Saturday, June 4, 2016

DOST shares images from Diwata-1

MANILA--The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) on Saturday shared some images from Diwata-1, the country's first microsatellite.

Via Philippine Microsat Program
Via Philippine Microsat Program
DIWATA-1 has four cameras for earth observations. The images will be used for research and in remote sensing, and DOST said multiple test images have been successfully taken and downloaded.

Officially deployed in the outer space last April 27, Diwata-1 is expected to be in the orbit for about 20 months and will be taking images of the Philippines twice daily.

Last month, Carlos Primo David, executive director of DOST-Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research Division (PCIEERD), told the Philippines News Agency (PNA) that for the meantime, the images from Diwata-1 would be received by those in Tohoku, Japan. "They will send the images to us," he said.

The DOST has partnered with Tohoku and Hokkaido universities in Japan to develop Diwata-1. It was assembled by nine Filipino engineers who were stationed in there to undergo an extensive course about microsatellite.

"When the first communication opportunity over Japan came at around April 28, we succeeded in the reception of radio signals from the satellite at the Tohoku University ground station (CRESST) and the state of the satellite was confirmed to be in good condition. Since April 29, we have been conducting initial checks on each component and evaluating the performance of the satellite’s onboard cameras and attitude control system," the DOST said.

The images that the agency shared were:

* An image of the earth taken by the fish-eye monochrome wide-field camera (WFC) on Diwata-1 captured at 02:55 UT (11:55 JST) on May 6

* A cloud image taken by Japanese Meteorological Satellite, Himawari

"The geostationary weather satellite, Himawari-8, confirms the cloud seen as part of a prevailing frontal system over the Pacific Ocean near Japan," the DOST cited.

* An image of Tohoku area in Japan taken by the medium field-of-view color camera (MFC) on board Diwata-1, captured at 01:54 UT (10:54 JST) on May 9

* A projection of the MFC image of the Tohoku area on a geological map of Tohoku area, Japan

"It shows a projection of the image on a geological map of the area. The satellite was moving over the Pacific Ocean and its attitude was manipulated to tilt in the direction of Sendai city. Sendai city is covered by clouds but Lake Tazawa and Oga peninsula are clearly visible on the left side of the MFC test image," noted the DOST.

* A test image of the province of Isabela in the island of Luzon, Philippines, taken by the medium field-of-view color camera (MFC), captured at 01:15 UT (09:15 PHT) on May 17

* A projection of the MFC image of Isabela province on a geological map of Isabela, Philippines

The test image captured a portion of the coastal seaboard of Isabela province, which includes parts of the municipalities of Maconacon, Divilacan and Palanan. The projection image showed a Isabela on a geological map of the area.

"For this picture, the satellite was moving over the Luzon island and looked down at the target area vertically, with the pointing control toward the center of the Earth," decribed the DOST.

The three images from Diwata-1 were taken during the microsatellite's testing phase.

At present, the satellite operation team conducts the initial checks of the onboard components of Diwata-1, including the other cameras.

According to DOST, the images taken during the testing phase were used to verify the functionality and characterize the performance of the onboard cameras and other relevant sub-systems.

After extensive testing and characterization, Diwata-1 might be in normal operation phase by August. In this phase, it captures images on a regular basis to support the science mission objectives, such as assessment of damages associated with disasters, surveying agriculture, fisheries and forestry, and studying environmental changes in the Philippines. (PNA)

Groups want moratorium on all mining operations

MANILA -- Various environmental groups are seeking from President-elect Rodrigo Duterte green justice for mining operations' violations in various provinces nationwide.

Sanlakas, Concerned Citizens of Sta Cruz Zambales (CCOS), Didipio Earth-Savers Multi-purpose Association (DESAMA), Save Manicani Movement (SAMAMO), Environmental Legal Assistance Center (ELAC), ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Inc. and Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM) raised such plea as they denounced mining operations in Nueva Vizcaya, Zambales, Palawan and Eastern Samar provinces for violating environmental laws and human rights in communities concerned.

“The most immediate that we can demand is a moratorium on all mining operations in the country while the Duterte administration reviews and addresses loopholes in the current mining policy," ATM National Coordinator Jaybee Garganera.said in the groups' 2016 World Environment Day message.

He said the groups also expect review and evaluation of all mining projects as well as suspension of and sanctions for erring mining firms in the country.

Aside from pushing for repeal of RA 7942 (Mining Act of 1995), ATM highlighted need to enact the Alternative Minerals Management Bill (AMMB).

AMMB presents a "sustainable, rational, needs-based minerals management policy geared towards effective utilization of mineral resources for ecologically-sound national industrialization and modernization of agriculture," noted ATM.

Affected communities explained a petition filed before Supreme Court (SC) questioning the fiscal regime provided by the Mining Act of 1995 specifically Sections 80-81 that allows for inequitable sharing of wealth from the country's mineral resources contrary to the 1987 Constitution.

Among subjects of the SC petition is Didipio Mine of OceanaGold Philippines, Inc.(OGPI) in Nueva Vizcaya.

Communities concerned assert that the mining concession, which is 100 percent foreign-owned, does not allow them to maximize the full potential of mineral resources there.

“OGPI’s contract other than allowing them to mine, gives them water, easement and timber rights and right to use explosives while only needing to pay a mere two percent excise tax," said DESAMA chairperson Rufino Licyayo.

He described the two percent as "worthless," saying OGPI was given six years' tax holiday with two years possible extension.

That means the company is free of tax obligations six to eight years out of the mine life's 17 years, he noted.

"We are literally giving away our mineral wealth." he said.

In Zambales, Sanlakas' Atty. Aaron Pedrosa cited several cases filed at the Ombudsman, a petition for Mandamus and another Writ of Kalikasan.

In June 2014, a Case of Mandamus and Temporary Restraining Order against Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Sec. Ramon Paje, Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) Director Leo Jasareno ang MGB Region III Acting Director Danilo Uykieng was filed in the Court of Appeals, demanding the offices to resume suspension orders against LnL Archipelago Minerals, Inc., Eramen Minerals Inc. and BenguetCorp Nickels Mines Inc. (BNMI).

Local people’s organization CCOS claimed the suspension orders were lifted despite failure of the mining companies to comply with respective obligations.

Pedrosa said continued illegal operations of these four mining companies in Zambales are a slap to people in communities concerned as they're risking life and limb and lost their livelihood.

Seven people died during typhoon 'Lando' in October last year due to flashfloods and overflowing rivers brought by the extractive activities.

“Barely a week after the May 9, 2016 elections, BNMI and DMCI immediately resumed and intensified their operations when the suspension orders against them were lifted by MGB Region III,” Pedrosa said.

For Palawan, Atty. Gerthie Mayo-Anda from ELAC narrated the case filed in the Ombudsman in 2012 against decisions and action by Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) which they believe is biased for the mining industry.

“PCSD is supposed to secure Palawan from being destroyed yet it issued clearances for mining operations within natural old growth and residual forests.” she said.

She also said despite EO 79, a new mining project will be opened this year and operated by Ipilan Nickel Corp.

"Unfortunately, Chinese demand for nickel is more important that protecting and conserving our environment and natural resources - despite issuance of EO 79 which we hoped would have secured Palawan as a no-go zone, mining is still allowed in the 'Last Frontier,'" she said.

Final decisions on the different petitions and cases are still pending.

In Eastern Samar's Manicani island, mining-affected communities question how Hinatuan Mining Corporation (HMC) was allowed to gather nickel ore stockpile in the past weeks despite suspension of its operations since 2002.

The mining operations were suspended by DENR due to environmental concerns yet mining companies are still issued ore transport permit to ship nickel ore for processing elsewhere.

Tension grips the island as HMC pursues loading from its mineral stockpile while residents led by SAMAMO continue to hold a barricade against the hauling.

In all the cases presented, environment and human rights advocates question the action and inaction of government agencies that allow mining to continue despite strong opposition and evidence of environmental and human rights violations.(PNA)

2 die in bus, motorbike collision in Legazpi City

LEGAZPI CITY--A village councilman and his companion died when the motorcycle they were riding rammed against a passenger bus at the corner of the Karangahan Boulevard and B. Ariola Drive, Tabaco City at about 3 p.m. Saturday.

A police report identified the victims as Kagawad Leslie Ramos, a resident of Barangay Salvacion, and motorcycle driver Rocky B. Marbella, a resident of Barangay San Lorenzo, Tabaco City.

The report said both the victims' vehicle and the RJB Line bus were speeding when they collided with each other at the road intersection.

The impact of the collision threw the two victims several meters away from their original spot.

Bus driver Fernando Laguilles of Barangay Bonga, Bacacay, Albay immediately surrendered to the police. (By Jorge Hallare, PNA)

Bicol University departments named centers of development and excellence

LEGAZPI CITY -- The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has declared three departments of the Bicol University (BU) as centers of development and center of excellence.

Photo: BU
BU’s Teacher Education Department was proclaimed Center of Excellence (COE) along with the Fisheries and Nursing Department as Centers of Development (COD).
The awarding ceremony was held May 17 at the HEDC Building, C.P. Garcia Avenue, UP Diliman, Quezon City.

CHED’s COE is conferred to a department within a higher education institution, which continuously demonstrates excellent performance in the areas of instruction, research and publication, extension and linkages and institutional qualifications.

COD, on the other hand, refers to a department within a higher education institution, which demonstrates the potential to become a Center of Excellence (COE) in the future.

