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MTCC issues arrest warrant vs Ramon Perez y Felipe

NAGA CITY October 13, 2016 (Bicol Standard) -- An Alias Warrant of Arrest was issued against Ramon Perez y Felipe, by Judge Zenaida Najera-Bragais, Presiding Judge of Branch 3 of the Munitipal Trial Court in Cities here in Naga City.

The Alias Warrant of Arrest commands any police officer of the law to arrest Perez, who is said to be at Dr. Nilo Roa Foundation Hospital, Dimasalang St., Naga City or elsewhere.

Perez, the order said has been convicted with finality of the crime of Falsification of a Public Document by a Private Individual, With Criminal Case No. 94016; (RTC CC No. 2009-0389).

The order says that upon his arrest, he should be be brought to the Municipal Trial Court in Cities, Branch 3, located at Naga City Hall of Justice, at J. Miranda Avenue,here.

The Alias Warrant of Arrest was issued last February 18, 2016.

Meanwhile, Nelia A. Ziga, the private complainant in this case, told the BICOL STANDARD that reward money will be given to whoever could give any information on his whereabouts.


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