Vinzons Tourism Ordinance up for 2nd reading

Mayor Eleanor Segundo

VINZONS, Camarines Norte April 7, 2017 (BICOL STANDARD) – The Sangguniang Bayan is expected to tackle on Monday (April 10) on 2nd reading the pending Tourism Ordinance, which will boost the booming tourism business in this fast-growing town.

Interviewed by BICOL STANDARD, town mayor Eleanor Ferrer-Segundo said this piece of legislation is most relevant since they have noticed a substantial increase in tourist arrivals.

“Calaguas Island has become a major tourist destination. It has been attracting more and more tourists. Of course, our guests and visitors deserve our utmost attention and accommodation," Municipal Councilor Jay Pimentel said.

“With the expected enactment of the Ordinance, the complaints of some tourists and tour operators would be properly addressed. More importantly, it could put an end to some old issues regarding the collection of fees and charges from visitors,” Pimentel added.

In the said proposed ordinance, barangays will no longer be allowed to collect fees from tourists. Only the municipal government is authorized to impose regulatory fees.

Pimentel further explained that barangay officials need not worry about their equitable share from whatever fees that are generated, as it is provided in the said proposed legislation.

Also included in the said proposed ordinance is the collection of environmental fees that will be earmarked specifically for the maintenance of the sanitation and cleanliness of the facilities and surroundings.

Meanwhile, it was also noted that once the ordinance is approved, the LGU would only charge Php 75.00 per person, instead of the Php 120.00 per head that is being collectected now. This only applies, however, to tourists emanating from Vinzons. However, for those coming from other municipalities, the fee would be Php 120.00 per person.

Mayor Segundo for her part remains optimistic that this new development would spur economic growth uplift the economic conditions of the residents.

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