Being designated as COEs and CODs, the said departments may avail of financial assistance on a project proposal basis geared towards the development of improvement of the programs, particularly cutting-edge technology in the different disciplines, provided that the implementation of the project should conform to the policies stipulated in the respective CHED memo orders.

In return, the COEs and CODs are expected to take the lead in uplifting the quality of education in their respective disciplines and in their areas of responsibility.

The COEs are expected to offer quality graduate degree programs, initiate linkage and networking projects focusing on faculty development and industry-academe collaborations, enable sharing of equipment and library resources, and joint research activities.

The said recognition is valid from April 1, 2016 to December 31, 2018. (MAL/SAA-PIA5/Albay)

National gov’t debt at P5,884-B by end-April 2016

MANILA -- The National Government’s (NG) outstanding debt was recorded at P5,884 billion as of end-April 2016. Total NG liabilities is lower by 0.3% or P15.46 billion compared to the end-March level primarily due to the redemption of domestic debt. Meanwhile, total NG debt has declined by 1.2% or P70.88 billion from the beginning of the year.

NG domestic debt amounted to P3,769 billion, 1.9% or P71.95 billion lower than the end-March 2016 level. The reduction in domestic obligations reflects the net redemption of government securities amounting to P72.30 billion, offsetting the P0.35 billion effect of peso depreciation against the USD on the value of multi-currency denominated debt. Year-to-date, the level of domestic debt has decreased by 3.0% or P115.07 billion.

NG external debt amounted to P2,114 billion, 2.7% or P56.50 billion higher compared to the end-March 2016 level. The increase in external obligations was due to the weaker peso against the dollar and 3rd currencies which caused an upward revaluation of P40.18 billion and P16.18 billion, respectively. Net availments on the other hand added P0.14 billion to total external obligations. The external debt portfolio has increased by 2.1% or P44.20 billion since the start of 2016.

NG guaranteed obligations amounted to P458 billion, which increased by 3.5% or P15.28 billion relative to the prior month’s level. The increase in guaranteed obligations was due to the combined effect of peso depreciation against the dollar and 3rd currencies which raised the peso value of debt by P13.77 billion, net drawdowns on domestic guarantees from credit lines with LBP and DBP amounting to P1.19 billion, and net availments of external guarantees amounting to P0.32 billion. NG guaranteed debt has increased by 4.6% or P20.23 billion from its end-December 2015 level.

Finance Secretary Cesar V. Purisima noted the continued improvement in debt and risk metrics saying, “We are keeping our portfolio sustainable and resilient. Prudent liability management is an integral component of the virtuous cycle we are perpetuating to the benefit of every taxpayer.”

As of April 2016, domestic debt accounts for 64% of the total NG liabilities following an issuance strategy that heavily favors domestic sources of financing. Compared with its 56% share in 2009, the larger share of domestic debt mitigates exposure to unfavorable foreign exchange swings.

Refinancing risk has also abated given the ability to issue long dated securities. The average maturity of domestic and external debt stands at 9.29 and 12.39 years, compared to 4.61 and 9.54 years at the end of 2009, respectively. Both reside at the upper bound of the country’s medium-term debt maturity target of 7 to 10 years.

The extension in maturity was achieved without compromising cost considerations. Owing to the country’s improved fiscal management and investment grade credit, average borrowing costs have gone down to 5.38% and 4.45% for domestic and foreign debt from end-2009 levels of 7.43% and 5.71%, respectively. This further strengthens sustainability and frees fiscal space for economically productive spending. (DOF)

Lady drug dealer arrested in Daet

Photo via CIDG

DAET, Camarines Norte–Members of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Team (CIDT) Field Office here together with the operatives of the Provincial Police Office arrested Marites Caguimbal y Benavedez alyas Tikya, in a buy-bust/ entrapment operation on June 2.

According to the investigators, the name of the suspect is included in the long list individuals involved in the distribution of the illegal drugs, specifically methamphetamine hydrochloride, locally known as shabu.

The CIDT operatives headed by PSInsp Steve de la Rosa, who is the Officer in Charge here reported to PSSupt Marlon Celetaria Tejada, Regional Chief of CIDG 5 that the suspect was arrested while in possession of eleven (11) sachets of suspected shabu.

The said quantity of the prohibited drug is approximately 15 grams.

Apart from the illegal drugs the marked money that was used by the operatives was also recovered from Caguimbal.

The said buy-bust operation is in line with Oplan Big Berta of the CIDG, that is primarily tasked to focus on illegal drugs.

The suspect will face criminal charges for violating RA 9165 otherwise known as Comprehensive Drugs Act of 2002. (BICOLSTANDARD.COM)

Office of the President to act on admin complaints vs elective local officials

MANILA--The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) said that the Office of the President (OP) is the disciplining authority in all administrative complaints against elective local officials.

DILG Secretary Mel Senen Sarmiento said that Administrative Order No. 23 series of 1992 specifically states that a verified administrative complaint against governors, mayors, vice-mayors and members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan or Panlungsod of highly urbanized cities, independent component cities and component cities as well as mayors and vice-mayors and members of sangguniang panlungsod or bayan of cities and municipalities in Metro Manila shall be acted upon by the President through the Executive Secretary, as the “disciplining authority.”

Similarly, Sarmiento said that Section 61 of the Local Government Code also states that verified administrative complaints against “any elective official of a province, a highly urbanized city, an independent component city or component city shall be filed before the Office of the President (OP).”

The DILG Secretary issued the statement to explain the guidelines in handling complaints lodged against local chief executives, including those filed by women leaders against President-elect Rodrigo Duterte.

Earlier, Duterte reportedly made a “rape-joke” comment, which prompted several women leaders to file a complaint before the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) against the former for alleged violation of the Magna Carta for Women.

Sarmiento said that as soon as the DILG receives a copy of the CHR Resolution citing the complaints filed by women leaders against Duterte, the Department will request the CHR for a copy of the complaint and endorse the same and the CHR Resolution to the Office of the President pursuant to Section 61 of the Local Government Code.

He said that only when the OP gives the DILG the “Authority to Investigate,” as well as the entire records of the case for appropriate action, will the department conduct preliminary investigation of the case.

“Within 20 days from the receipt of the authority from OP, we should be able to determine whether there is probable cause to warrant the conduct of formal administrative proceedings,” he said.

If there is no probable cause, Sarmiento said the DILG will recommend to the OP the motu proprio dismissal of the case. On the other hand, if probable cause exists, the DILG shall set the case for preliminary conference and formal administrative proceedings in which both parties will be asked if they prefer a formal investigation or submission of the case for resolution based on the evidence on record.

If warranted, Sarmiento said the DILG may recommend to the OP the imposition of a preventive suspension on the respondent. He said that a formal investigation shall be conducted within the 90-day reglementary period with the consent of both parties wherein they will be given a chance to present their evidence.(DILG)

Friday, June 3, 2016

2 cops dead, 1 civilian hurt in shooting incident in Bulan, Sorsogon

Photo by Edgar Tumangan
BULAN, Sorsogon--Two cops and a civilian were shot at around 4 p.m. today (June 3) at Barangay San Vicente, this town, by three unidentified persons.

In the report furnished to BICOL STANDARD, the police personnel were identified as PO3 Teddy Reyno Sacopon and PO2 Efren Almonte Villamor Jr., and the civilian as Ruben Herno.

The police personnel were rushed to the Irosin District Hospital for medical treatment but were pronounced dead on arrival (DOA) by the attending physician. Meanwhile, Herno was brought to and treated at the Provincial Hospital, Brgy. Macabog, Sorsogon City.

As of press time, the police are still conducting follow-up investigation for possible identification and apprehension of the fleeing suspects.

Likewise, the alert status of the Sorsogon Provincial Police Office has been upgraded to full.--BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Bicol population reaches 5.7 million in 2015

LEGAZPI CITY--Bicol's population has increased annually by 1.29%, on the average, during the period 2010 to 2015, lower by 0.17 percent than the 1.46% growth for the period 2000 to 2010, according to the 2015 population census conducted in August 2015.

Among the six provinces in Bicol Region, Camarines Sur has the largest population with 1.9 million, followed by Albay at 1.3 million. Catanduanes is the least populous at 260,964. 

Among the seven cities, Legazpi City and Naga City both registered a population of 196,000 with Legazpi City being a little bit larger by 636. The City of Sorsogon is the third largest with 168,116. "The country now has some time to cope with the increasing population since the time for the population to double has now gone up to 40 years from 38 in the last census, but we need to exert greater effort to reduce the unmet need for family planning and reproductive health services by four to five million couples and individuals who want the services to limit or space their children in their reproductive years," according to Executive Director Juan Antonio A. Perez III of the Commission on Population (POPCOM). For 2016, RPO-V hopes to reach 78,174 couples and educate them on responsible parenthood and the modern methods of family planning. Couples with unmet need for family planning are referred to health centers and provided with commodities and services.

Age-appropriate sexuality education is also continuously being done to empower young people to make healthy decisions and develop responsible behaviour towards improved health and total well-being.

POPCOM noted that various factors including increase in contraceptive prevalence rate contribute to the reduction in population growth. Based on the 2013 NDHS, trends in unmet need for family planning show a large decline from 22% in 2008 to 17% in 2013. Up to 45 percent of couples, women, and men are using modern family planning methods. 

SEC warns against investment scams in Bicol

LEGAZPI CITY – “Investigate before you invest your hard-earned money.”

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Regional Director Marylou Duka-Castillo aired this advice to  Bicolano would-be investors in the face of reports that certain companies are engaged in investment solicitation without prior registration or license from the commission.

