Naga City cops probe alleged kidnapping of minors

NAGA CITY 2/1/17 (BICOL STANDARD) –“We are still in the process of validating the information that has been reported and forwarded to us. But, thus far, we can only say that there is nothing wrong if we are all vigilant in attending to this kind of report that has filtered into social media.”

This was the statement of Naga City PNP spokesman SPO2 Toby Bongon regarding the information on the alleged kidnapping of minors here that went viral on social media.

“According to our COP, Sr. Supt. Julius Munez, it is better if appear to be over-acting, than be complacent regarding the report that unidentified persons have tried to abduct two minors here,” Bongon said.

It will be recalled that last January 21, the Women’s Desk here, received a report regarding a minor who was allegedly forcible abducted from Julian Meliton Elementary School. He was however, set free after an hour.

Allegedly, the child overheard the abductors saying that “the abducted minor was unhealthy,” Bongon said. He was later released at the Almeda Highway, at Brgy. Concepcion Pequena here.

The plate number of the white van used in the alleged abduction was not known.

Separate incident

In a separate incident on January 26, PNP Naga again received a report that a student of Naga Hope Christian School was also forcibly taken by seven unidentified men. The incident transpired near Metro Mall, along Panganiban Drive, a busy area here.

The victim, a 15-year old male student, told the police that he was on his way home, when two male persons approached him and forcibly pushed inside a black van that was parked along the highway.

He said, the alleged abductors held him by the collar of his shirt and forced him to get into the van.

The alleged victim declared that while inside the van, he was able to extricate himself from the abductors and forced his way outside the vehicle. As a result he suffered several bruises on his body.

At first, one of the seven abductors boxed him in the different parts of his body making him momentarily unconscious.

He declared further that when he regained his consciousness, he saw some pieces of medical apparatus, similar to the one that are being used in the hospital.

He was brought to the hospital for medical attention before reporting to the police the said incident.

It was also reported that he was able to escape his abductors and find his way to Magsaysay Avenue.

Afterwards he went home to the house of his aunt in Cararayan.

Another missing kid?

SPO2 Bongon added that an 11-year-old boy was also reported missing by his mother.

The mother, who showed the police several photos of her son, said he did not return home since Sunday.

Additionally, she told the police that her son was enrolled at the Tabuco Elementary School, although her residence is Balatas here.

Yesterday, however, the mother told the police that she was informed that his son was in the house of his grandmother in Minalabac, Camarines Sur.