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OPINION | The Suicide Squad

by Mekmek

Headlines are saying that the silent majority are being silent about the killings. Well, duh! We elected the guy who’s doing the killing! It’s not like he was forced on us. This is a democracy. It was an honest election. We got what we wanted. Stop complaining! If you already changed your mind, the next presidential election is just around the corner.

Is society allowed to do anything to protect itself? When the French revolutionaries of the 1700s were cutting off the heads of the aristocracy, did someone pause and said, “Just a minute, guys. Do you think this is wrong?” Fast forward to today. The French revolution was a success, and nobody went to prison for human rights violation.

It started being your usual Philippine presidential election. The career politician was pledging an even larger GDP. The celebrity/movie star was promising glamor in the presidency. Then from out of the boondocks The Joker appeared. He vowed to kill all the drug lords/addicts, and as a bonus, fix the traffic.

Ordinary citizen Joe Schmuck of Gotham City was intrigued. Joe spends nine hours every day commuting to a so-so job in the city. Every other day, he gets extorted by cops. On the way home to his ghetto, he gets assaulted by drug addicts and assorted criminals. It was a no-brainer. Come election day, Joe voted The Joker for president.

The Joker wasted no time doing what he promised. He put together The Suicide Squad, which included Deadshot, a professional assassin. There was also Harley Quinn (aka De Lima). But in this case The Joker and Harley Quinn are not lovers. They are, in fact, sworn enemies. (But that’s another story.)

The Joker has a magical weapon called The List. (The weapon has its twin called The Matrix which has the same powers as The List but with impressive graphics. The Matrix was created specially to combat the evil witch De Lima.) Like the crystal ball of Professor Trelawney of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, anybody who uses The List is given the power to divine who's selling the white stuff, who's buying the white stuff, and where you can buy the white stuff. And The Joker’s trusty sidekick Deadshot uses The List to find and destroy the zombies.

Critics of The Joker are saying that due process is being ignored. But The Joker promised a “war” on drugs. There seems to be miscommunication between The Joker and his critics. The critics may have assumed that The Joker meant “war” in a figurative sense. But The Joker is saying literally “war”, i.e., bullets, gore, body bags and collateral damage.

Joe Schmuck is aware of the killings. On the one hand, drug pushers are being denied their day in court. On the other hand, drug pushers and addicts have disappeared from his ghetto.

Joe Schmuck is adopting a wait-and-see attitude. When all the zombies are dead, and the traffic is fixed, he may ask The Joker to ease up a bit.


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