Naga City residents cry 'basura!'

NAGA CITY 12/29/16 (Bicol Standard)—Naguenos continue to rant about the snail-paced collection of garbage that is causing both a health concern and a traffic problem.

“Grabeng basura. Mabataon na,” Lando, a Nagueno complained as he passed by Penafrancia Avenue near the Penafrancia Shrine four days after Typhoon Nina hit.

One of the garbage truck drivers who asked for his name to be withheld told the Bicol Standard that the real reason for the slow collection is the absence of a designated place where they can dump garbage.

During the last typhoon, it was rather easy for us to haul the debris because we were allowed to dump the same near the Almeda Highway, he said.

We were also told that it is no longer possible to unload the garbage in the open dumpsite in Barangay Balatas because it can no longer accommodate additional trash, he added.

Despite the ordinance which imposes a stiff penalty on those who do not segregate trash, the same is not strictly implemented, he said.

The problem is exacerbated because the dumpsite emits unbearable foul odor, especially in the afternoon and late evening.

Residents of Balatas, San Felipe, and parts of barangay Penafrancia are affected by said stench.

City officials say that they cannot do anything because there are only a few trucks which are operational, and most of the employees are on vacation.

Through the Facebook page Naga Smiles To The World, they also said “We don't need your insensitive comments for they cannot feed hungry stomachs or rebuild houses.”

As of press time, Mayor John Bongat could not be contacted for his comments.