Residents nix proposed sanitary landfill in Daraga, Albay

by Vince Villar

DARAGA, Albay 12/1/16 (Bicol Standard)—The residents of Barangay San Ramon continue to oppose the plan of the local government unit of this town to establish a sanitary landfill here.

Particularly vocal are the residents of Purok 3 who say they are worried that the sanitary landfill would disrupt their day-to-day activities.

In the public hearing held on Wednesday, November 30, the residents aired their vehement disapproval, especially if their conditions are not med.

In an interview by the BICOL STANDARD with Punong Barangay Aidar Llaguno, he said what his constituents and the barangay council want is for the landfill to be constructed according to plan and for it to be complete in terms of the requirements.

"Kaipuhan talaga kan Gobyerno an tapukan kan basura, kaya lang, an nagiging problema naman ta su mga residentes, kun pumalso daa baad mamarong o maapektuhan an saindang kapalibutan kaya harabo talaga ninda," Llaguno said.

The barangay official underscored that to be honest, they do not see any benefit to the construction of a sanitary landfill, so before agreeing, they want to make sure all the bases are covered.

Fast-approaching deadline

Meanwhile, on the part of the Daraga Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO), Henry Jacob, the head said they will accede to the wishes of the residents.

"Actually, bako man po bilog na baranggay an nagkontra, some of the residents lang kan Purok 3, pero sabi kan council, pag yaon na an mga papeles hali sa DENR, matao sinda nin certificate of No objection," Jacob said.

He further explained that they have to move fast because the Environmental Ombudsman only gave them six months to construct said facility to avoid being charged. This means Daraga has only until March to finish the landfill.

Once the residents consent to construction, the area will temporarily be converted into a Material Recovery Facility (MRF).

It would be recalled that earlier, the downtown area of Daraga reeked of garbage after the Solid Waste Management Commission ordered the closing of its dumpsite at Barangay Penafrancia.

Since then, the LGU rushed to find ways to solve the issue, such as strictly implementing the No Segregation, No Collection policy in every barangay.

All pieces of biodegradable waste would be left in the residences while the recyclable and reusable ones would be taken to the barangay. Meantime, the municipality would collect the residual waste.

Problems arose, however, when the residual waste would be surreptitiously disposed of in a private lot at Barangay Anislag, but this was eventually discovered by the EMB.


At present, the residual waste is contained at Motorpool, and will remain there until the sanitary landfill is constructed.

Should the sanitary landfill at Barangay San Ramon be disapproved, however, the residents of Daraga still have the option of disposing of their garbage at a private landfill.

Said private landfill is planned to be constructed at Barangay Mayon, in a property owned by Iwa Biso Corporation, which is known for constructing waste disposal systems and treatment facilities.

Daraga is one of the 6 LGUs in Albay which were alerted by the Environmental Ombudsman for violating Republic Act 9003 or the Solid Waste Management Act.

The others include Camalig, Guinobatan, Polangui, Tiwi, and Tabaco City.

Meanwhile, Carlo Lorenzano of the Solid Waste and LGU Relations Section of the EMB said that despite the lack of time, they recognize the efforts of Daraga to comply with the provisions of the law.

"Although, di natin masabi na 100% o perfect yung system kasi they are starting pa lang but we are giving them time na maka comply," Lorenzano explained.


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