalaoman na magkakaigwa nin mahiwas na congressional inquiry dapit sa mega shabu laboratory na nadiscubre sa barangay Palta Small, Virac, sa Provincia kan Catanduanes.

Pig ponan na an nasambit na inquiry alagad, pig marhay kan mga deputado na duman gibohon sa Congress tanganing dakul na mga congresista an makaparticipar.

Maroromdoman na an nadiscubreng shabu lab sa Catanduanes iyo na an pigtutubodan na pinakadakula na gibohan nin shabu sa bilog na Pilipinas.

Alagad, may mga nagsasahot na tuyong pinadurulag si mga imbuelto, orog na si mga Chinese nationals na kabakas kan mga negosyanteng nagigibo nin droga.

Maroromdoman na may mga darakulang pangaran nin pulitiko sa Catanduanes an isinasabit an pangaran na imbuelto.

Kabale sa mga sinasahotan iyo si Gob. Cua, asin an alkalde kan Virac na si Samuel Laynes.

Sa enot na mga pahag ni Cua, pinahimutikan niya an mga sahot na ini.

Alagad, hasta ngonian dai pa naghuhuraw an nasambit na issue.

Segun sa pahayag ni Cong Rodel Batocabe kan Ako Bicol, an masunod na congressional inquiry gigibohon na mananggad sa Batasang Pambansa.

Kan sarong semana, nagkaigwa na suboot sinda nin closed door meeting para sa bagay na ini.

Dakul na mga pangaran an naglalataw na makakabale sa mga masunod na imbestigason, sabi pa sa report.

CONDOR Bicol, kontra sa phaseout kan jeepney

NAGA CITY 5/23/17 (Bicol Standard) -- Makusog an paglaom kan Concerned Drivers and Operators Tsuper asin Operator Nationwide (Condor-Piston) sa Bicol na dadangogon asin papa honrahan an saindang pangapodan na dai na idagos an planong phaseout kan mga lumang mga jeepney na ginagamit pampasahero.

Sinabi ni Ramon Rescovilla, an deputy secretary general kan Condor-Bicol na nagkakasararo an mga jeepney drivers asin operators sa Bicol na kontrahon an modernization program kan LTFRB asin Department of Transportation.

An protest cararan isasabay sa turnover ceremony kan matukaw na bagong director kan LTFRB sa Bicol na si dating NBI Intelligence Agent Jun Abrazado na papanginotan ni LTFRB chairman Martin Delgra.

An plano kan gobierno iyo an pagphaseout kan mga jeepneys tanganing ribayan nin electric jeepney.

Chief Supt. Buenafe, makandidatong alkalde kan Naga?

RD Buenafe

NAGA CITY 5/23/17 (Bicol Standard) -- Mahalat ngona na maka retire siya sa saiyang pwesto antes na magpahayag kan desisyon kun mabale o matapsok sa borolyada sa politica, o mahanap nin ibang mga pagkaka-abalahan sa buhay. Ini an sabi kan sayong dayupot na ayudante ni Chief Supt. Omar Buenafe, kan Bicol PNP, kan liwat hapoton kun ano an plano niya sa pag retiro.

Ini an pinaka ultimong pahayag ni Chief Supt. Omar Buenafe, an Director Regional kan PNP sa Bicol na pig babantog na may planong madalagan talaga na alkalde kan ciudad nin Naga.

Sa pakipaghampangan sa BICOL STANDARD, inako ni Buenafe na dakul mananggad an nagpaparaharapot saiya kun may plano siya sa politika.

Alagad an saiyang simbag, huyom-huyom sana, asin ibinalik an hapot kun ano an obserbasyon kan mga taga media sa saiya.

“Sa presente, idudusay ko an bilog kong oras sa pag mantiner kan paz y orden sa Bicol. Pero, kun mag retire na ako, saka na sana,” sabi ni Buenafe.