“Be vigilant. In dealing with corporations, make sure that the papers are authentic and updated. If the offer is too good to be true, then it’s not true,” Castillo said during a press conference held today at the Hotel St. Ellis here.

Castillo said many people are enticed to invest in scams due to promise of higher returns and profits.

She said Most of the victims are people with money to invest including doctors, policemen, businessmen and even retirees who put in millions of money from their hard-earned retirement pay.

 They just ended up being scammed and wasted, she said.

To avoid being scam victims, she urged the public to inquire first at SEC before putting investment.

She said getting informed is the first line of defense against investment scams.

“Be informed of what a scam is. It easily gravitates as there is promise of money or higher returns. Take the necessary steps to protect your hard-earned money,” Castillo said.

SEC legal counsel Fiona Mae Corral-Bobis said that most of the corporations involved in scams in Bicol are branches of corporations based in Metro Manila.

 Bobis noted that notices are issued and posted at their website ( to inform and warn the public. Advisories and notices are issued first before issuing a Cease and Desist Order (CDO) to corporations proven to be involved in scams.

 However, Bobis said some of these companies tend to “morph” and change their name to disguise their operations.

“Issuance of notice to the public means investigation is being conducted. At times, however, these warned companies morph into other names,” she said.

 She continued: “The SEC only has regulatory power. We cannot penalize but part of what we can do is to help the victims in filing complaint against the scammers.” .

 Moreover, actions to be taken on scams are dependent on referrals such as tips and complaints since it must be supported by evidence, said Bobis.

Bobis stressed that a SEC company registration does not grant the authority to sell investment instruments such as securities, bonds, and commercial papers.

 She said companies need separate license to lend or ask for investment.

 “Some of the supposed investment companies usually present only the green one, the basic Certificate of Incorporation, proving that they are SEC registered but registration alone is not an assurance of freedom from scam. They need to have the license to have the authority to lend or solicit investments,” she said.

Among the corporations registered to solicit investments from the public and are currently operating in Bicol are One Dream Global Marketing, FarmOn/FarmOn Agricultural Production, Klikmart Shopping Club Corp and Success200 International Marketing Corporation.

 For the list of corporations cited in SEC advisories and notices, visit (EAD/SAA/PIA5 Albay)


Extortionist gamit an Smart Padala, rinamalan sa Bulan

BULAN, Sorsogon-–Yaon na ngonian sa laog kan carcel si Erwin Ramirez y Bayoca, 33 anyos an edad, taga Brgy. Libertad, Bulan, Sorsogon na dinakop kan pulis huli sa sahot na siya imbuelto sa extortion digdi.

An binilog na team ni PSupt. Edison A. Dumangas, hefe kan police sa provincia asin a Bulan MPS iyo an maniobra kan entrapment operation contra sa suspechado.

An sabi sa report kasoodma (June 2), poco mas o menos alas 8:00 nin aga, binantayan kan mga awtoridad si Ramirez na marecibe kan cuarta na saiyang suboot pig-extort hale sa Winston Enterprises, sa Sorsogon City.

An cuarta pinaagui sa Smart Padala.

Mantang nakabantay na an mga awtoridad, alas 11:45 nin aga, nag-abot na sa lugar an suspechadong si Ramirez.

Nagderecho an suspechado sa kahera para kuahon an cuarta na pinadara sa Smart Padala.

Alas 12:00 nin odto, kan parehong aldaw, dinagoso na kan mga pulis si Erwin Ramirez, na pugol an cuarta na saiya suboot na pigextort hale sa Winston Enterprises.

Mientrastanto, pinaliwanagan na tulos an suspechado kan saiyang derecho sa lindong kan Constitution, dangan sinangatan nang kaso kan MPS kan banwaan na ini.

An problema sa extortion na ginagamit an Smart Padala bilang parte kan modus operando nagkukuriyat ngonian.(BICOLSTANDARD.COM)

Cattle Rustling nagpoon na naman sa Sipocot?

SIPOCOT, CSur –Sinangatan na nin casong pagbalga sa PD 533 (Cattle Rustling) si Ramil Palo, 21 anyos, residente kan Barangay Caima, kan banwaan na ini, kan makua mismo sa saiyang poder an nawawarang damulag na sadire ni Bonifacio Comia y Arevalo.

An incidente nangyari kan sarong aldaw, poco mas o menos ala 1:00 nin amay na mag-omagahon (May 31).

Sabi kan mga imbestigador, nagreport sa saindang hepatura an kagsadire kan nawawarang hayop kan Mayo 30.

An damulag nakagakod sa likod sana kan harong kan nag-aataman kaini, kan mariparo na nawawara na an saiyang atamas na 3 anyos nang damulag.

Marikas si naging esfuersos kan para-ataman kan hayop kaya tulos pig halog-hog an mga lugar na pwedeng makua an ataman.

Idinagdag sa bareta na dae na man nakapalag an suspechado kan makua sa saiyang poder an nawawarang damulag.

Huli kaini sinangatan na nin casong pagbalga kan PD 533 an suspechado sa Oficina kan Procurador kan Provincia.

An Regional Trial Court (RTC) sa Libmanan nag recomendar nin fianzang P36,000.00 para sa temporaryong libertad kan suspechado. (BICOLSTANDARD.COM)

Suspect sa extortion sa Viga, Catanduanes dakop

VIGA, Catandunes –Makuring pagbasol an nagdominar sa pagkatawo ni Al Vergara y Uero alyas “Ka Jorge/Ka Melvin”, kan siya dakopon asin pusasan kan mga awtoridad huli sa sahot na imbuelto siya sa caso nin extortion, kan sarong aldaw (May 31).

Si Vergara dae na nahimong makadulag maski anong pag pulos-pugos kan siya tringkahan kan mga miembros kan entrapment team na compuesto nin mga pulis asin army.

Si SPO1 Erwin C. Pichela asin si Corporal Gilbert Rada an nanginot sa pagdakop sa suspechado.

An casong ini nagpoon sa reklamo ni Arnel Turado, na sarong miembro kan Provincial Board kan Catandunes.

Sabi sa sumbong ni Turado sa mga awtoridad, hinahagadan siya nin kantidad P20,000 kan sarong nagpabisto sa alyas na Ka Jorge/Ka Melvin bilang revolutionary tax.

Huli sa pagtubod na posibleng extortion an siring na gawi, pigplano kan victima asin kan mga pulis digdi an pagbilog nin entrapment team para tikloon an suspechado.

Naka-abot sa punto na nag tarawadan kan kantidad na hinahagad, kaya nag-oyon an suspect na gibohon na sanang P5,000.00 an hinahagad na cuarta, en vez kan origihal na P20,000.00.

Nagtugot an suspechadong si Usero na rerecibehon niya an cuarta sa paagui nin Smart Padala sa Account No. 5299 6748 0068 4103, na an may pugol kan sinambit na numero iyo si Rosel Evangelista y Molina na taga Brgy. San Vicente, Viga, Catanduanes.

Digdi nagpoon na maghiro an mga awtoridad na i-latag an plano para sa entrapment operation.

Mantang pigrerecibe kan suspechado an marked money na kantidad P5,000.00 hale ki Evangelista, na iyong kagsadire kan Smart Padala branch, saka nag-butwa na an mga miembros kan entrapment team.

Afuera kan limang pidasong pigphotocopy na manangribong pesos na ginamit sa entrapment, an iba pang nakua hale sa suspechado iyo an sarong (1) unit nin K89 KEN XIN DA cellular phone na an color pula, sarong unit nin Lenovo cellular phone, na itom an color, asin sarong pisadong lighter, na an color orange.

Pagkatapos kan matriumfong operasyon, dinara an suspechado sa Viga Rural Health Unit dangan sa Municipal Police Station digdi para sa dugang na imbestigasyon.

An caso contra ki Vergara dinara na sa Provincial Prosecutor’s Office. (BICOLSTANDARD.COM)

PhilHealth to provide medical assistance program for OFWs

A medical assistance program that supplements the benefit provided by PhilHealth will soon be offered to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

This comes after the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and PhilHealth on Thursday inked a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to implement a Supplemental Medical Assistance Program for OFWs or MEDplus.

The MEDplus is a one-time financial assistance provided to active OWWA and PhilHealth members who are diagnosed with and subsequently hospitalized due to a dreaded disease whether in the Philippines or in their country of employment.

It matches the benefit granted by PhilHealth to its members under its case rate system but not to exceed PHP50,000 per member.

Subsequent availments are allowed for the same dreaded disease but not to exceed the limit. The list of dreaded diseases is jointly identified and defined by OWWA and PhilHealth.

OFWs whose OWWA membership coverage has already lapsed but are still active PhilHealth members are given additional 60 days coverage upon expiry of OWWA membership validity.

Under the agreement, OWWA will implement the program through its 18 Regional Welfare Offices (RWOs) throughout the country.

RWOs will accept and process claims, in accordance with the guidelines to be crafted by OWWA and PhilHealth within 60 days upon signing of the MOA. RWOs will, likewise, maintain a database on availments.

Meanwhile, PhilHealth will provide training and access to MyPhilHealth Portal to authorized OWWA personnel for purposes of online verification of PhilHealth benefit payments to its members as it will be the basis of processing MEDplus claims.

OWWA Administrator Rebecca Calzado said that this collaboration with the PhilHealth will help member-OFWs further reduce their medical expenses. (PNA)

Nuances of social media in entrepreneurship

MANILA -- The boom of social media has been a serious game-changer in entrepreneurship. Knowing the nuances of each social media platform can be crucial in upping up your game as a start-up.

