‘Funny and pathetic’: NBI Director Ricardo 'Ric' Diaz refutes Supt. Dumlao

NAGA CITY—Ricardo Diaz, the popular Bicolano broadcaster who rose from the ranks to become the NBI Regional Director for the National Capital Region, vehemently denied any knowledge in the kidnap-slay of Korean businessman Jee Ick-joo.

Atty. Diaz was relieved of his post as NCR Regional Director to give way to an impartial investigation by the government.

Earlier, he chided Supt. Rafael Dumlao and even called the latter's actions “funny and pathetic.”

This for “alleg[ing] that [Dumlao] is scared because there are ‘high officials involved in the Jee Ik-joo kidnapping case which the PNP cannot match’ as parroted by Bato de la Rosa despite the creation of the joint NBI-PNP investigation group who just started its investigation and jumping the gun on them.”

“Supt Rafael Dumlao who is lying through his teeth is afraid of his own shadow since all the evidence points to him as the mastermind,” Diaz claimed.

Meanwhile, on his Facebook account, he expressed gratitude for the “messages of support and continued trust and confidence from the people that matters to [him] most.”


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