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Sto. Domingo PNP belies broadcaster Bulalacao's claim of missing Php242K cash, shabu

LEGAZPI CITY September 2, 2016 (Bicol Standard) -- “If evidence warrants, Nelson Bulalacao may be held criminally and civilly liable for his malicious, libelous and felonious conduct,” PO2 Alex B. Balaoro told the BICOL STANDARD today.

PO2 Balaoro, the investigator of the case that was the subject of Bulalacao’s post in his FB account, could have maligned and put to bad light the persons mentioned therein due to the false accusation.

Bulalacao, on the other hand, a well-known media personality in here, called the attention of Camp Simeon Ola, Albay Police Provincial Director Antonio Cerujales, and PNP 5 Regional Director P/Chief Supt. Ramon Buenafe regarding the alleged shabu and cash amounting to P242,000 that were confiscated by the Sto. Domingo, last June 11, but are now purportedly missing.

Bulalacao, further claims that there was a cover-up of the news regarding illegal drugs and money, probably because of the plan to personally appropriate the same, by some police officers, whom he calls as “ninja cops” with the participation of the close allies of Sto. Domingo Mayor Herbie (Aguas).

Responding to the said accusations, PO2 Balaoro posted in the FB account of the Sto. Domingo Municipal Police Station, the following message, to wit:

"Let us always be fair and honest in our everyday dealings.

From Sto Domingo MPS FB Post:


In order to level the playing field and in the spirit of fair play, on or about 9:00 A.M. of September 2, 2016, inside the office of this station, Sto. Domingo MPS presented anew to the public eye the cash and other pieces of evidence (the drug items are now in the custody of Regional Crime Laboratory Office 5) recovered from the constructive possession of one Leonardo Clariño of Brgy Cale, Tiwi, Albay re: violation of R.A. 9165 (Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002) that transpired sometime in the afternoon of June 15, 2016 at Brgy Calayucay, Sto. Domingo, Albay before the presence of two media representatives in response to the facebook post of one Nelson Bulalacao

who intentionally convoluted the true happening of the said incident. In Bulalacao's recent facebook post, he was alluding to the personnel of Sto. Domingo Municipal Police Station as "ninja cops" who allegedly intentionally hid the news regarding the same from the radars of the media in order to clear their way in taking the cash evidence for their personal use.

In the present administration, the words "ninja cops" are now in common usage which simply refer to ROUGE POLICEMEN who are suspected protector of big time drug traffickers. Worst, he also implicated us as the FACTOTUMS of our Honorable Mayor Herbie Aguas when it comes to such kind of unlawful activity.

What went before is that on June 11, 2016, Leonardo Clariño was flagged down along Brgy San Rafael, SDA for traffic violations. While at the police station for the recording of such undertaking, Clariño, whose presence is a mere traffic violator and not as an arrested person, went outside the police station and disappeared.

Later, report reached this station that a man has absconded his obligations after checking in at one of the resorts located at Brgy Calayucay, SDA. That man was subsequently known as the same very person of Leonardo Clariño. Failing to return for several days, the management of the resort invited personnel from this station, media representative and elective officials of said village to witness the opening of the room rented by Clariño.

Then, a huge find, 13 pieces of medium-size sachet of shabu with a collective weight of 43. 281 gram, cash amounting to P 234, 430. 00 and other pieces of evidence had yielded from the backpack carried to and left behind inside the room occupied by the suspect.

Clariño is now facing charges for violating pertinent provisions of R.A. 9165, the country's comprehensive drugs law, which is a "no bail case". The cash money obviously form part of the evidence in court.

Warrant of arrest of the said suspect is yet to be issued by the court concerned.

All in all, NELSON BULALACAO's remarks/comment/opinion flashed by him on the public screen through his facebook account absolutely convoluted the truth and worst readily depicted a picture to the public that personnel of this station and our Mayor are in cahoots in benefiting from the recovered drug money.

In so doing, if evidence warrants, Bulalacao may be held criminally and civilly liable for such malicious, libelous and felonious conduct, so to speak.

Let us always be fair and honest in our everyday dealings.

God bless us all....

PO2 ALEX B. BALAORO- Investigator-on-case (IOC)"


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