Data from We Are Social Singapore revealed that 42 million Filipinos are active social media users with a 42 percent level of penetration in 2015. The same data showed that Filipinos spend an average of 4 hours and 15 minutes daily in social media.

It might not come as a surprise then that the Philippines is branded as the social media capital of the world.

RJ Ledesma, co-founder of Mercato Centrale group of night markets, cited the need to understand social media and how it can be utilized as a marketing tool for your budding business.

"No business can be purely offline. We are as much an online business as we are an offline business," said Ledesma on Thursday during the Asus Business Workshop at Century City Mall in Makati City.

The Mercato pioneer said a business must have a strong online component, and therefore social media strategy has to be more holistic.

For instance, the micro-blogging platform of Twitter is suited for interactions with customers, said Ledesma. You can reply to queries, monitor feedback, and even retweet positive comments of customers.

Instagram, on the other hand, leans more on the artsy side of business promotion, he noted. Sharing creative photos or videos, following a unifying concept for your feed, can pique the interests of new customers.

Meanwhile, the multimedia app Snapchat can heighten their curiosity with glimpses of behind-the-scenes.

He also said video-sharing website Youtube is the best platform to share success stories and simple "how-to"s related to your business, and the widely-used Facebook is a newspaper of sorts for all platforms.

Ledesma said most successful businesses always look for different opportunities to innovate. (PNA)

Incoming PNP chief admits an uphill battle vs drugs

DAVAO CITY--The incoming chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) admits he will be facing a difficult battle against illegal drugs, especially in six regions, but assured their police operation procedure will be followed.

During a press conference on Thursday afternoon at SM Annex, incoming PNP chief Ronald dela Rosa identified the National Capital Region, Regions 3, 4, 6 (Iloilo), 7, and the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) as hot beds of illegal drugs.

While he is confident the fight against drugs in Davao has been successful through its intensified campaign program like Tokhang (Toktok Hangyo or Knock and appeal), Dela Rosa said, it will be a big problem at the national level.

"Mabigat ang labanan sa droga (The fight against drugs is difficult)," Dela Rosa admitted.

He said Tokhang will be enhanced for national implementation targeting street peddlers for supply reduction efforts.

For big-time drug pushers, Dela Rosa said it would be a joint effort of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG).

In cleansing the police ranks, Dela Rosa said police involved in drugs would be shocked on the plan to rid the organization of scalawags.

Dela Rosa would not detail the plan, saying they would knock out critical matters when they hit the road.

Dela Rosa said that of the 160,000- strong police about one percent are into drugs.

He said the plan was in place and the list of targeted drug lords was being consolidated by PDEA and the CIDG.

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte wants drug lords dead or alive with Php 3 million up as reward for those who could get big-time pushers.

“I am not saying you kill them but the order is dead or alive,” Duterte told reporters in a press conference at the Presidential Guest House also called the Malacañang of the South at the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) depot in Panacan on Tuesday.

Dela Rosa said they were counting on Duterte' strong leadership that they could achieve success in the fight against drugs and criminality in three to six months. (PNA)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Pagsurat Pagpapa-ayag Liwanag!

Ni Jovita B. Bolalin
Buluang, Baao, Camarines Sur

Tauno ta para sa mga eskwela masakit a magsurat maski na kin unong klase kin pagsusurat?

Uno an kadificilan ta mga maray man sinda sa pakikipag istorya-n pero pag pina susurat na, iba na a ipinababayad na reaksyon kung pauunuwon a mga sasabiyon?

Diri kaya uyan dahil diri ninda kabisado a ipinagagamit na linguaje kanda? Kaya ngani naisipan na a lingua franca gamiton na para tunay na maipa-ayag a tunay na namamatian, na uda basing migruwa-duwa na isurat a eksaktong deskripsyon sa paagi kin pagsurat.

A usad na sinurat nagigin magayon sana man kun agko uru-ut-rong nakababasa, Ari na baga maski na kanta na kun uda man tono baga man sana ordinaryong mga linya, nagigin magayon pang lalo kun magkapira na a uru-otrong nagkakanta.

Maski uno man na sinurat gikan ka pagmasid, pagmait, pati nap ag-sip kin usan na nagsurat agko yan importanteng mensahe. Diri sana pwedeng kumbinsiron a siisay man na abo man na umintindi. A importante agko usad na migtao kin importansya o pakahulugan ka usad na sinurat kun kuno sa mga panahon na uma-abot pa.

Ngamin kita pwedeng magsurat! Kanugon sana kun diri ta ini ginigibong bisyo. Kadabul san aka magagayon, maluludok, mamumuya tang mga panahon diri ta naisasabi kun uno man a namamatian ta dahil sa kadakulan ka mga pangyayari sa ordinaryong pagkabuway ta. Pag diri ta isinusurat, nalilingawan ta a iba-ibang labing gayon na mga pangyayari.

Kun gigibowon ta ini magigin mas magayon a kanatong pagpayaba ka mga importanteng pangyayari sa uro-aldow tang pagkabuway. Mababasa ka mga umaabot tang henerasyon na misnan agko palan arog kining mga pangyayari buko sana man sa komiks mababasa o sa sine mababayad.

A mga isusurat ta migka agko iba-ibang interpretasyon na mas magiin magayon ta agko isyu na ipigpasalin-salin pag-aki ka panahon.

A pagkaboot ta baka labi pa sa pinaka magayon na isinurat sa libro. A pagka-udit na nabayad ta, baka mas grabe pa ku nabasa to. A pagmundo na istorya na naisiyan ta, baka mas terible pa su namatian ta.

A pinaka importante… isurat ta maski na uno pa. Buway pirmi a mga estorya ta… lalo na sa mga migka interes na magbasa… pirmi sanang buway a mga estorya ta na iiistorya man sa mga jovenes. Istorya na pwedeng mapurutan kin ideya.

Kaya… isip-isipa mga kanguran… minsan pa… kaya… PAGSURAT NA!

Paratindang droga sa Tinambac, dakop sa buy-bust

TINAMBAC, CSur—Pagbalga sa Republic Act 9165 o an illegal na pagpabakal nin droga an isasangat na caso contra ki Rodel Daliva y Revilla, 27 anyos, may-agom, taga Zone 6, Brgy. Salvacion sa banwaan na ini na nadakop sa buy bust operasyon kan pulis kasoodma, Junio 1.

Inarestar si Daliva kan siya magpabakal nin pigtutubodan na shabu sa sarong miembro kan pulis na nagsagin-sagin na parabakal kan ipigbabawal na droga.

Durante kan operasyon kan mga awtoridad nakua sa suspechado an 1ng medium transparent plastic sachet na may laog nin droga na saiyang ipinapabakal sa kantidad na P500.00.

Mientrastanto, kan si Daliva arestaron, nakakua pa an mga pulis nin 1ng dakulang transparent plastic sachet, na may laog man guiraray nin shabu asin 5ng pidasong saradit na transparent sachet na may laog na maputing pulbos, na pigtutubodan kan mga awtoridad na shabu pa guiraray.

Sarong pidasong papel na cuarta na P500.00 an yaon sa laog kan media pantalon kan suspechado.

Sabi sa report kan mga imbestigador haloy nang pigplano an buy-bust operation contra ki Daliva huli ta yaon an saiyang pangaran sa mga parapabakal nin shabu sa lugar na nasambit.

Kaiba an representante kan DOJ, media asin oficial kan barangay, dinara an suspechado sa hepatura kan pulis digdi para sangatan nin kaso sa pagbalga kan nasambit na ley. (BICOLSTANDARD.COM)

Albay has lowest poverty rate in Bicol: PSA

LEGAZPI CITY--Albay’s persistent efforts to boost its local economy have started to pay off.

A Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) report said the province posted the lowest poverty rate of 25.1 percent for the first semester of 2015, the lowest in the Bicol Region.

The PSA latest poverty incidence report used income data from the Family Income and Expenditure Survey conducted in July 2015. The survey report presented the comparative poverty incidence of the seven Bicol provinces for 2006 and 2015 respectively, as follows: Albay, from 32.3 percent to 25.1 percent; Camarines Norte — 29.5 percent to 36.5 percent; Camarines Sur — 38.7 percent to 29.2 percent; Catanduanes — 31.2 percent to 39.7 percent; Masbate — 47.8 percent to 31.6 percent; and Sorsogon — 30.6 percent to 35.7 percent. Albay’s 2015 figure, however, stands 4 percent away from the national average of 21.1 percent.

Albay Gov. Joey Salceda said his administration for the past nine years had worked hard to boost the local economy, particularly through tourism promotion, and was able to provide its constituency better health and medical care and support, and greater access to quality education. He expressed confidence Albay’s tourism industry will continue to prosper and hit its goal of five million tourists, USD1 billion investments and 235,000 jobs in ten years, after the completion of the Bicol International Airport in August 2018.

The governor who steps down from his post end of this month to assume as Albay’s 2nd district Representative in Congress said the efforts of placing tourism at the frontline of Albay’s economic program had proven most successful, adding that in his three terms as governor, he had observed a pattern of growth showing that the 8,700 foreign tourist arrivals in 2006 has surged to 374,949 in 2015.

“And the numbers are even greater if we count domestic tourist arrivals which was a mere 124, 675 in 2006 but has exponentially grown to 1,042,646 in 2015, for a total of 1,417,646 arrivals. What these numbers don’t expressly show is how the huge hike in tourist influx contributed significantly to Albay’s economic growth. More tourists mean more revenue for the local government and more jobs for the people,” he explained.

