Naga City PNP Chief reiterates list of legal, illegal firecrackers

NAGA CITY 12/28/16 (Bicol Standard)—PNP City Director Senior Supt. Julius Munez has reiterated that only firecrackers with 0.2 grams of gunpowder per firecracker are allowed.

Anything exceeding said amount is prohibited and will be confiscated.

The list of allowed firecrackers and pyrotechnics include Baby Rocket, Bawang, El Diablo, Judas Belt, Paper Caps, Pulling of Strings, Kwitis, Small Triangulo, Butterfly, Fountain, Luces, Roman Candle, Mabuhay, Sparklers, Trompillo, and Whistle, according to Republic Act No. 7183.

Meanwhile, the manufacture, sale, distribution and use of other types of firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices not mentioned in the foregoing section, of such explosive content that could endanger life and limb, such as atomic big triangulo and super lolo and their equivalent are prohibited.

Munez reiterated that he is targeting zero firecracker-related casualty for the Yuletide season.

"Only those who have permits from the city government will be allowed to sell such devices," he stressed.

He also warned that they will not hesitate to confiscate prohibited firecrackers and apprehend those who violate the law.