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Bicolano film bats for gold in MMFF 2016

NAGA CITY--Metro Manila Film Festival 2016 film entry, Oro, smacked of considerable controversy at the very onset when it was chosen by the MMFF Selection Committee to the Magic 8 circle, and an exchange of acrid comments about indie films ensued between the film's supporting star and a mainstream film producer.

Given the film's independent genre that capitalizes on content and style and the manner in which the filmmaker realizes his personal artistic vision, the film Oro is made more controversial for all the hot buttons it pushes because it is based on true events that happened right in the province of Camarines Sur two years ago where personalities associated in which a prominent political camp figured.

The film is megged by Bicolano writer, filmmaker, Ateneo de Manila University professor, Ateneo de Naga HS alumnus Alvin Yapan of Pili, Camarines Sur. With a string of literary and local and international film awards to his name, Yapan attempts to deliver a pungently pervasive stroke to awaken Filipino sensibility, or more aptly, the Bicolano's sense of affinity for his "kababayan."

Yapan's proclivity to depth and breadth in his films will spell a compelling vicarious experience for every Bicolano audience.

As Joem Bascon, lead actor, said in an interview with talk show host Boy Abunda, "The movie is meant not to simply entertain, but to inspire awareness and learning."

The movie is set to open with its Premiere Night on Christmas Day at SM Cinema Naga. (Kaylee San Jose)


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