Monday, January 9, 2017

Schedule of Black Nazarene celebrations in Camarines Sur

January 9, 2017

- Tabuco Naga 5pm with Archbishop Tirona

- St Anthony of Padua Iriga centro at 5pm mass /Procession

- Holy Cross, Nabua centro 3pm mass then 4pm procession

- St Bartholomew, Baao centro 4pm with Msgr Rodel Cajot then procession pakamisa.

- Parish of Black Nazarene Pintakasi at Binanwaanan, Calabanga

- St Lorenzo Ruiz, Abella Naga City 5pm mass 6pm procesion.

- OL of Perpetual Help, Balatan parish.

- CamSur National HS, 8am mass

- St Francis of Assisi, Himaao Pili 4pm mass procession

- St Teresa of Avila, San Vicente Baao 5pm mass/procession

via Archdiocese of Caceres



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