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OPINION | A love-hate relationship

by Mekmek

Here we are again, telling the Americans to scram. We have had this hot-cold relationship with them throughout our history. When we need them to protect our asses, as when the Japanese invaded and recently when the Chinese started stealing our territory, we want them in the country. Otherwise, we want them out.

Of course, we still want their stuff, their antiquated military equipment and throwaways. And we still want them along with their rescue equipment during natural disasters. Otherwise, we don’t want to see their faces.

We are more forgiving of our other previous invaders, the Spaniards and Japanese, because they don’t give unsolicited advice. We are a proud and sensitive race. We may grovel for garbage, but we resent foreigners who criticize. As President Quezon said, we “would rather have a government run like hell by Filipinos than a government run like heaven by Americans”. And we have done that so remarkably well during these past decades, and mighty proud of it. And we allow no foreigner to tell us otherwise!

That is why right now we like the Chinese more than the Americans. Because although they are stealing our territory, selling us toxic consumer products and making drug addicts of us all, they know how to keep their mouths shut. They may think as incompetent fools and pushovers but they keep such feelings to themselves. Not the Americans. They just can’t keep their yaps shut.

The Americans are do-gooders, which is the worst possible attribute of being a Christian, trying to help others all the time. But I would advise the Americans to confine their good deeds to doing and less talking. Specially, never criticize Filipinos. You could get yourselves persona non grata-ed right out of the country. 


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