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EDITORIAL | Naga City: Center of good governance no more?

Despite branding itself endlessly as the Center of Good Governance, Naga City this year has failed to get the good governance seal from the DILG.

Photo: Naga Smiles to the World

Even more embarrassing, however, is the fact that this is the second time that the same has happened.

Last year, it would be recalled that the City even filed a protest questioning the results, while admitting it needed a review of its own performance.

We ask: what happened? Where have we gone wrong for the DILG to judge us as unworthy of said coveted seal?

And should we continue to invite guests to take a look at how we govern, when we ourselves fail to meet the minimum requirements set by the DILG?

Should we continue to trumpet our so-called achievements, when they now appear hollow in light of these recent developments?

Should we so easily forget the legacy of former Mayor Jesse Robredo, who took it upon himself to make the city known as the epitome of good governance?

Of course, this is not an attempt to put the blame on the city officials, who have likely tried, but sadly failed in any of the following criteria: good financial housekeeping, disaster preparedness, social protection for the basic sector, business-friendliness and competitiveness, environmental management, or law and order and public safety.

Instead, this is an attempt at a wake-up call both for Naga City’s leaders and its residents to step up their game or else be overtaken by other cities, which for years have looked up to us as a model for good governance.

Let us prove ourselves worthy of the title, before honking our horns, lest we be ridiculed for what appears now, in the words of former Councilor Nathan Sergio, as a “hollow brag.”


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