An hefe kan pulis sa Bicol, naririsang mahigos na maray magparalibot sa mga barangay kan Naga asin iba pang mga lugar sa Bicol, pig tatyagaan an “feeding program”, sports activities, asin an pag organizar kan Bicol Region Ayaw sa Droga (BRAD). An nasambit na organisasyon iyo an pig iinomonan ngona kan mga politico, na pwedeng ngani maging political organization.

Alagad, an iba pwedeng minamansayan an saiyang “body language” na garong matapsok talaga sa pulitika.

Ngonian na aldaw, si Buenafe kaiba ni Presidente Digong Duterte sa Moscow duman sa Russia.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Mga badil, bala asin droga, nakua sa 4 na taga Masbate

Apat na personas an inarestar huli sa pagbalga sa RA 9165 asin RA 10591 (Illegal Possession of Ammunition) kan sarong aldaw sa Masbate.

An pinagsararong tawohan kan pulis magkatuwang na naglansar nin search and seizure operations contra sa mga suspechado.

Sabi ni Senior Inspector Maria Luisa C. Calubaquib, nabisto an mga suspechado na iyo sinda Junel Caballero y Rosales, 30, mayo nin trabaho, an saiyang kasaroan na si Eraa Erebete y Sampaga, 30, mayo nin trabaho, Isaac Caballero Jr y Rosales alias Jun-Jun, 26, asin an saiyang kasaroan na si Jane Ubac y Torres, 33 anyos.

Si Caballero asin an saiyang mga partidaryos kaibahan an saindang mga live-in partners an inarestar por medio kan search warrants na firmado ni Judge Teofilo T. Tambago, Executive Judge kan Regional Trial Court, Branch 46, sa Masbate City. Nakua sa saindang podert an mga ilegal na droga.

Siring man, nakomfiscar sa sainda an dakul na mga bala nin badil, 9 na pidaso nin plastic sachets na may laog nin shabu o methamphetamine hydrochloride.

An nakuang 9 na mga bala nin badil para sa 9mm na pistol.

1 gadan, 3 irido kan paarak-asakan nin bala sa Calabanga, CSur

NAGA CITY 5/22/17 (Bicol Standard) –Saro an gadan, tulo an irido kan pa-arak-asakan nin bala si Sonny Buenavente kan dai nabistong lalaki sa Barangay Burabod, Calabanga, Camarines Sur kasubagong alas 11:00 nin odto.

An victima residente kan Zone 4, Barangay Burabod, Calabanga, Camarines Sur.

Afuera ki Buenavente, na nagadan tulos huli kan tama nin mga bala sa saiyang lawas, tulong iba pang personas an may mga lugad.

Sabi sa imbestigasyon an iba pang may tama nin bala iyo sinda Elvin Bufalo y Valenzuela, 20, taga Zone 6, Camuning, Calabanga, Camarines Sur; Jan Mark Balaje y Buecibillo, 17, taga Zone 4, Barangay Harubay; asin John John Dublado y Amparado, 17, taga Zone 4, Harubay, Calabanga, Camarines Sur.

An motibo kan krimen pig-aaram pa kan mga awtoridad.

Tourism exec says more 'butanding' sightings in Donsol in 2017

The whale sharks or "butanding", known to show up between December to May off the waters of Donsol in Sorsogon, are slowly coming back.

“There are now three to eight sightings reported daily,” said Maria O. Ravanilla, Department of Tourism (DOT)-Bicol director.

Over the past several years officials have been noting a lesser number of sightings of the whale sharks (Rhincodon typus), popularly known as "butanding" in Donsol.

Ravanilla said it was less than five sightings during the past years with around one to two in 2014 and less than five in 2015 and 2016.

The dwindling number of sightings were first noted around 2012 and 2013.

In 2010, reports had said that as many as 15 to 18 "butandings" could be spotted at the water’s surface by marine tourist guides, who were officially tagged by the local government as butanding interaction officers.

