Hybrid rice techno demo in Tigaon posts 9.5-ton yield

Municipal Agriculturist Lea Beltran proudly declared the 9.5 tons highest yield recorded during the Rice Productivity Enhancement (RIPE) harvest festival in the 24 hectare cluster Hybrid Rice Techno Demo in Caraycayon, Tigaon, Camarines Sur.

Farmer co-operator Alexander Mabana said he used Pioneer 77 hybrid rice variety in this techno demo, and the secret for his high yield is keeping the soil moist all of the time. He was very happy when harvested 9.5 tons (215 cavans) from his one hectare hybrid rice farm, a far cry from the 35-50 cavans he usually harvest with inbred rice varieties in the same area.

Municipal Agriculturist Lea Beltran said 24 farmer-cooperators have qualified for the techno demo project and were given 15 kilos hybrid rice seed each and 10 bags fertilizer for a hectare area. The synchronous planting was done on December 23, 2016, two days before typhoon Nina devastated Camarines Sur province.

This is just the first cropping season for the project. Beltran encouraged other rice farmers from the 23 barangays of Tigaon to join the techno demo in the second cropping. For each cropping, the counterpart of the farmer-cooperator are labor and his participation in the data gathering, and a cash deposit of P15,000 from his income to his chosen bank for the two cropping seasons, so that the farmer co-operator will have P30,000 savings for the hybrid rice seed for his third cropping season. Four seed companies participated in the techno demo and the highest yielding variety which is most suitable in Tigaon will be used as farmers choice seed.

Alex Atian of the Department of Agriculture Rice Program said this is only one among the 4,800 hectares hybrid rice techno demo of the DA in the entire region which are conducting simultaneous harvest festivals. (Lovella Guarin / photos by Hermito Privaldos)