Rotten system? Catanduanes PO1 feels disappointed

LEGASPI CITY—“Instead of an award, recognition or at least commendation, I am now the subject of persecution by the very organization to which I pledged to dedicate my life.”

Misty-eyed, PO1 Dan S. Bagay narrated to the BICOL STANDARD his hatred against police officials who allegedly orchestrated his relief from his post from Pandan Municipal Police Station, "without cause or legal ground," according to him.

“I have no problem being reassigned or deployed to any place. I just have one question. Have I done anything wrong or illegal that warrants my transfer?”

PO1 Bagay, a recipient of the PNP Bicol Medalya ng Kagalingan on July 18, 2016 was given said citation by PNP Bicol Regional Director Ramon Melvin Buenafe for his efforts, together with seven policemen for the recovery of 71 bundles of shabu worth Php 2 million in Pandan town.

At present, the said police officer is temporarily deployed at the Regional Office of the Philippine National Police at Camp Simeon Ola here.


Bagay said he has a strong suspicion that his relief from Pandan MPS was due to his active participation in arresting persons involved in illegal activities.

He also explained that among the items he seized were 26 compressors and a big quantity of cyanide that was being used by persons engaged in illegal fishing.

“I am personally aware that some police officers in Catanduanes are involved as protectors of illegal fishing activities. I know of an officer who demands at least five kilos of fish every week from those every person who owns a compressor and uses cyanide. I have affidavits duly signed by the witnesses and notarized to prove my allegations,” he added.

Furthermore, he said that he confiscated narra lumber from Delfin Ferrer of Pandan town, with an estimated value of Php 1.1 million.

Apart from those arrests, records will show that he was personally responsible for the application of more than 40 search warrants against persons believed to be involved in illegal drugs, explosives and firearms, illegal gambling, with at least 95% of his applications turning positive.

“I was the one who discovered the pieces of narra lumber that were being kept inside the PPSC barracks, which I reported to PD Fernandez and Judge Lelu Contreras. During the conduct of the search operation, it was discovered that there were more narra flitches. This incident was also recorded in the blotter. But nothing really happened to the investigation because the intelligence officer is a friend of those involved. They were against me personally because during the time of PD Castillo in Catanduanes, we had some operations where those involved here were also named in other illegal activities, like gambling,” he further stated.

"I just want a fair and honest investigation, although I know that I am just a PO1, and it will be a difficult fight," he said.

“If nothing happens here, I have no other choice but to give up my fight. I will resign. I cannot stomach this situation now,” he added.


In connection with the issue, a resolution “appealing to Police Chief Superintendent Melvin Buenafe, PNP Regional Director, to redeploy back to the Pandan Municipal Police Station, Pandan, Catanduanes, PO1 Dan S. Bagay” was passed during the regular session of the Sangguniang Bayan of Pandan on March 27, 2017.

“The presence of Dan S. Bagay at the Pandan Municipal Police Station, Pandan, Catanduanes has created so much trust and confidence among our people, because he is one of the top performers and achievers of this station,” the resolution reads.

“This august body is therefore appealing to the PNP Regional Director, Police Chief Supt. Melvin Buenafe, for his prompt action on the matter.
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