Their secret of success, Salceda said is “unity or social cohesion — shared values, shared goals and shared impacts, the foundation of our social technology — whole of government growing to whole of society, now whole of ecosystem.”

As Unicef’s third World Biosphere Reserve in the Philippines, Albay takes pride in its varied terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, forests, grasslands, freshwater, marine and coastal ecosystems, as well as caves and agricultural lands. The province has earned praises for successfully hosting the 2016 Palarong Pambansa in April, which drew thousands of tourists, following its hosting of two international sports events -- the Xterra Albay 2016 and Le Tour de France.

Salceda pointed out, however, that aside from government agency reports of Albay’s development gains, such that of the Department of Tourism’s and the PSA’s, the other “indicators of development show that mothers in Albay are no longer dying during childbirth; the province now is malaria and filariasis-free; their National Achievement Test ranking had jumped from 177th in 2007 to 19th in 2012; and that their regional and provincial hospitals have been modernized.

“In Albay, we don’t measure development and progress in terms of towering skyscrapers or creating a sprawling metropolis,” he pointed out. (PNA)

Tinaga sa liog, gadan sa Caramoan

CARAMOAN, CSur-–Mainit na diskusyon an ginikanan tanganing madisgrasya ni Edgar Dias y Quinones, 51 anyos, may agom,taga Sitio Pagdiwitan, Mandiclom sa banwaan na ini, kan sarong aldaw, (Mayo 31).

Base sa imbestigasyon kan pulis, tinigbas kan suspechadong si Dias an victima na nabisto sa pangaran na Dandy Obsinada. 

Liog an tama kan victima sa saiyang hawak. Huli sa mortal na tama kan victima, binawian tulos ini nin buhay sa lugar na pinangyarihan kan incidente.

Pagkatapos sana kan krimen, an suspechado voluntad na nagsuko sa Barangay Kapitan, dara an ginamit na armas.

Sinabi pa sa imbestigasyon na an nag-iwal na si Dias asin Obsinada magkataid sana an estaran sa barangay na ini.

Mientrastanto, pighahanda na ngonian an magkakanigong asunto kriminal na isasangat contra sa suspechado sa pangyayari.

An suspect yaon sa hepatura kan pulis digdi. (BICOLSTANDARD.COM)

70 anyos na lalaki, nabangga nin motorsiklo, gadan sa Iriga City

IRIGA CITY – Ipigdeclarar kan doctor na gadan na an gurang na lalaki na nabundol nin sarong motorsiklo sa Zone 5, Brgy. Sta Elena digdi.

Susug sa pagsisyasat kan pulis, si Francisco Penones y Canuto, 70 anyos an edad, naglalakaw guyod an saiyang damulag na may pamaba, kan siya mabundol nin sarong motorsiklo hale sa saiyang likodan.

Nangyari an incidente poco mas o menos ala 3:48 nin amay na pagka aga kasoodma (June 1).

An aksidente nangyari sa tungod kan residencia kan mga Alferez digdi.

Nabisto an nagmamaneho kan Asian Star/Rusi motorcycle na si Johnson Almazar y Delda, 24 anyos, soltero.

Si Almazar may pugol na student permit sa pagmaneho, asin taga Zone 1, Tinawagan, Tigaon, Camarines Sur.

Base sa imbestigasyon an motorsiklo may plaka numero 4492-ED.

Mientrastanto, dinara pa man kuta an victimang si Penones sa Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital digdi, alagad ipigdeclarar na mayo na siya nin buhay.

Pighahanda na kan mga awtoridad an magkakanigong kaso na isasangat contra sa nakadisgracia. (BICOLSTANDARD.COM)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

DOH cautions against taking herbal medications

MANILA --The Department of Health (DOH) warned Wednesday of the ill effects of taking herbal medications which are just seen or heard on advertisements.

According to DOH Secretary Janette L. Garin, some of the herbal supplements residues might be deposited in the kidney and cause inflammation which could later lead to renal failure.

Garin, in a press briefing held at DOH media relations unit in Tayuman, Sta. Cruz, Manila, said that the inflammation might eventually damage the kidney or create “schemia,” a condition where blood supply is restricted in the tissues, causing a shortage of oxygen and glucose needed for cellular metabolism.

“Ang kidney kasi, yan ang sumasala—act as filter --iyung naglilinis dun sa katawan ng tao ang mangyayari kapag may naiwan na maliliit na bara, ang tawag ay “schemia” or nawawalan oxygen at namamatay (ang pasyente),” the Health Chief explained.

Meanwhile, in the same press briefing, Dr. Susan Jorge, head of the Philippine Disease Prevention and Control Program, said that aside from herbal medication , one of the thing that people should also be careful about was the taking of medicines for rheumatism.

“Hindi lang siya sa herbal medications, but it is very common among our elderlies ang pagtake nila ng gamot kontra sa mga rayuma nila. So these medications are called the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They too cause inflammation kasi nagcacause sila ng pagbaba ng oxygen level doon sa kidney, (schemia),” said Dr. Jorge.

The DOH and NKTI celebrate the month of June as the National Kidney Month by virtue of Proclamation No. 184 s. 1993.

This year, the theme is entitled "Malusog na Bato, Yaman at Buhay Ko".

The month-long campaign stresses on the importance of kidney care in order to prevent renal diseases which may lead to kidney failure.

"The incidence of renal diseases has steadily gone up in the Philippines. Around 14,000 Filipinos die of renal diseases yearly.

Renal diseases, which affect all age groups, are now the 9th leading cause of death in the country.

In 2014, 15,983 Filipinos were registered on dialysis and 470 Filipinos had kidney transplant in 2015." Health Secretary Janette P. Loreto-Garin explained.

In August 2015, DOH directed PhilHealth to adjust its hemodialysis package from 45 to 90 sessions per year to increase the maximum coverage per patient. In the past, many patients would stop the treatment after the 45th session because they could not further afford the succeeding dialysis sessions.

The expansion of 90 dialysis sessions was determinedly pursued by DOH with a strong belief that patients do not have to die because they cannot have the quality healthcare they need.

In 2015, a total of 326 dialysis clinics were licensed to operate all over the country and be able to optimize the advantages of the expanded PhilHealth coverage. DOH was able to request additional funds for the provision of at least 1 dialysis center per province. A complete dialysis equipment package will be provided to qualified DOH and LGU hospitals.

The health chief added that DOH collaborated with Philippine Society of Nephrologists (PSN) in providing management teams and making sure that operation of dialysis centers is sustainable and PhilHealth packages are maximally utilized.

DOH likewise partnered with PSN and NKTI through the Renal Disease Prevention and Control Program (ReDCOP) for the advocacy campaigns on renal disease prevention.(PNA)

1 dead, another injured in Paracale shooting incident

PARACALE, CNorte –One died and another was injured from gunshot wounds perpetrated by unidentified gunmen, a police report said.

The incident was recorded last May 30 at around 8:00 p.m. at Sitio Curbada, Purok 6, Barangay Tugos here.

Victims of the shooting incident were idenfied as Cheriza Sandoval y Gutierez, 27 years old and Geobert Asis y Sadia, 19 years old, both residents of the said barangay.

In the same report, the investigators confirmed that Sandoval was hit by the bullet in his head that caused his instantaneous death.

Asis, on the other hand, also suffered from a gunshot wound on the left side of his head where the bullet exited in his right jaw.

Meanwhile, the initial report said that the victims were on their way home on board a black Euro motorcycle with plate number 7938 from the town proper here.

When they reached Brgy Tugos, the victims told the investigators that they noticed at least two persons on board a motorcycle who suddenly fired upon them.

The suspects used a caliber .45 gun.

It was later confirmed that the gunshot wound upon the head of Sandoval was fatal.

When his body was brought to the Rural Health Unit (RHU) of Paracale, the medical doctor pronounced that she was dead on arrival.

The suspects fled towards the direction of Brgy. Batobalani on board their get away vehicle bringing along with them the gun that was used in perpetrating the crime.

Sadia was rushed to the Camarines Norte Provincial Hospital, in the town of Daet for immediate medical attention.

She was however transferred to the the Bicol Medical Center in Naga City at about 10:30 in the evening, of the same date.

Personnel of the Paracale MPS are still conducting a hot pusuit operation for the possible apprehension of the suspects.

The motive of the incident is still unknown. (BICOLSTANDARD.COM)

Gov’t agencies join forces to aid teachers displaced by K-12 program

MANILA -- Various government agencies have been carrying out their own mitigation measures to address the possible massive displacement of faculty and non-academic personnel due to the full implementation of the K-12 program.

The Department of Education (DepEd) is working closely with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to mitigate the negative impact of K-12, particularly with the mandatory two extra years of Senior High School (SHS).

During a command conference convened on Monday at the DepEd Central Office in Pasig City, DOLE’s Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) director Dominique Tutay said that the strategy of the concerned agencies is to “preserve jobs” and prevent impending displacement.

In the event of an inevitable displacement, Tutay said DOLE is prepared with a five-year Adjustment Measures Program (AMP) which will support an estimated 25,000 displaced higher education institution (HEI) personnel.

”We give financial support to those who may be or might be affected as a result of K to 12 and the safety-net is linked to labor market programs,” explained Tutay.

The said program also provides employment facilitation, training, livelihood, and other unemployment-related benefit schemes to the displaced HEI personnel.

On the part of CHED, Lisa Magana, chief education program specialist, said that over 15,000 scholarship grants for graduate studies and development grants are provided for HEI faculty and staff during the K to 12 transition period.