Ravanilla said the warming sea water temperature spawned by global warming might have kept the whale sharks from surfacing.

She said divers had noted that the gentle giants of the sea have been going deeper and nearer the mantay ray bowl in Takdungan, which is in the boundary between Ticao Island and Donsol.

“2017 is a little bit better because it means the butandings are now able to adapt to climate change,” she added.

Ravanilla said Friday also marked the culminating activities for the week-long "Butanding Festival" that started last May 12.

She said the opening day of the festival showcased replicas of the "butanding" with 12 coastal barangays parading their life-sized versions from the shores of their villages to the town proper of Donsol.

It was in 1998 when the gentle giant sea creatures started to boost tourism in Donsol and brought the town to international attention. The "butanding" sightings fueled the local economy and provided employment and livelihood to the townsfolk.

Because of the opportunity presented by the big number of sightings of the whale sharks in Donsol, the provincial government of Sorsogon had forged a tripartite agreement among the municipal government of Donsol, DOT and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in 1999.

DOT led tourism promotion and marketing and training of the marine eco-tour guides, WWF took care of research and monitoring while Donsol municipal government managed tourism products and day-to-day operation.

Reports said that between 2013 and 2016, Albay and Sorsogon reported an increase of 200,000 in annual visitor arrivals while businesses made new investments in tourism worth PHP 65 million.

Ravanilla said there was “much to hope for” with the increased sightings of the "butandings" in 2017. (Gina V. Rodriguez/PNA)

NFA-Bicol reports 4-day buffer stock of rice in warehouses

An official of the National Food Authority (NFA) in Bicol said it has less than 146,000 bags of rice, which is equivalent to four days of buffer stock, already distributed to warehouses located in the six provinces of the region.

Beth Jacob, regional information officer of NFA in Bicol, said Albay has the biggest stock with 36,733 bags, followed by Camarines Sur-33,187 bags, Sorsogon-29,719 bags, Masbate-17,370, Camarines Norte-16,874 and Catanduanes with 12,097 bags or a total of 145,980 bags of rice for the entire region.

She said the estimated daily consumption of rice of over five million Bicolanos is 39,640 bags so the buffer stocks available in the NFA warehouses would not be enough in the coming days, especially if a calamity would strike the region.

"We just pray and hope that no calamity will hit our region," said Jacob.

She said this would be the first time that Bicol would experience having only four days of buffer stock in its warehouses.

Jacob added this was also the first time that no importation had been made by the government from January this year up to the present.

She said NFA-Bicol has estimated the rice consumption requirement of Bicolanos at 1,189,200 bags of rice per month, equivalent to the one-month buffer stock of NFA for the commodity.

Jacob said there were more than 15,000 Bicolanos who were regular rice buyers of NFA rice in the markets.

The province with the biggest consumption of NFA rice is Camarines Sur which has 4,877 regular buyers, followed by Catanduanes-3,065, Masbate-2,665, Camarines Norte-1,330, Sorsogon-1,277 and Albay-1,036.

Some farmers from Catanduanes urged NFA Administrator Jason Aquino, who had made a three-day field inspection last week in Albay, Sorsogon, Catanduanes, Camarines Sur and Camarines Norte, to add more allocation of NFA rice in their province to meet their needs.

Jacob said that although Catanduanes has the lowest population in the region it was the second most dependent province on NFA rice in the region.

“Its local farmers have low production of rice because of its geographical location with most of the residents relying on fishing and abaca stripping for livelihood,” she said.

Jacob also admitted that they had found difficulty buying palay from the local farmers because they could not match the price given by the rice traders who buy rice from farmers at PHP18.19 to PHP19.70 per kilo.

She said NFA would buys at PHP17 directly from local farmers and PHP17.50 from farmers’ cooperatives. (Jorge Hallare/PNA)

American national dies in a Camarines Sur resort

LEGAZPI CITY, May 22— An 85-year-old American national died on Sunday in a resort in Barangay Malinao, Libmanan town in Camarines Sur, reports reaching the Police Regional Office (PRO) Bicol said Monday.

