Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mylce Mella: Let's make change work for women

Photo by Oscar Esmenda/BICOLSTANDARD.COM
NAGA CITY—"Pigseselebrar an Women's Month bilang rekonusimiento na sa modernong panahon, yaon pa man giraray an paghiling na an babayi maluya asin hababa." 

This is the statement of television host and reporter Jessa Mylce Mella as the guest of honor and speaker at the Camarines Sur Provincial Police Office Women's Month Celebration Kickoff Ceremony.

In her speech before the police officers, Mella underscored that Women's Month celebration is a reminder of how to properly treat a woman with respect and dignity.

"Dai pigseselebrar an Women's Month para sabihun na dapat babayi sana an pigtatawan nin atensyon. Kundi panahon man ini para sa lado kan kalalakihan, hilingon an mga ina na nagsakit asin nagtios nin kulog para ipangaki kita," she said.

Mella is a staunch advocate of women's rights and gender equality.



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