Bayan-Bicol: Block Marcos restoration

Bayan-Bicol has released the following statement for the Black Friday protests happening across the region today:
Today's anti-Marcos protest will be the biggest and most widespread since the dictator was booted out of power in 1986. It is a testament to the commitment of the Filipino people to the call "Never Again".
To highlight the strong condemnation, Bicolanos are united in a coordinated multisectoral protest actions. We highlight the initiative of Albayanos beyond the progressives for providing a real funeral car in their protest and 9 people in robe to represent the 9 Associate Justices in favor of Marcos Burial. 
“Beyond us, progressives, there are people who are really with us and are concern of our society,” Vince Casilihan of Bayan-Bicol said. “We congratulate and commend people who support our calls and demands. These initiatives prove that impunity is against people and Dictatorship has no place in a government ruled by people.” 
To Bayan- Bicol, this #BlackFriday protests here in Bicol region is not just a historic display of indignation against the Marcos burial. The progressive organizations here demand justice not only to the victims of Martial Law but also to the victims of the imprints of Martial law that continue to exist today. 
Wearing Black Shirts and conducting protest actions Different Organization, Sectors and Schools are symbol that Bicolanos are in unity to end impunity of the state. 
In Daet, Camarines Norte, the program will be at 1:00-6:00pm in Eleveted Town Plaza. Brgy. Dumagmang, Malaya and BagongSilang in Labo, Brgy. Sta. Elena and Tamisan in Jose Panganiban; and areas inCapalonga are among the areas that continue to be victims of militarization. 
CEGP Bicol will lead the "Flashback Friday: Revisiting Marcos' Dictatorship" at 4:30pm in Ateneo de Naga University and at 4:00pm, there will be Candle Lighting in Plaza Rizal, Camarines Sur. Just recently, many residents were reported victims of harassments of AFP troops particular in Ragay and Del Gallego municipalities. 
Sorsoganons will march from provincial capitol at 9:00 am to protest against Marcos Burial and to demand AFP troops to go back to its barracks. Currently there is deployment of soldiers in its remote barangays. 
There will be also a picket rally and candle lighting in Virac Freedom Park, Catanduanes at 4:00 pm. To note, Catanduanes is the first province in the region victimized by torture in Duterte Administration. It was July 26 when a young abaca farmer was tortured and interrogated by six (6) AFP troops. 
In Legazpi City, Albay, at 10:00am there will be Women and Amihan Caravan and Ribbon Tying and at 3:00pm they will be marching from Daraga to Penaranda with Ago Medical and Educational Center and Bicol University and other organizations. AFP troops in the province are deployed in its remote barangays in Tamaoyan, Pawa and Kilicao at present and staying in barangay halls. 
Black Shirt Campaign, Black Ribbon Campaign, Film Showing, Documentary Films, Educational Discussion Fest, Candle Lighting Event and Release of Statements per Student Organization are among the coordinated protest actions here in Bicol to be led by Aquinas University, University of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP), Black Friday Protest of University of Nueva Caceres (UNC), Catanduanes State University (CSU) and Bicol University (BU). 
The Marcos burial is not the end game for the dictator's heirs. It is just another step in their unending efforts to return to Malacañang, on or before 2022. When we say "Never Again" now, it is with the greatest sense of urgency and concern. The dictator's heirs are now closer than ever to achieving their return to the highest seat of power. 
While they are grabbing their comeback in Malacañang, the troops of the state are blatantly sabotaging the peace talks by proliferating counter-insurgency operations in the gist of OplanBayanihan and even OplanTokhang. 
The bloody records during Martial Law just increased every new administrations, from OplanBantayLaya 1&2 of Arroyo, OplanBayanihan of Aquino and now, OplanTokhang of the Duterte Administration.Our protests are aimed at the Marcos burial and the Duterte-Marcos alliance. 
Duterte is accountable for the burial. We demand the reversal of the burial and for Duterte to once and for all abandon his alliance with the Marcoses. Especially, Duterte must not revive the Philippine Constabulary (PC). 
The people likewise oppose the continuation of fascist or Marcosian measures the continuing militarization of communities and incarceration of political prisoners. These PC are just instrument during Martial Law to spread human rights violations. They are just asset in its counter-insurgency program. 
Duterte should listen to the people's rage. He should understand their deep resentment of the dictator and the opposition to his rehabilitation. Militarization in the region continuous amidst ceasefire. 
Contrary to what Duterte thinks, the burial is not simply a legal issue of Marcos being a soldier and a president. He was a soldier who faked his war records and he was a President who illegally held on to power for two decades, committing plunder, gross human rights violations and shameless puppetry to foreign interests. The burial is a moral, historical and political question, more than a mere legal issue. 
The dark days of Martial Law ends however the imprints of Marcos dictatorship continues. We will never stop to fight because the suffering of the people will never gonna happen again.Whatever happens to the dictator's remains, were are assured that the widespread political awakening resulting from the burial will be the wellspring of people's opposition to the return of the Marcoses to power. 
Never again.


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