Sr. Insp. Maria Luisa Calubaquib, PRO5 spokesperson, quoting a sketchy police report, identified the victim as James Franklin Brooks, married and a resident of San Jacinto, Pangasinan.

Calubaquib said Brooks was having a conversation with his companion at the resort when he suddenly fell on the ground and became unconscious at around 12:15 p.m Sunday.

The victim was immediately rushed to the NICC Doctors Hospital in Naga City but was pronounced dead on arrival by attending physicians.

Calubaquib said they were still waiting for the autopsy report on the cause of death. (Mar S. Arguelles/PNA)

Burat na excursionista sa Pasacao nabutod

PASACAO, Camarines Sur – Saro na naman na excursionista sa banwaan na ini an nakuang gadan, pagkatapos na malamos sa tungod kan Bragais Beach Resort, sa Zone 1, Barangay Balogo digdi.

Nakuang mayo nang hinangos iyo si Dinnes Bascuna y Balbuena, 47, taga Zone 6-B, Barangay Concepcion Pequena, Naga City.

Nadukayan an saiyang bangkay kan alas 6:00 nin aga kan Mayo 21.

Segun sa pahayag kan saro sa kairiba kan victima, nag-irinoman sinda hastang kasubagong alas 3:30 nin mag-omagahon sa Ranchero Beach Resort.

Aga na kasubago kan naaraman ninda na si saro nindang kahampang sa irinoman na si Bascuna, binawian na palan nin buhay.

An informasyon dapit digdi ipinaabod sa pulis ni Barangay Kagawad Nestor Crisponde kan Barangay Balogo.

Maroromdoman na kan nagtalikod na semana, igwa man nin nagadan na excursionista sa nasambit na barangay.

7 anyos na aki, nalamos sa swimming pool

BACACAY, Albay – Saro man na excursionista an binawian nin buhay sa Dorotea Resort sa Barangay Cajogotan sa banwaan na ini.

Nabisto an victima na iyo si Shaira Lorraine Betito y Sadoguio, 7 anyos, grade 2, asin residente kan Barangay San Pedro sa banwaan na ini.

Nangyari an pagkalamos kan victima poco mas o menos alas 11:00 nin banggui kan Mayo 20.

Segun sa mga imbestigador, an victima binayaan kan saiyang pag-iriba tanganing magdalan nin show sa laog kan function room kan resort.

Pirang minutos sana kan mag-bwelta sa swimming pool an saiyang mga kairiba, naheling na nag-titinga-tinga na sana an 7 anyos na victima, huli ta naka-inom nin kadakul na tubig.

Pig probaran pa kuta nang ma revive an buhay kan aki. Dinara siya sa St. Michael Hospital, alagad ibinalyo sa BRTTH, lunad sa ambulancia, mantang pig aaragap-agapan.

Pag-abot sa hospital, sinabi kan doctor na mayo na siya nin buhay.

Lalaki, binadil kan kainoman sa Sto. Domingo, Albay

LEGAZPI CITY 5/22/17 (Bicol Standard) -- Nag-iimbestigar pa an mga awtoridad sa motibo kan pagbadil ki Nino Abellano y Bataller, 25, taga Barangay Sula, Bacacay, Albay asin ki Lea Buenbenuto, menor de edad na aki ni Glenda Abellano, tugang ni Nino.

An suspechado iyo si Jomer Zape, taga Barangay Del Rosario, Sto. Domingo, Albay.

Nangyari an krimen alas 11:05 kasubanggui (Mayo 21).

Sabi kan testigo, si Nino Abellano asin an suspechadong si Jomer Zafe nag-inoman ngona sa harong ni Glenda.

Dangan naghale sinda asin nagduman sa beer plaza sa banwaan kan Sto. Domingo, Albay.

