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Sorsogon City DRRMO reports tambagoy fishkill near Rompeolas

SORSOGON CITY, September 12, 2016 (Bicol Standard) -- Oxygen depletion is likely the cause of the fishkill that occurred early this morning near the Rompeolas here, Mr. Roberto Borbe of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) said in an interview by Wow Smile Radio.

Sorsogon City DRRMO reports tambagoy fishkill near Rompeolas
Screengrab from a video by Wow Smile Radio
The fishkill primarily affected fish locally known as tambagoy (goby), which according to Borbe, has low tolerance when oxygen supply is inadequate.

He noticed when he arrived that the body of water was very calm, indicating that the supply of oxygen is low.

He added that poison is probably not the cause of the fishkill, as many other fish would be found dead if it were so.

However, to rule out poison as the reason, they sent a water sample to a laboratory in Manila for confirmation.

When asked if the fish is fit for human consumption, Borbe answered in the affirmative.

Meanwhile, City Disaster Risk Reduction Officer (DRRMO) Ramil Doods Marianito in an interview with Bicol Standard said, "More than 3 years na enclosed for tourism reclamation [ang area]. The other side of Rompeolas has been enclosed due to construction of coastal road. The area having fishkill is in the right side fronting Sorsogon Bay."

As of this writing, some 300 tambagoy have been affected by the fishkill, according to Marianito.


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