Reach out to the government via free mobile app iReport

METRO MANILA, 11/22/16 (Bicol Standard)--Bicolanos may now avail of a free mobile app called iReport, which has recently been launched by Cormant Technologies.

The iReport mobile app is a channel for citizens to reach out to the government. It is an easier way of reporting issues, suggestions, or commendations. The reports receieved through the application will be forwarded to the proper government agency in near real-time.

Last week, Cormant Technologies presented iReport to IT enthusiasts in the Bicol Region as part of the Onwards Digital Bicol Summit of Bicol Business Month.

During the presentation, the company highlighted the features of iReport, including the support for photos, offline mode, a user-friendly design and menu.

iReport provides benefits to both the government and the general public. The use of the application empowers citizens to participate in policy creation through active participation via the app. It eliminates the need to memorize a hotline or e-mail address. With the structured reports that the government will receive, they will be able to monitor which issues have been addressed and which are still pending.

"We encourage the public to use the iReport app aside from posting their grievances and suggestions via social networks. Posts on Facebook or Twitter will most likely be noticed if they go viral, but there is no need for that to happen. With the use of iReport, your concerns and ideas will be forwarded to the proper authorities," Alma Rivera, Enterprise Solutions Manager of Cormant Technologies said.

iReport may be downloaded for free from either the Play Store or App Store.


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