Virac mayor condemns murder of 'Uktoy' Que

VIRAC, Catanduanes 12/21/16 (Bicol Standard)— "The recent killing of a businessman by unidentified riding-in-tandem perpetrators in broad daylight is another blow to the tarnished image of the municipality of Virac, once known as a place for tranquility and peacefulness," Mayor Samuel Laynes wrote in his official statement following the killing of Larry "Uktoy" Que.

Mayor Samuel Laynes
"This brutal and senseless killing gives a chilling effect to the community and every God-fearing Viracnons.

Although authorities are still blind at this moment as to who and why this brutal incident was carried out, the incident should give us a stern warning on how lose the community is in the hands of people with evil intent.

Unless the pillars of our criminal justice system will do something to rectify the situation, there is always a possibility that civility will collapse and the role of the mob will prevail in this once peaceful municipality.

Whoever is behind this senseless killing, I strongly condemn the cowardly act, a blatant attack on the harmony of the community.

I encourage every Viracnons and each and every Catandunganons to be more vigilant and report to the authorities any suspicious activity of any individual or group of individuals that might breach the peace and order of our traditionally peaceful community.

Neither the local government nor the local police can fight this battle alone rather we need the community to work it out in bringing back orderliness in Virac.

My prayers for the eternal repose of Mr. Larry S. Que and my condolences to his bereaved family."


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