Naheling an victima na nagbwelta sa harong ni Glenda. Mantang nakipag estoryahan an victima sa saiyang tugang na lalaki asin sa sobrena kan biglang nag-abot an suspechado na may darang armas na badil asin basang na sanang nagparapaputok.

Tinamaan sa man laen-laen na parte kan saiyang lawas si Nino Abellano asin an sobrenang si Lea.

Huli kan dakul na tama nin bala, nakuang nakabulagting sa kusina an victima,na duman na binawian nin buhay.

An menor de edad na victima igwa man nin tama, kaya pigbubulong ngonian sa hospital.

Dinara pa kuta sa doctor an victima, alagad ipig declarar na dead on arrival.

High Value Target na kagawad sa Bombon, nadakop kan pulis

NAGA CITY 5/22/17 (BICOL STANDARD) -- Yaon sa listahan kan “high value target” kan pulis an naarestar na barangay kagawad kan Bombon, Camarines Sur na si Joel Morales asin Marcel German, na nadakop kan i-serve an search warrant sa saindang residencia.

Si Kagawad Joel Morales, bistado sa saindang lugar bilang drug pusher, sabi sa pahayag kan pulis kan Bombon.

An saindang residencia makukua sa Barangay San Antonio, Bombon, Camarines Sur.

Nakumpiscar ki Morales an 10ng sachets nin shabu asin mga drug paraphernalia, mantang si German nakuanan nin mga bala nin badil, 10ng sachet nin shabu asin drug paraphernalia.

Sabi kan pulis, haloy na ninda pig momonitor an mga lakaw kan mga suspechado, bako sanang sa Bombon, kundi magin sa kataid na banwaan kan Calabanga.

An duwa dati na man presentar kan saindang mga sadire sa Oplan Tokhang.

Kabale sa saindang promisa iyo na makikipagtabangan sa mga awtoridad sa paglaban sa problema sa droga.

'Heavy equipment' rinaot kan mga armadong lalaki sa bukid kan Lagonoy

Rinaot kan 15ng dai nabistong mga armadong mga lalaki an mga darakulang ekipahe na ginagamit sa pagpalakbang asin sa pag-gibo nin tinampo, arog kan 2ng payloader, 2ng backhoe, bulldozer, crasher asin trucks sa Barangay Pinamihagan, Lagonoy, Camarines Sur kan Mayo 18ng aga, sabi sa report kan pulis.

Afuera kan pagraot kan mga ekipahe, hinabon pa an mga gamit kan Marilag Professional Security Services, Inc., na nakabase sa nasambit na pwerang barangay.

An mga victima iyo sinda Lorenao Maraggay y Palac asin Noel Solano y Aguihon, pareyong empleado kan nasambit na security agency.

Nagluluwas sa imbestigasyon na mientras na an mga victima yaon sa residencia ni Punong Barangay Antonio San Luis kan Pinamihagan, nag-arabot an mga armadong lalaki.

Binitbit an mga victima, kaibahan si barangay kapitan San Luis pasiring sa pwerang lugar, dangan pig-imbestigaran.

Kabale sa mga linalalay kan mga armadong lalaki iyo an sarong unit nin computer, 6 na handheld na radyo, duwang charger, 9 na padis nin combat boots, 10ng pistol belts asin 7ng padis nin uniform para sa security guards.

Nabigla suboot an mga guardya kan biglang pagsulpot kan mga armadong kalalakihan, kaya dai sinda nakapangalasag.

Pakatapos kan incidente, luway-luway sanang nagpatuyatoy parayo an mga suspechado pasiring sa dai maaraman na papadumanan.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Soltero, pigholdup nin 2ng lalaki sa Malilipot, Albay

LEGAZPI CITY (Bicol Standard) – Dai nabisto an duwang lalaking nakalunad sa motorsiklo na suspechado sa pag-holdup ki Joseph Mark Contreras y Francisco, 19, na taga Barangay Quinale, Tabaco City.