Meanwhile, DepEd opened a “green lane” to prioritize and fast-track the hiring of the displaced personnel from the higher education sector.

The government has created 36,000 positions, 30,000 for teaching personnel and 6,000 for non-teaching personnel for school year 2016-2017. (PNA)

LTFRB to phase out school service vehicles aged 15 years and up

MANILA -- Time is up for operators who operate school service vehicles aged 15 years old and up.

Starting this month, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) will no longer be allowing school service vehicles aged 15 years and older to operate.

To recall, the LTFRB last year issued memorandum circular (MC) allowing school bus services aged 15 years and up to operate until March 31 only.

LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez said that there was a need for a 10-month transition period to assure the availability of school service for next school year.

He said that based on the board’s evaluation, many school buses services set to be phased out in 2015 may affect students going to school.

Under the MC, operators of school services vehicles, upon filing their confirmation, will be required to submit an Affidavit of Undertaking to Substitute their units that reached the age limit of 15 years before the opening of SY 2016-2017.

The MC also directs school authorities not to accredit and/or allow the operation of school transport service units that are more than 15 years old beginning SY 2016- 2017.

“We wanted to start phasing out 15-year-old school service vehicles much earlier, but decided to give operators a transition period,” Ginez said, noting that the phase-out was supposed to take place as early as 2014 then moved to 2015 and 2016.

“They (operators) promised that after a year they will comply. The Board’s decision is final and it won’t change,” he added.

School service inspection

LTFRB has also began checking the road-worthiness of school service vehicles in various schools in Metro Manila in preparation for the upcoming opening of classes.

To date, LTFRB has found only minimal issues similar to last year’s issues such as the lack of seat belts and fire extinguishers, heavily tinted windows and balding tires.

The Board has already ordered these issues corrected.

Meanwhile, LTFRB board member Atty. Ariel Inton also urged parents to assure that their children are transported by school service vehicles that are legitimate franchise holders.

”I urge parents to check before enrolling their children in a school service vehicle, to make sure the operator is a franchise holder,” Inton said.

He also urged parents to refrain from allowing their students to be transported by tricycles that tend to accept more passengers than what the number able to fit and be seated comfortably.

”This happens mostly to public school children. I hope parents who want to save from spending on fare learn to be more aware of the safety of their children,” he added.

Since the Board does not have the mandate to operate tricycles, Inton urged the local government units (LGUs) who give tricycles permits to operate, to be stricter in implementing transport ordinances.

”Local government units should be strict in implementing ordinances not to allow overloading of students in tricycles,” he said. (PNA)

No. 9 Most Wanted in Minalabac arrested

MINABALAC, CSur – Police authorities here have arrested the town's number 9 Most Wanted Person who is facing a criminal charge for Frustrated Kidnapping and Illegal Detention, in relation to a minor.

The suspect, identified as Noe Pellosis y Carpina, 33 years old, was collared yesterday (May 31) at around 7:00 o’clock in the morning, at Barangay Del Carmen Del Rosario.

His arrest was made by virtue of the Warrant of Arrest issued by Hon.Erwin Virgilio P. Ferrer, Presiding Judge of Branch 20 of the Regional Trial Court (RTC) in Naga City.

The court has recommended P200,000.00 bail for his temporary liberty.

At presstime the accuded is detained at the Minalabac Police Station. (BICOLSTANDARD.COM)

3 irido sa pambabadil sa laog nin bar sa Naga City

NAGA CITY–Nagpapadagos an imbestigasyon kan puli sa nangyaring pambabadil kan dae bistong lalaki sa laog kan Backdraft Bar, sa Mayon Ave, Brgy Triangulo digdi kan sarong aldaw.

An mga imbestigador nakikipagcoordinar sa mga tawong pwedeng makataong giya sa mga awtoridad kun sisay si lalaking bigla na sanang nagpa putok kan saiyang darang badil, poco mas o menos alas 7:30 nin banggui kan Domingo (Mayo 27) sa laog kan bar.

An mga victima na nabistong sinda Guilermo Abrenica y Rasonable, 40 anyos, taga Camaligan; Christopher Hermiso y So, 32 anyos, taga Concepcion Pequena; asin Ben Francis Nasayao y Moral, 25 anyos, taga Upper Gapo, Camalig, Albay.

Base sa informasyon na naguno kan mga awtoridad, an mga victima kaibahan an nagkapira pang mga pag-iriba nagkakakan asin nag-iinom sa laog kan nasambit na establisimiento commercial kan bigla na sanang maglaog an sarong lalaki.

Mayong malinaw na declarasyon kun ano an problema ta mayo man nin pigtutubodan na kaiwal kan bigla na sana ining magbunot kan saiyang darang badil an lalaki.

Dae aram kan mga awtoridad kun anong calibre an ginamit kan dae nabistong suspechado.

Idinagdag sa report na biglang nagsiriblagan si mga tawo na nasa laog kan bar kan magpoon an pagpaputok kan badil.

Tulong beses na pinaputok an armas na nagresulta sa pagkakalugad kan mga nasambit na victima.

Dinara tulos an mga nalugadan sa Bicol Medical Center tanganing ipabulong.

Hasta sa oras na sinusurat an baretang ini mayo pa nin malinaw na bareta sa nangyari.

Saro sa mga anggulong pig-aadalan kan mga pulis iyo an posibleng pag selos kan suspechado sa sarong customer kan bar.

Alagad, mayo nin pusog na evidencia dapit digdi.

Huli sa sinambit na pangyayari, dae pa nagpopondo an mga awtoridad sa pagsusug kan causa kan nasambit na incindente nin pambabadil hasta ngonian. (BICOLSTANDARD.COM).

Election sa barangay dagos sa Octubre sabi ni Duterte

DAVAO CITY – Habo an elihidong presidente na si Rodrigo Duterte na i-oktaba an election sa barangay asin sa Sangguniang Kabataan na naka schedule sa Octubre ngonian na taon.

Sabi ni Duterte kun i-ooktaba an election, an mga nakatukaw na oficiales kan barangay ma-serve sa inaapod na holdover capacity, o garong tumatao sana.

“Dae ako pabor. Mismong an ley an nagsasabi kun abot sana saen an pagserve kan mga elihidong official kan barangay,” dagdag pa niyang pahayag.

An pag-oktaba kan election sa barangay asin sa SK nagkakaipo nin bagong lehislasyon kan congress.

Mientrastanto, nagkapirang mga bagong elihidong congressista an enot nang nagpahayag na masunad tulos sinda nin ley sa camara baha, para horoton an pag-oktaba kan pirilian sa barangay.

Enot na nagpahayag kan siring na kaisipan iyo si Joey Salceda, na iyo nang elihidong deputado sa ika duwang distrito kan Albay.

Segun ki Salceda pagbukas sana kan 17th Congress ma-file tulos siya nin bill na ma-oktaba kan nasambit na election.

Sa ibong na lado sinabi man ni Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista na pabor siya sa pag oktaba kan election sa barangay.

Apisar suboot na magastos na maray ini, mapagal pang maray huli ta manual an paagi sa pagpili kan mga official kan barangay asin Sangguniang Kabataan (SK).

Afuera kan enot na rason, kaipohan pang magtalaan ngona nin bagong rehistrasyon sa mga botante, bako sanang para sa mga oficial kan barangay, alagad orog na sa mga miembros kan SK.

Sa lindong kan bagong ley na nagsasakop kan SK, an mga kalifidadong magbale sa SK poon sa edad na 18 hasta 23 anyos na. (BICOLSTANDARD.COM)

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bicolano journalist Danny Calleja passes away

Albay-based Bicolano journalist Danny Calleja passed away 10 a.m. this morning due to a heart attack, his daughter announced to the members of the media.

Calleja's remains will be at the St. Peter Chapel, Bogtong, Legazpi City.

The mediaman wrote for the Philippine News Agency.

He was originally from Castilla, Sorsogon.

House approves bill exempting new graduates from payment of gov’t fees/charges

MANILA -- The House of Representatives has approved on third and final reading a bill that seeks to exempt fresh graduates from government charges and fees.

Authors of House Bill 6416 said the waiver on government fees and charges would enhance the youth’s access to employment.

The bill mandates all government agencies and instrumentalities, including government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs) and local government units (LGUs) to refrain from collecting fees or charges from new graduates in relation to documentary requirements for employment.

These include fees and charges paid in connection with the application for and granting of licenses, proofs of identification, clearances, certificates, or other documents usually required in the course of employment.

The bill states that the application for such license, proof of identification, clearance, certificate, or other documents is submitted within one year after graduating from high school, college or any vocational or technical course.

To avail of the waiver on government fees and charges, the new graduate should submit a copy of his/her diploma or a certification from the concerned academic, vocational or technical institution that the said graduate has successfully completed the course required.

The diploma or certification should clearly state the date of graduation or completion of the degree earned, and should be signed by the institution’s duly authorized representative.

The copy of diploma or certification submitted shall serve as prima facie evidence of the fact of graduation and shall be sufficient for the government agency concerned to grant the waiver.

But any person found guilty of fabricating or falsifying any proof of graduation as described under this Act shall be liable under Article 172 of the Revised Penal Code.

The bill provides that the fees and charges to be waived shall not include those collected in connection with an application to take a professional licensure examination conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) or an application for a Philippine passport.

The bill calls for the creation of an inter-agency monitoring committee chaired by the Executive Secretary and composed of the heads of the Civil Service Commission (CSC), the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the Department of Finance (DOF), the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to monitor compliance with the provisions of this Act.

