Search on for outstanding Nagueño, Nagueña

NAGA CITY 4/3/17 (Bicol Standard)—The search is on for the outstanding Nagueño and Nagueña!

These awards are presented to Nagueño/Nagueña individuals or groups who have distinguished themselves by their exemplary achievements in various fields of endeavor, thereby contributing positive enhancement to Naga City’s growth, honor and glory.

"Individuals" shall refer to: native Nagueños/Nagueñas; migrant Filipino citizens who have resided in Naga City for at least five (5) years; and those born in this city, though may be residing elsewhere.

Meanwhile, "groups" shall refer to groups or institutions organized or domiciled in Naga City for at least five (5) years, and those organized by Nagueños/Naguenas outside and existing for no less the same period.

The awards to be conferred include the Juan Q. Miranda Award (Mayoral Distinguished Award), Leon Sa. Aureus Award (Mayoral Special Award), and Jesse M. Robredo Youth Award.

The Juan Q. Miranda Award, the highest city award, is named after the father of Naga City's Charter.

The Leon Sa. Aureus Award, the second highest city award, is named after Naga's first Mayor when it became a chartered city.

The Jesse M. Robredo Award, is named after one of Naga’s illustrious sons, who at age 29, already led Naga as its local chief executive, a multi-awarded City Mayor, and later as Department of the Interior and Local Government Secretary.

The following shall be presented in a fitting awarding ceremony set by the Naga City Government: Juan Q. Miranda Award Plaque, Juan Q. Miranda Medallion, and cash award Leon SA. Aureus Award Plaque, Leon SA. Aureus Medallion, and cash award Mayoral Recognition (Category I) Plaque, Medallion, and cash award; Mayoral Recognition (Category II) Plaque Jesse M. Robredo Youth Award Plaque, Jesse M. Robredo Youth Award Medallion, and cash award, and Special Community Award Plaque.