Inmate killed in Sorsogon jail

SORSOGON 12/14/16 (Bicol Standard) – The dead body of a detainee at the Sorsogon Provincial Jail was discovered at around 6:50 p.m. the other day, after the police station here received a text message from an unknown sender.

The victim who was identified as Antonio Grajo was wrapped in a white blanket. He was a resident of Brgy. Burabod and was detained at cell No. 3.

In the same report, PSI Arwin Destacamento of the police station here disclosed that according to the inmates at cell no. 3 and 4, they saw the dead body at the hallway, in the 1st floor of the buiding.

The police investigators also noted that beside the body of the victim was a cartolina on which the words “ Bahala Na Gang Magna Carta” were written.

Grajo is a member of Bahala Na Gang.

Insiders say that Grajo was suspected of having extramarital relations with one of the members of Bahala Na Gang, which possibly triggered the killing.

The victim, who had hematoma and bruises when he was brought to Sorsogon Provincial Hospital, was pronounced dead on arrival.

Meanwhile, the police are still conducting follow-up investigation at the scene of the crime.


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