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STI Naga's BSTM course unauthorized--CHED

NAGA CITY, November 11, 2016 (Bicol Standard)—STI Naga branch is not authorized to offer Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BSTM), Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Regional director George M. Colorado confirmed to BICOL STANDARD.

In a meeting held November 7 at the library of said school, Colorado emphasized that the school had already received a warning as early as two years ago.

“We repeatedly told the school that it is not allowed to offer Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BSTM). Yet, they continued to offer the same course to the students,” he said.

There are at least 35 who have enrolled in the said course, BICOL STANDARD learned.

The other day, CHED issued another reminder that the school is not authorized to offer BSTM.

“STI Naga does not have qualified teachers for said course,” Colorado reiterated.

Already, the students and parents have confronted Jessica Dionne Ramos Nunag, the administrative officer of STI Naga.

“Two years ago, representatives of STI Naga have been making rounds, advertising their course offerings, including BSMT. I feel very angry because it is only now that I learned that they have been warned by CHED not to push through with the opening of the said course, because they have not met the standards and requirements set by the government. But, they insisted and continuously fooled us, Nenita (not her real name) confided to the BICOL STANDARD.

Nunag offered several solutions, however, to the students.

First, they were relentlessly persuaded to shift to another course, like Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM). She said the school will help them transfer to the school of their choice, so that some of their subjects could be credited, except for the subjects in BSMT.

Second, Nunag assured the students that they will refund the amount spent for the subjects that would not be credited.

Dir. Colorado, also emphasized that it is possible that not all the subjects that they took at STI Naga may be credited since other schools may have their own set of rules.

Meanwhile, some students interviewed by the BICOL STANDARD complained that with these developments, they are surely at the losing end since most of the subjects they took for the past two years would not be credited.

They added that, even if the school reimbursed the tuition fees that they spent in taking said subjects, they would have wasted two years of their time because according to them, the school administration knowingly deceived them.


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