Cop still missing in boat accident in Camarines Sur

NAGA CITY, 11/26/16 (Bicol Standard) — Rescue and retrieval operation is still ongoing as of this morning, following the capsizing of a motorized banca offshore Mapid, Lagonoy, Camarines Sur, according to Camariness Sur Provincial Police Office Director Senior Supt. Walfredo Pornillos.

The said motorized banca left Tamban, Tinambac early yesterday morning for a special mission in Garchitorena, where a high-value target was allegedly spotted.

However, the banca encountered big waves on the way, resulting to the accident.

Follow-up investigations revealed that only three out of the 14 persons who were on board the banca were wearing wearing life jackets.

Among them were Police Chief Inspector Ronnie Pabia of CIDG Camarines Sur, civilian agent Tomas Rentoy VII, and another police officer who did not know how to swim.

Interviewed this morning by BICOL STANDARD, Pabia said that Rentoy did not know how to swim, which was why he was given a life jacket. Pabia said he assisted Rentoy to get to the shore.

A few meters from the shore, however, a series of huge waves caused Rentoy to be separated from him, and for a few minutes, Rentoy disappeared from view.

Rentoy was later discovered at a rocky portion with injuries that caused his death.

Pabia also suffered minor injuries and collapsed near the shore.

Meanwhile, SPO4 Edwin Pagao, remains missing as of this morning.

Pagao, it was learned, was recently a recipient of an award for refusing to accept bribe money from an alleged drug personality who went to his office to hand him P50,000.

The cash was supposedly in exchange for a favorable report on two drug personalities who were arrested at the Bicol Central Station.

Pagao refused to accept said cash and instead arrested the person who tried to hand him the money.

In a related interview by the BICOL STANDARD, Councilor Edwin Lara of Garchitorena, Camarines Sur said the area where the boat capsized is a dangerous place. He himself is asking why despite the inclement weather, they proceeded with the trip by sea instead of using the safer land route.


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