MNWD's well-drilling projects seek to provide safe, affordable water

The Metropolitan Naga Water District (MNWD) continues striving for its mission to provide safe, adequate, sustainable and affordable potable water. The District’s Engineering and Environment Department (EED) have on-going projects to provide more people with safe and affordable water in its coverage area.

The district is developing a new well in Sitio Caromatig, Carolina, Naga City. It is the third water source in the said Barangay. The actual well drilling has already been completed. The district is currently waiting for the final well design and water quality test result from the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA). Construction of Pump House and Installation of Electro-Mechanical Equipment are included in the proposed 2017 budget. The well is expected to yield 46 Lps of water that can serve more or less 4,600 households.

In addition, one of the District’s most recent completed projects is the Jardin Real Pumping Station located in Jardin Real Subdivision, Del Rosario, Naga City. The Construction of the Pump House, Installation of the Generator Set, Installation of Electro-Mechanical Equipment, Conversion of Primary line, Installation of a Filtration Tank Vessel Treatment Facility with Katalox Light Filter Media and Installation of Distribution Transformer and Electrical Equipment were all finished last September 26, 2016. The whole project was started April 2015 and was already operational by the last week of September 2016. The Pumping Station can provide 10 Liters per second (Lps) of water.


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