Kin of slain boy from Pioduran seek deeper probe

LEGASPI CITY 3/29/17 (Bicol Standard) -- The family of the allegedly murdered 13-year-old boy has sought the assistance of police investigators and barangay officials to shed light on the death of the victim.

The boy, reports said, went missing for more than a week.

He left their house without the knowledge of his parents.

When his body was discovered by his brother on March 27, his lifeless body was tied by the neck and feet to two trees.

Some parts of his body appear to have been burned.

PCI Arthur Gomez, Information Officer of Albay PNP told the Bicol Standard that they now have a suspect.

Earlier, it was reported that the boy allegedly committed suicide, but the members of his family said they believe there was foul play.

An autopsy will be made to be sure if the boy was killed intentionally.

Norly Bronzal y Llames was a grade 6 pupil of Basicao Elementary School.

Gomez said their initial investigation reveals that the motive of the killing could be a land dispute among some members of the family.

It is unclear as to how the boy was allegedly involved in said dispute.