Naga airport passenger arrested for violating the Anti-Bomb joke law

PILI, CSur 1/06/17 (Bicol Standard) – A resident of Naga City, identified as Geraldine B. Duro was arrested this morning by the security personnel of the Naga Airport for violating PD 1727, otherwise known as the Anti-Bomb Joke Law.

The report said that while the airport police were conducting security inspection, Duro, an outbound passenger of Cebgo Air Flight DG 112 for Manila was heard saying that her grey trolley bag has a “bomb” inside.

Following those utterances, the security force reminded Duro that uttering those words is punishable under the law, even if it turns out as a joke.

Meanwhile, instead of heeding the advice of the authorities, she still insisted by saying that indeed, there is a bomb inside her grey trolley bag, the report said.

It was at this point when the security force discontinued the checking of her luggage, to find out if indeed there is really a bomb inside.

Aside from the airport police, the duty K-9 officer who was assigned at the airport was alerted to check on her bag.

It turned out, however, that no bomb was found inside.

The suspect was immediately arrested and brought to the Municipal Police Station here for further interrogation followed by the filing of the necessary charges against her.

Duro is a resident of Zone 4-A, Magtuto Compound, Dona Clara Village, Naga City.