15 Pili officials in hot water?

Mayor Tomas Bongalonta

PILI, Camarines Sur – Mayor Tomas Bongalonta Jr. has labelled the complaints filed against him in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Camarines Sur and the Ombudsman as purely politically-motivated.

“Si Rudel Divinagracia an nasa likod kayan,” Bongalonta told the BICOL STANDARD in an interview yesterday.

He (Bongalonta) expressed that it is public knowledge in Pili that municipal Councilor Rudel Divinagracia is behind these complaints.

“Divinagracia is mad at me because I issued an order to stop the holding of cockfights every Monday at the Pili Cockpit. I have only permitted cockfighting every Sunday,” he said.

The cockpit in Pili is allegedly partially owned and managed by Divinagracia, reports say.

Meanwhile, Bongalonta stated further that he had also issued a directive to remove the name of Divinagracia in the application for permits by tricycle drivers and operators issued by LGU because it is not required in the municipal ordinance.

Reacting to news reports regarding the administrative and criminal complaints that were filed against him, Bongalonta said, “Mayo man problema yan.”

“Yes, I acknowledge that brangay kagawad David O. Olaguera of New San Roque is a job order employee of Pili. He is my driver and bodyguard. There is nothing wrong with that because it is allowed. What is prohibited is employing Punong Barangays,” he clarified.


As regards Punong Barangay Yolanda M. Berina of New San Roque, Bongalonta claims that he was surprised when he learned that she filed the said complaints.

“Dae ko man kaiwal yan. Nagpoon naghinanakit siya pakalihis kan bagyong si Nina. May dara siyang lista kan mga partially damaged asin totally damaged na harong. Pero, an gusto ni niya dagdagan an lista. Maski si bako man totally damaged gusto niya paluwason totally damaged an harong,” Bongalonta said in the interview.

“Nagkulog an boot niya kan magduman sa New San Roque si Vice President Leni Robredo pakalihis kan bagyo. An pigdumanan asin kinaolay ni VP Robredo si Kagawad Olaguera. Bako siya. Poon kaito nagkaigwa nang problema,” he added.

Graft and corruption complaint

In summary, Bongalonta said that he is not alarmed by the complaints and believes that they are simply politically-motivated.

In addition, Bongalonta hinted that 15 top officials of the capital town will face a criminal complaint for violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act and Violation of the Omnibus Election Code.

He claims that he has a copy of the complaint, but declined to give the full details.

BICOL STANDARD was promised a copy of the said legal controversy.