OPINION | Writ of habeas corpus

by Mekmek

The Honorable Senator should think twice about suspending the writ of habeas corpus.  The President doesn’t need it, and he’s not asking for it.

People like the Senator don’t need the writ of habeas corpus.  They can afford red meat and the amenities of civilized life.  They have the wherewithal to educate their offspring.  They dwell behind the protection of concrete walls and private security guards.  Cops knock politely on their doors and ask permission to enter the premises.  If by any chance they have a misunderstanding with the law, they have pricy attorneys and influential friends to bail them out.

Poor and friendless people need the writ of habeas corpus.    Their shanties of recycled plastic, tin can and cardboard cutouts offer no protection against unwarranted arrests and disappearances.

We believe that 99.9% of law enforcement and the military are nice and decent professionals doing a dangerous job.  They are not the reason why we have these annoying little laws to protect our civil rights.  It’s the other 0.1% sociopathic criminal portion of the population that we are guarding against.
Most of us are content to pursue mundane, boring lives.  We raise children, pay our bills, and have fun every now and then.  Rich or poor, most of us have no encounter with the law.  But a few of us are stupid or just plain unlucky.  So we came up with the constitution, bill of rights, writ of habeas corpus and countless other annoying little legal protocol to protect the unlucky 0.1% from the sociopathic 0.1% of the population.

That guy Jesus was always pestering us to take care of the marginalized.  Well, if you believe in that guy, we should leave the writ of habeas corpus alone.  You and I may not need it, but some other poor schmuck might.