An krimen nangyari sa barangay Sta. Cruz, Malilipot, Albay, alas 9:50 nin bangui (Mayo 17).

Sabi kan pulis, an mga suspechado nakasulot nin abohon an color na jackets, maong na pantalon asin tahob an pandok kan saindang helmets.

An victima paoli na sa saindang harong, nakalunad sa motorsiklo.

Pag-agi sa Barangay Sta. Cruz, Malilipot, hinipaan siya kan mga suspechado, tinutokan nin kutsilyo, dangan nag deklarar nin holdup.

Nakua sa victima an saiyang cell phone na kantidad P6,000.00.

Nagdurulag man tulos an mga suspechado pasiring sa Tabaco City.

An mga imbestigador dai pa nin informasyon kun sisay an mga suspechado.

1 gadan sa iwal nin 2ng burat sa Catanduanes

VIRAC, Catanduanes (Bicol Standard) Mayong huraw na mga makusog na punite na nagtama sa lawas ni Edgardo Soleybar y Pirotso an saiyang ikinagadan, sabi sa report kan pulis.

An suspechadong nakadiscuido sa victima iyo an pig babansagan na “Lagi,” taga Barangay, San Vicente, San Andres, Catanduanes.

An incidente nangyari sa Barangay Lictin, San Andres.

Segun sa imbestigasyon, an pagbanog sa victima nangyari sa laog kan barracks na yaon sa Luyang cave, sa nasambit na barangay.

Sabi kan pulis, an victima asin an suspechado pareyo buyong o naka-inom nin alak.

Nin huli sa pagka-inom, nagkurulitan an duwa, nagdiskusyon, kaya sinampaling asin pigparasuntok kan suspechado an victima.

May ginamit pang armas an suspechado na irinapado sa lawas kan victima, na causa kan mga pasa asin lugad.

Mientrastanto, pig probaran kuta ni Argebal Lumabi y Manlangit na sawayon an duwa, alagad dai niya napugolan an pag-iwal kan duwa.

Naghagad nin tabang si Lumabi ki Arnel Tatel tanganing masaway an iwal.

Alagad, kan magbalik sinda sa barracks, nakadapla na an victima sa daga, may mga lugad sa parte kan saiyang talinga na garong hinombalan nin matagas na bagay.

Nag-iimbestigar pa an mga awtoridad kan nasambit na krimen.

An suspechado nagdulag asin hinahanap ngonian.

Excursionista sa Pasacao, CSur, nalamos

NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) Nalamos sa tungod kan Amador Beach Resort sa Barangay Balogo, Pasacao, Camarines Sur si Rejeno Agricula y Doe, 56, residente kan Busac, Libmanan, Camarines Sur.

Segun sa saiyang mga kairiba sa pag excursion an victima dati nang burat bago pa siya magpasiring sa dagat.

Base sa report, naheling na sana kan saiyang mga kairiba na nag-iirarom na sa dagat an victima, kaya tulos na inaragapan.

Idinalagan sa NICC Hospital sa Naga City si Agricula.

Alagad, an sabi kan doctor, mayo na siya nin buhay.

Binabasol kan nasambit na grupo an kawaran nin life guard na nag-mamangno sa beach resort.

Maroromdoman na parateng may nalalamos sa lugar kan Pasacao, Camarines Sur na dinadayo nin dagmang na mga tawo kada panahon nin bakasyon.

Bangkay nin lalaki nakua sa Lupi, CSur, tad-tad nin bala

NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) – Sarong bangkay nin lalaki an nadukayan sa Sitio Hagul, Barangay San Jose, Lupi, Camarines Sur, an hasta ngonian dai pa nabibisto an pangaran.

An bangkay may mga tama nin bale hale sa calibre .9mm, na iyo an pwede niyang ikinagadan.

