Mandatory 'citizen service training' for college students eyed

MANILA 2/27/17 -- A bill has been filed in the Senate seeking for the mandatory training of Filipino college students in tasks related to national defense, law enforcement, and disaster risk reduction and management.

Under Senate Bill 1322, Senate Pres. Aquilino Pimentel III called for the establishment of a Citizen Service Training Course for their possible mobilization in the service of the nation during times of emergencies and contingencies in the form of natural and man-made calamities and external and internal security threats.

Also called the Citizen Service Act, the bill proposes a mandatory Basic Citizen Service Training Course (Basic CSTC) which will form part of the curricula of all baccalaureate degree courses and all technical vocational courses that require at least two years to complete.

Moreover, the bill also seeks the establishment of a Citizen Service Mobilization Commission (CSMC) which will administer the program.

The Basic CTSC course would be completed over four semesters in the first two years of all baccalaureate degrees and vocational and technical courses and will be a requisite for graduation. (PNA)