EDITORIAL | Real leader

Amidst the various political issues that are hounding us, a mayor from Camarines Sur is shining a beacon of hope in the government.

Mayor Bobby Matamorosa of Lupi town showed a lot of determination and exemplified that the government is still looking after its constituents. He put his own life on the line when he and his aides pursued suspected robbers.

One may only speculate what was going on in the mind of the local chief executive when the incident occurred.

Discovering that the suspects were armed, he could have easily fled the scene and kept himself and his escorts safe.

But flee he did not, and instead confronted the problem head-on by going after the suspects who, it appeared, had no intention of surrendering even after PO1 Matamorosa told them that he was a police officer, and that they should yield.

Perhaps it was still fresh in the mayor's mind how his own brother, the late Raul Matamorosa, was mercilessly murdered that he felt he could not simply witness a crime and not do anything about it.

Or perhaps it was instinctive for the mayor, a true public servant, to come to the aid of others when needed.

Regardless of his reason, Mayor Bobby Matamorosa's courageous action is indeed laudable and worthy of emulation.

And while not all of us may have the opportunity to run after suspected criminals, what we can do is to stand against the injustices in society, confront them directly as the mayor did, and never back down in the face of uncertainty.

We hope Mayor Matamorosa's example serves as an inspiration for the rest of us, (especially for our police officers, who are called to serve and protect the citizens) to work for justice without eyeing the promise of a plaque or a medal.


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