The bill was authored by Representatives Eulogio “Amang” Magsaysay (Party-list, AVE), Harlin Abayon (1st District, Northern Samar), Linabelle Ruth Villarica (4th District, Bulacan) Mark Villar (Lone District, Las Piñas City), Christopher Co (Party-list, Ako Bicol), Rodel Batocabe (Party-list, Ako Bicol) and Neri Colmenares (Party-list, Bayan Muna).

Other authors include Reps. Carlos Isagani Zarate (Party-list, Bayan Muna), Terry Ridon (Party-list, Kabataan), Ferdinand Hernandez (2nd District, South Cotabato), Rodrigo Abellanosa (2nd District, Cebu City), Karlo Alexei Nograles (1st District, Davao City), Ma. Victoria Sy-Alvarado (1st District, Bulacan), Angelina D.L. Tan (4th District, Quezon), and Roy Señeres Sr. (Party-list, OFW Family Club). (PNA)

Gov’t agencies ensure readiness for back-to-school in June

MANILA -- The Department of Education (DepEd) has teamed up with various agencies to ensure a smooth and orderly resumption of classes on June 13 through “Oplan Balik Eskwela”.

DepEd, together with its partner national government agencies, convened a Command Conference on Monday at the DepEd Central Office in Pasig City to discuss the contributions and progress of each stakeholder with regard to their back-to-school programs.

The inter-agency initiative, led by the DepEd, is composed of the departments of Energy (DOE), Interior and Local Government (DILG), Health (DOH), National Defense (DND), Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), and Trade and Industry (DTI).

Other stakeholders include the Manila Electric Company (Meralco), Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS), Metro Manila and Development Authority (MMDA), Office of Civil Defense (OCD), Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Service Administration (PAGASA), and Philippine National Police (PNP).

In terms of logistics, DPWH is already undertaking repair and maintenance of roads leading to schools, painting of pedestrian lanes and lane markings, as well as providing assistance in the cleaning and repainting of classrooms.

Meanwhile, MMDA will be deploying traffic constables along critical areas leading to schools prone to traffic congestions.

In addition, PNP will strengthen its security operations for the opening of classes. A total of 7,150 PNP personnel will be deployed to 853 schools, 212 personnel in bus terminals, 1104 personnel in Police Assistance Desks, as well as bus marshals in public buses passing major thoroughfares in Metro Manila.

DOE, on the other hand, assured an adequate and stable supply of electricity next month.

As for school supplies, DTI launched its “Gabay sa Pamimili ng School Supplies”, which is found on its official website, to help consumers choose reasonably-priced products well within their means.

All DOH-operated hospitals and regional offices nationwide will be on Code White alert three days before the actual school opening. In case of any untoward incident, emergency response teams are on standby.

Aside from OBE, DepEd is simultaneously conducting “Brigada Eskwela” from Monday until Saturday, a nationwide effort to do maintenance works in all public and elementary and secondary schools. (PNA)

Salceda wants legislated national scholarship program

LEGAZPI CITY -- Graduating three-term Albay Gov. Joey Salceda considers his pioneering free tertiary education program which has now benefited 88,444 scholars as his biggest and most significant legacy to his province.

Many of these scholars have already graduated and are now either thriving entrepreneurs or gainfully employed locally and abroad.

Designated as the Albay Higher Education Contribution Scheme (AHECS), the program is a novel study-now-pay-later scholarship program started in 2007, initially aimed to produce a college graduate for every Albayano family. On account of its overwhelming success, Salceda said its goal was recently raised to at least one college and one technical-vocational graduate per family. The program is his brainchild and forms part of his governance package for the past nine years.

Salceda completes his three terms as governor this June and will takeover as Representative of Albay’s Capital (second Congressional) District which gave him a 92-percent vote mandate in the May 9 elections. He said AHECS will continue to leave its mark on every Albayano family who benefited from it and who will forever reap the fruits of its successes.

Having successfully tested the program in Albay, Salceda plans to make AHECS a model for a legislated National Higher Education Contribution System for Private Tertiary and Free Public College which he said he will push in Congress. AHECS takes the biggest chunk of the provincial budget. It was funded by a P700 million secured loan from Land Bank in 2010, and is hailed as among Albay’s more effective development strategies. It was patterned after the Australian scholarship program that beats the US educational system.

AHECS had an initial enrolment of 34,000 Albayano students in 2007, which grew to 77,172 in 2012 and then to 88,444 in 2015. Its beneficiaries are given a “free hand to choose their fields of study, minus the usual financial woes that hamstrung parents and students who desire to pursue college education,” he said, adding that most of his programs are predicated on the philosophy and value of “constant kindness, categorical imperative of fairness and equality, and the capacity to dream and be creative, while not forgetting humility.”

Albay goes on record as the country’s first and only province to have institutionalized its education program. The program is administered by its Provincial Education Department, created by an Albay Provincial Board ordinance and duly approved by the Civil Service Commission, the Department of Education and the Department of Budget and Management.

AHECS has partnered with some 53 colleges and universities across Albay. At the Mariners’ Polytechnic Institute, the most popular school for seafarers in Southern Luzon, its beneficiary graduates from 2009 to 2015 have reached 3,247. The total scholarship investments for them stand at P16,235,000. Many local government units in the country have visited Albay to study and replicate the AHECS model.

In many Albay schools’ graduation ceremonies where Salceda guested, parents and students would stand up, applaud, thank and honor him. In several instances, he expressed surprise when he found out that more than 50 percent of the graduating class were AHECS benificiaries. He has thanked students, parents and the schools across the province for supporting the program, and due to its overwhelming good results, he decided to “raise the target to one technical-vocational and one entrepreneur graduate in every family”.

“Albay aims to produce a corps of technically trained and employable manpower out of its trainable human resources through AHECS, through partnerships with local colleges and universities, led by the Bicol University, which are catalyst institutions that inculcate knowledge and develop skills and attitudes needed by the workplace, and serve as repository of intellectual resources, including technical and cultural heritage,” he explained.

With AHECS and Salceda’s previous scholarship program when he was Albay 3rd District congressman, before he became governor, his scholarship scheme’s benediciary list has now reached a total of 104,035, many of whom are now thriving entrepreneurs and gainfully employed and raising their families. (PNA)

No. 2 most wanted sa Aroroy, dakop na

AROROY, Masbate –Dinakop kan mga awtoridad digdi kasoodma (Mayo 30) an 61 anyos na lalaki na sinasabing iyo an ika 2 sa pinaka wanted sa banwaan na ini.

Pinangaranan kan pulis an inarestar na lalaki na iyo si Arles G. Cedello, suspechado sa casong panlupig.

Pinosanan si Cedello kan mga nagdakop kan mga pulis poco mas o menos alas 11:15 nin odto, kasoodma, sa Brgy. Puro digdi.

An suspechado sarong residente kan Brgy. San Isidro, Aroroy.

Susug sa mga imbestigador dae man nag-ansyas pang magdulag an suspechado kan ipinaheling saiya si kopya kan mandamiento de aresto na firmado ni Judge Jacinto Tambago kan Regional Trial Court, Branch 48 sa Masbate City.

Mayong ipigrecomendar na fianza para sa temporaryong libertad kan akusado.

Si Cedello yaon ngonian sa poder kan Municipal Police Station digdi mantang pig hahalat an magkakanigong disposisyon kan caso.--BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Iwal nin magbayaw sa Sorsogon, 1 an gadan

STA. MAGDALENA, Sorsogon-–Personal na iwal kan magbayaw an guinikanan kan kagadanan ni Armando Aroncillo y Galon, soltero, residente kan Sitio Balud, Brgy. San Isidro digdi.

Base sa pagsiyasat kan pulis, an suspecchado sa sa krimen iyo si Nicanor Fugnit y Galon, 62 anyos, balo, bayaw kan victima,asin dating miembro kan CAFGU.

Nagluluwas sa imbestigasyon na enot na inatraka ni Armando si Nicanor Fugnit y Galon sa laog kan saiyang residencia, mantang armado nin matarom na armas.

Paglaog pa sana kan victimang si Nicanor sa residencia ni Armando, pirang beses tulos niyang sinaksak an suspechado.

Maswerteng nakalikay asin nasagang kan suspechado an mga wating kan armas kan victima.

Mantang desidido an victima na kulgan si Armando, hidaling kinua kan suspechado an saiyang tirador, dangan tinirador sa angog an victima.

Sa puntong ini nag-arabot na an mga oficial kan barangay na nagprobar na sawayon an iwal kan magbayaw.

Dinagoso pa guiraray ni Armando si Nicanor asin sinaksak pa kan saiyang armas.

Alagad, naagaw kan suspechado an armas kan victima na iyo man sana an ginamit sa paggadan saiya.

Nagsapo nin mga rungas sa takyag asin iba pang parte kan saiyang lawas an suspechado.

Nagluluwas sa imbestigasyon kan mga awtoridad na may nagdadanay na dae pagkairintindihan an magbayaw, na iyong guinikanan kan krimen.

Dinakop kan mga pulis an suspechado asin yaon ngonian sa saindang hepatura.

Mientrastanto, an victimang si Armando pigdeclarar na mayo na nin buhay kan mag-abot sa Matnog Medical Hospital.--BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Monday, May 30, 2016

PHOTOS | Robotic dinosaurs in Albay

These robotic dinosaurs are a new attraction at Albay Parks and Wildlife.
(Photos by jm_magdasoc via Joey Salceda)
Robotic dinosaurs in Albay

Robotic dinosaurs in Albay 
Robotic dinosaurs in Albay

Robotic dinosaurs in Albay

Robotic dinosaurs in Albay


Prepare for La Nina, DILG tells LGUs

PASIG CITY -- As the rainy season is about to start, Secretary Mel Senen S. Sarmiento of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) is calling on all local government units (LGUs) to carry out the disaster preparedness measures under Operation Listo.

