No abduction in Naga City – CD Munez

NAGA CITY 2/4/17 (BICOL STANDARD) — “The stories about the alleged abduction of children are all concoctions. 

There is no truth to much-publicized reports which when verified were primarily on hearsay. They were simply products of wild imaginations – possibly influenced by the popular television prime time show 'Ang Probinsyano.'"

These were the statements given by Naga City Police Director Julius Munez in an interview by BICOL STANDARD.

Munez pointed out that the alleged victims were children who were not under the care of their parents. In fact, all of the alleged victims were under the protection, custody or care by their guardians only.

In the same interview, Munez meticulously explained that at the outset of their investigation, they were already entertaining doubts of the veracity of the reports that have initially filtered in the pages of the social media outlets, particularly Facebook.

“We did not immediately rule out the possibility that the abduction stories were either jokes, or simply incredible stories and lies,” he said.

“Our immediate response to the issue was to compose a team of good investigators tasked to gather up to the smallest details of the alleged crime and then boldly tackle the issue. Then, they were directed to monitor all those allegedly named or involved, the victims and their guardians or parents," he said.

“At least, despite the negative reports which admittedly had taken toll on the peace and order condition of the city, it also generated a positive result," he said.

“Thus far, we have noticed that the parents, guardians and other school stakeholders have become more involved in ensuring the security of minors”, he said.

Also, Munez added that Naga City is a peaceful place, unlike other places in the country.

“Security is everyone’s concern. It is a shared responsibility. I do believe that the residents will be vigilant as ever, especially with these reports," he said.

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