VP Leni to join prayer rally vs #NagaLeaks

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NAGA CITY 3/15/17 (Bicol Standard)—Nagueños are eagerly watching the unfolding political developments after the #NagaLeaks issue.

Interviewed over radio station DWNX this morning, Vice President Leni Robredo said she will attend the prayer rally tomorrow, March 16, here to ferret out the truth regarding the allegations hurled against former Mayor Jesse Robredo and his family.

Vice President Leni admitted that she is deeply hurt because of the relentless attacks against her husband, who has been dead for five years and can no longer defend himself.

“I have already consulted with my lawyers and we have decided to file legal action against those persons behind #NagaLeaks,” she said.

Antecedent to these developments, Farah Ranola Bongat, the wife of Naga City Mayor John Bongat took center stage last Monday to defend herself against the insinuations that she is behind #NagaLeaks.

The controversy, which has reached fever pitch, started during the campaign period, when Farah Bongat showed her aggressive support for the candidacy of Duterte, while her husband is the chairman of the Liberal Party in Naga City.

The mayor explained, however, that while it is true that Farah is a Duterte supporter, she is not behind #NagaLeaks.

In the same press conference the mayor emphatically said that he received information that some of those who were attacking Farah are allegedly members of the Liberal Party, which he lamented.

Farah Bongat earlier threatened to initiate legal action against those who dragged her name into the controversy.

However, during her press conference held at the City Hall, she said she will put on hold her plan to commence said legal action.

Robredo, however, urged the other persons maligned in the #NagaLeaks issue to pursue their cases.

Asked by the anchorman regarding Farah Bongat’s statement that she and Robredo “are not enemies, but are also not close,” Robredo replied that this is correct.

“Dai man kami naging close ever since. Bako kaming mag-amiga. Nabisto ko lang siya ta agom niya si Mayor Bongat,” the Vice President stated.

“Kan election ngani, nasasakitan akong depensahan si Mayor Bongat, ta si saiyang agom iba man an kandidatong dinadara para sa presidente. Sa national headquarters kan LP, pig-call an sakuyang attention manungod kani, orog nang si Mayor Bongat iyo an chairman kan Liberal Party sa Naga,” Robredo said.

While Robredo said she is joining tomorrow’s rally, the Bongats announced that they will not participate in the same event.

Observers said that these developments are a prelude to the political breakup of the once-formidable “Ubos kun Ubos” team of Jesse Robredo.

Since 1988, all candidates of said group get elected in Naga City.