Sabin i Barangay Kagawad Arnel Bodoy y Villarin kan Brgy. San Jose, Lupi halaba an buhok kan gadan; nakasulot nin puti na camiseta, short pants; may tattoo sa mag-ibong na paa, sa toong takyag asin sa walang parte kan liog; asin nagagapos an duwang kamot sa likod kan saiyang lawas.

Afuerte kan mga capsula nin bala hale sa calibre .9mm, may mga nakuang plastic sachet na may laog na shabu an victima.

Siring man, may nakua saiya nin itom na mascara.

An bangkay dinara sa Sta. Rita Funeral Homes, Sipocot, Camarines Sur.

Mayo pang evidencia na pwedeng makatukdo kun sisay an responsable sa krimen.

Pig imbistigaran pa kan mga pulis sa Lupi, Camarines Sur an casong ini.

Polinga wins Siruma mayoralty recount

NAGA CITY 5/19/17 (Bicol Standard) –“Based on the revision of votes, Carina Ramos-Polinga received the plurality of valid votes cast and is hereby declared the duly-elected Mayor of the Municipality of Siruma, Camarines Sur.”

This was the decision rendered by Presiding Judge Pedro Redoña of Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 63, in Calabanga, Camarines Sur in connection with the Election Protest Case No. 16-008, filed by Protestant Carina Ramos-Polinga against Sandy Ondis in the May 9, 2016, in the town of Siruma, Camarines Sur.

In the Preliminary Conference last June 8, 2016, Ondis received a total of 4,242 while Polinga got 4,198. Another candidate,

Edgar Avinado, got 33.

Based on the Amended Summary Report and amended Revision Report by Committee No. 1, the protestant (Polinga) received 2,423 uncontested votes while protestee received 2389 uncontested votes.

In the Revision Report of Committe No. 2, Polinga got 1,416 votes while Ondis got 1,413.

The court said that in an election protest case, the winner shall be the candidate who obtained the the plurality of the valid votes cast, which in this case is Polinga.

This decision was promulgated yesterday (May 18) in open court at the RTC sala of Judge Redoña.

Protestee Ondis, despite receipt of the notice of the promulgation, failed to attend the court proceedings.

His (Ondis) representative, however, on the same day, immediately filed a Notice of Appeal of the said promulgated judgement.

This morning (May 19) Polinga also filed a Motion for Execution Pending Appeal of the said favorable judgement with the same court.

The said motion for execution pending appeal is scheduled for hearing on May 23.

It will be recalled that yesterday, at almost the same time that the promulgation was made, Ondis called for a press conference in Naga City, alleging that Redoña extorted P430,000.00 from him for a favorable decision on the election protest.

Ondis added that the money was duly delivered to the judge.

Redoña, for his part, vehemently denied the allegation, saying that no such payoff happened.

"The decision is purely based on the result of the revision of votes," Redoña said.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lalaki, gadan; natutung an lawas huli sa kikilat

LEGAZPI CITY (Bicol Standard ) – Nagadan kan tinamaan nin kikilat an 35 anyos na lalaki, na nabisto sa pangaran na Antonio Oropesa, na taga Purok 1, Barangay Napo, Polangui, Albay.

Nangyari an incidente sa sa P-3 sa Pawa, Tabaco City.

Si Oropesa nakuang mayo nan in buhay asin haros sulo an saiyang lawas.

An nakadiskubre kan gadan iyo sinda barangay kagawad Teofilo Arenal asin Domingo Serrano.

Sabi kan duwa (Arenas asin Serrano) natuparan ninda an bangkay kan victima sa lugar na biyong nagsilyab an kalangitan, kasabay kan makusogon na dalogdog asin kikilat.

Dinara pa sa Ziga Memorarial Hospital an victima tanganing matawan nin atensyon medical. Alagad, an sabi kan nag atendir na doctor, mayo na siya nin buhay kan mag-abot sa doctor.

Pina-aram na an mga parientes kan victima sa Polangui dapit sa makuring pangyayari.

