Mayor Rosal explains federalism to women from city’s 70 villages

LEGAZPI CITY–Legazpi City Mayor Noel E. Rosal has asked members of the city’s women’s federation to support the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte in its proposal to change the system of government from the current presidential to federal form.

Rosal endorsed the federal set up during Sunday night's celebration of National Women’s Month that was held at the Ibalong Centrum for Recreation here and had for its theme “We make change work for women.”

Attended by women representatives from the city’s 70 barangays, the event featured whole-day activities, that included talks on how to generate alternative sources of livelihood to help the women become empowered in their communities while rice packages were also handed out to the women at the close of the event.

Rosal said in a federal form of government, women’s organizations play an important role in the local government’s projects, especially in strengthening sustainable sources of income for the family.

“We are highly centralized under our present presidential form of government because almost all policies and decisions come from the national government,” he said.

Rosal said, however, that a federal set up will result in a decentralization of the government as some powers of the central offices will be transferred to the local governments.

He explained that in a federal set up, the central government only has jurisdiction in the areas of national defense, foreign relations, currency, commerce and citizenship.

“But the local government will have the power to impose its own taxes and has the freedom to utilize its natural resources and deliver social services that include public education and housing,” Rosal added.

He said a decentralized government can impose lower tax rates to improve the investors’ confidence so they can be encouraged into putting up more business establishments.

Rosal explained that such a scenario will result in the development and progress of the “states” or local governments.

He told the women’s federation members that in a federal set-up, the senators in Bicol will be enacting laws and adopting different policies that can be implemented only in the entire Bicol region but not in the whole country.

Rosal said the other regions will also have their own senators whose legislative measures can be implemented in their own regions. (PNA)
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