Paracale Fire Station denies neglect of duty charge

PARACALE, Camarines Norte 2/16/17 (Bicol Standard)--After a series of attacks hurled by netizens blaming the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) personnel for gross neglect of duty, BFP issued a statement saying the allegations were baseless.

Paracale fire
Photo via Thiele Vasquez
"Even before this tragic incident started, we have already initiated for the fire truck to be repaired. Incidentally, the fire broke out while the truck was still unserviceable.

The firemen made exception to the harsh criticisms that flooded social media, calling them names, which according to them were not really true.

It would be recalled that the fire razed nine houses to the ground and partially damaged four others.

According to the findings of BFP, the fire started in the house of Romeo Umerez.

Assistance was sought from the fire stations of the towns of Jose Panganiban, Labo and Vinzons to put out the fire.
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