2 persons hacked to death in Pioduran, Albay

LEGAZPI CITY (Bicol Standard) Two persons were hacked to death at around 6:45 this morning, at Barangay Basico, Pioduran, Albay.

The fatalities were identified as Dominador Pautan and Manuel Patiam y Capones, both residents of Sitio Kape, Barangay Basico.

The suspects were named as Margel Rivera y Poson, 25 and Manuel Patiam y Casil, 23, also residents of the said place.

The motive of the killing has not been established at press time.

The investigation is underway.

Father killed, son wounded by 4 armed men in Masbate

MASBATE (Bicol Standard) – Four unidentified armed men were responsible for the death slay of Julito Manlapas y Cortez, 33, farmer, and wounded his 16-year old son (grade 11 student) at Sitio Tabyon, Barangay Nabongsoran, Arroron, Masbate.

Investigation reports say that one the suspects first approached the victim to ask for a glass of water. While waiting for the water to arrive, the other suspects suddenly appeared and asked the victim where he kept his gun.

The suspect, however, refused to produce the firearms that the group were asking from him. Then, without saying a word, one of the suspects pulled his pistol and immediately fired upon the victim which resulted to his instantaneous death.

Seeing this incident, the 16-year old son run to the rescue of his wounded father, but was also shot and wounded by the same suspects.

After which, the suspects fled towards an undetermined direction.

The motive of the crime has not yet been established at press time.

Sugal na “Suertres” dinakop sa Garchitorena, CSur

NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) – Bakong jueteng o loteng, kundi an inaapod na “Suertres,” na sarong clase nin illegal na sugal, an nagdadanay sa Garchitorena, Camarines Sur.

Segun sa report sa BICOL STANDARD haloy nang nag-uso an nasambit na sugal na an lokal na operator may pinapatayaan man na mga numero.

Huli mga sahot na igwang mga nanginginabang na mga awtoridad sa banwaan, dinakop kan pulis si Albert Berces y Dy-Contang, 34, an saro sa mga parapataya kan nasambit na sugal.

Si Berces napupugolan ngonian kan pulis mantang pighahanda an pag-sangat nin casong pagbalga sa “Illegal Gambling.” Dinakop siya sa Sitio Teres, Barangay San Vicente, Garchitorena, Camarines Sur.

Nakua sa saiyang poder iyo an mga gamit suboot niya sa pagpataya sa “Suertres”, an kantidad P96.00 na cuartang itinaya sa sugal, Lenovo tablet na pig hehelingan kan numerong nangana, mga papel, ball pen, nangganang combinasyon nin numero “729” asin “126,” asin an motorsiklo na gamit niya sa pagpataya.

An nasambit na sugal suboot igwa nin bendisyon sa nagkapirang officiales lokal na dai pa sinambit sa bareta.

Lalaki, tinadtad nin bala sa Sipocot

NAGA CITY (Bicol Standard) Duwang dai nabistong mga lalaki an suspechado sa pagtadtad nin bala sa hawak ni Edwin Bristol y Abasola, 61, na residente kan Barangay Cotmo, Sipocot, Camarines Sur.

An ginamit na badil kan mga kriminal iyo an calibre .45ng pistola, sabi sa report kan pulis.

Nangyari an krimen ala 1:30 nin hapon, kan Martes (Mayo 16) sa nasambit na barangay.

Sabi kan mga imbestigador mayong buhayan an victima huli sa lagbas nin mga bala an nagkapirang parte kan saiyang lawas, huli sa pigtutubodan na harani sanang maray an nagbadil.

Nagadan sa pinangyarihan kan incidente si Bristol. Nakua harane sa saiyang bangkay an 4 na pidaso nin mga capsula hale sa calibre .45.

Nagsayuma nang ipa-autopsy an bangkay kan victima, sabi ni SPO3 Alber A. Joven, an imbestigador kan kaso.

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