According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), the current El Nino is already in its decaying stage and there is a possible rise of La Nina during the second half of 2016.

PAGASA particularly warned the provinces of Isabela, Quezon, Samar, Leyte, Surigao, Agusan and Bicol of the developing La Nina.

In a directive, Sarmiento urged all provincial governors, city and municipal mayors, and DILG regional directors to take precautionary measures in their respective areas of responsibility.

“LGUs are encouraged to convene their respective Local Disaster Risk Reduction Management Councils to prepare a La Nina Action Plan; closely coordinate with PAGASA for timely weather updates and with the DENR-Mines and Geosciences Bureau for adequate information on the threat of flooding and rainfall-induced landslides within the respective LGU,” said Sarmiento.

He also directed LGUs to regularly submit a status report to the DILG, through its Field and Regional Offices, on all La Nina related incidents, including planning,preparations and general assessments.

Operation Listo

Sarmiento also reminds LGUs to implement the early preparedness actions listed in the Operation Listo Manuals for hydro-meteorological hazards namely the (1) Checklist of Critical Preparations for Mayors, (2) Checklist of Early Preparations for Mayors, and (3) Checklist for Municipal Local Government Operations Officers, Chiefs of Police, and Fire Marshalls.

These manuals lay down disaster preparedness minimum standards before, during, and after a disaster.

There are four General Actions to be undertaken proactively by local chief executives to be able to carry out the functions during the critical period when an advisory or alert is issued by PAGASA: (1) create the local Disaster Risk Reduction Management structures and systems to be mobilized; (2) institutionalize policies and plans; (3) build the competency of the created structures through various trainings; and (4) complement the competency by purchasing and preparing the needed hardware and supplies to equip the actions.

“As the Manuals say, these are done during ‘peace time’ or when no immediate threat of a disaster. Tamang paghahanda, tamang aksyon. This is what Operation Listo reminds everyone that we must be preemptive instead of reactive,” said Sarmiento.

Operation Listo is an advocacy program of the DILG which aims to strengthen disaster preparedness of LGUs using the whole-of-government approach. Its first component called Listong Pamahalaang Lokal was launched in 2014 which institutionalized local protocols for disaster preparedness, response and monitoring.

“The goal is always zero casualty. The effectiveness of implementing Operation Listo is evident when we had no casualty in places affected by Bagyong Chedeng in Regions 2 and 3 including Pampanga last year,” Sarmiento pointed out.

Listong Pamayanan and Listong Pamilyang Pilipino

Last month, President Benigno S. Aquino III led the DILG’s launching of two new components of Operation Listo: the Listong Pamayanan and Listong Pamilyang Pilipino.

Listong Pamayanan is a capacity development interventions that started from LGUs and to be cascaded to the community, while the Listong Pamilyang Pilipino focuses on the family and household level preparedness.

In Listong Pamilyang Pilipino, the DILG partners with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in distributing “Gabay at Mapa”, which is a family guide to action before, during and after a disaster. It requires families to make a household plan determining their evacuation routes, family meeting points, and safe places in their home.

Families are advised to prepare their e-Balde, or Emergency Balde, which contains essential items to be brought during evacuation, such as ready-to-eat food, three gallons of water, medicine, first-aid and hygiene kits, clothes, flashlights, and radios. (DILG)

1 hurt in shooting incident in Vinzons, Cam Norte

VINZONS, Camarines Norte –Police officers here are still conducting their own investigation in the alleged shooting incident perpetrated by an unidentified suspect last May 29 at around 8:00 o’clock in the morning.

The victim, identified as Randy Hernandez y Balon, 35 years old in a resident of Sitio Mambalite, Brgy Mancayo, this town.

The suspect used an improvised shotgun (sumpak), which he fired upon the victim.

The investigation also revealed that Hernandez was on board a boat when he was fired upon hitting his right arm and right knee.

He was immediately rushed to the Camarines Norte Provincial Hospital for medical treatment.

The suspect hid himself in the mangrove area when he shot the victim.

The motive is still unknown at press time.

Meanwhile, the police instigators are still conducting follow up operations for the possible identification and apprehension of the perpetrator of the crime.--BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Comelec reminds winning and losing candidates to submit their SOCE

MANILA-- With less than two weeks before the June 8 deadline, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) has reminded winning and losing candidates in the May 9 polls to file their Statement of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE).

Commissioner Christian Robert Lim, head of the Comelec– Campaign Finance Office, issued the reminder as they are not inclined to extend the deadline.

"Our deadline is on June 8. And it is non-extendible. So, if you fail to file it by that date, it's considered not filed,” he said.

Lim noted the filing of the SOCEs is in compliance with Comelec Resolution No. 9991 or the “Omnibus Rules and Regulations Governing Campaign Finance and Disclosure.”

It would be recalled that in the 2013 polls, the Comelec en banc extended the deadline in filing the SOCE twice, with the last cut-off date being June 30, 2014.

Lim said that the submission of SOCE is not only for all winning and losing candidates but also candidates that withdrew or those that did not spend anything in the just concluded polls.

Comelec Resolution No. 9991 provides that the SOCE must contain the list of each contribution received by the candidate or party; list of every expenditure made by the candidate or party; and a list of any unpaid obligation, its nature, and amount.

At the same time, the poll official warned that incomplete SOCE, or a statement that does not contain all the required information and attachments; as well as those that do not conform to the prescribed form shall be considered as not filed with the Comelec.

Failure to submit their SOCEs will prevent winning bets from assuming the public posts they have won.

“If you assume your position, we will ask you to vacate if you have not filed your SOCEs,” Lim warned.

Failure to assume the posts is aside from the administrative fines that they will have to pay, ranging from P10,000 to P30,000 for the first offense, and P20,000 to P60,000 for the second offense depending on the elective position concerned.

On the other hand, the candidates who have complied with the poll body's order will be issued a Certificate of Formal Compliance, which they must submit upon assumption of office, as what stated in Comelec Resolution No. 9991. (PNA)

2ng lalaki na sabit sa illegal na droga sa Buhi nasa carcel ngonian

BUHI, Camarines Sur –Yaon na ngonian sa laog kan carcel an duwang lalaki na nakuahan nin pig tutudodan shabu, durante kan raid sa saindang residencia kan sarong aldaw ( Mayo 24).

An mga suspechado iyo sinda Nestor Tagumpama y Albalate alyas “Istog” asin Normal Cas y Tadeo alyas “Mansing”, pareyong taga Brgy Sta Justina, digdi.

An searh warrant na ginamit kan mga awtoridad sa saindang operasyon firmado ni RTC Judge Tomoteo T. Panga Jr kan Branch 30 sa Iriga City.

An mga evidencia na nakua kan mga pulis iyo an pigtutubodan na mga illegal na droga asin mga paraphernalia sa pag-usar nin droga.

Sa laog kan residencia ni Tagumpama nakakua nin 4 na plastic sachets na may laog nin maputing pulbos, na pigtutubodan na shabu; 1ng medium size na plastic na may laog nin maputing pulbos na suspechadong shabu; asin mga drug paraphernalia.

Mientrastanto, sa residencia ni Cas, an mga awtoridad nakakua nin medium size na plastic sachet na may laog man nin maputing pulbos na pigtutubodan na shabu, 2ng saradit na plastic na bukas na alagad may laog man guiraray kan ipigpapangalad na droga, asin iba pang mga drug paraphernalia.

Si Tagumpama asin Cas pareyong sinangatan na nin caso kan mga pulis huli sa pagbalga kan RA 9165 (Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002) kan sarong aldaw, Mayo 27.

Susug sa report ni PCInsp Aldin Orquita, an Chief of Police digdi, nagpapadagos an saindang kampanya contra sa mga illegal na actibidades sa banwaan na ini.--LDBJr./BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Sunday, May 29, 2016

5ng taga Baao dinakop sa tupada

BAAO, CSur--Limang lalaki an pinumpon kan mga miembros kan CIDT asin mga pulis ta suboot imbuelto sa ilegal na burolang sa barangay Buluang digdi.

Poco mas o menos alas 4:00 nin hapon kan sarong aldaw (Mayo 27) kan biglang magtiripwasan an mga parabulang kan sinda sakyadahon kan pinagsararong tawohan kan CIDT asin mga pulis kan banwaan na ini.

An mga inarestar kan mga pulis iyo sinda Proceso Brillo Jr y Brazil, Agustin Bernas y Bolivar, taga San Francisco, Joel Boslon y Badong, Romeo Judavar y Morela, Jose Bolo y Ablan, na anas taga barangay Buluang digdi.

Mientrastanto, parte kan mga evidencia na nakua sa mga suspechado iyo an kantidad P1,350 na pusta sa tupada, duwang sambot na manok asin tulong pidasong plywood na ginamit sa pabulang.

Afuera kaini, kinumpiskar pa kan mga miembros kan CIDT si mga barahe na gamit sa pasugal sa lugar kan tupadahan.

An mga suspechadong imbuelto sa ilegal na pabulang dinara sa Oficina kan CIDT sa Provincia para sangatan nin caso sa pagbalga kan PD 1602 asin sa illegal na pabulang o an Cockfighting Decree. (LDBJr/BICOLSTANDARD.COM)

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