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TEACHER CORNER | Are teachers’ benefits mere 'consolation prizes' from the government?

by Arlando A. Imperial,
T-III San Fernando National
High School

I had so much faith in this government. In fact, whenever I hear or watch the government speak about good governance and its fight against graft and corruption, I applaud and praise it. I really believe in what it says, its honest intention for a clean government, as shown by a series of removal from post of people in power that it believes do not help realize its intention. Just recently, the government received a remarkable increase in its trust rating.

While all these may be true, ironically, Filipinos do not experience the good life. According to their personal experiences, they need to be very frugal in order to survive. Many are jobless, or are finding difficulty to land a job, and thus wallow in poverty. At times, such suffering pushes them to commit crimes.

The improvement in the economy, which the government oftentimes boasts of, is not really felt by the ordinary people. This is, to my mind, the best indicator that our economy has really improved.

Many times, the government had promised our teachers a mouth-watering salary increase, but the same remains a promise.

This problem is coupled with a very high tax rate that substantially decreases the take-home pay of every government employee, including us teachers.

All the problems that I have mentioned, however, should not be placed solely upon the shoulder of the President alone. There is really no instant magical solution to these complicated issues that have ramified from the previous administrations. But someone has to take the lead to directly address these concerns, without disparity among all government workers.

To my mind, what the teachers are expected to receive now, as promised by our national leaders, appears to be a mere consolation prize for all our hard work and sacrifices.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, and I rely on a glimmer of hope that these concerns will be addressed the soonest possible time. Let’s cross our fingers that indeed, our teachers will not be treated shabbily. After all, we are at the frontline of molding our youth as educators and second parents.


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