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(UPDATE) 2-year-old Oas, Albay hostage victim now safe

OAS, Albay, September 5, 2016 (Bicol Standard) -- The 2-year-old victim of the hostage-taking incident here is now safe and has been taken to Ligao Emergency Hospital for checkup, PCI Arthur Ramirez Gomez, spokeperson of Albay PNP confirmed.
The alleged hostage-taker
Photo by Othelo Orpiada Padre/BICOLSTANDARD.COM
The child's face has wounds from the knife the hostage-taker used.

The victim was identified as Vince Malabarbas, of Balud, Masbate.

On the other hand, the alleged hostage-taker, armed with a knife, was identified as Bayani Balanon, a resident of Milagros, Masbate.

Under the directive of Bicol PNP Regional Director Melvin Buenafe, police in civilan clothes and local officials boarded the bus to rescue the child.

Senior Insp.Domingo B. Tapel, Chief of Oas Municipal Police Station, was able to confiscate the knife from the hostage-taker, reports said.

The child was held hostage for around 8 hours. The negotiation ended at around 8:25 a.m.

Meanwhile, apart from the child, two other persons were held hostage: Rodelsa Escala and Mary Grace Escala, both of legal age and residents of Villa Alvarez, Balud, Masbate, the police said.

Said adults, however, were able to disembark from the bus.
Hostage-taking incident in Oas, Albay
Photo by Othelo Orpiada Padre/BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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