Naga City man faces charges for bomb joke

NAGA CITY September 19, 2016 (Bicol Standard) -- The authorities are determined to press charges for violating Presidential Decree No. 1727 against Acasio Fullante y Panesa for shouting that he has a bomb while in the middle of a huge crowd.

Fullante, a resident of Apo Drive here, was apprehended while he was at the Naga Cathedral during the preparations for the fluvial procession of Our Lady of Penafrancia.

PSSupt. Julius Munez, the acting City Director here, said Fullante's act must not be allowed to simply let slip, especially since there is a threat against security.

According to the report of the investigators, the suspect had a bag while he was walking.

Possibly because of his drunkennes, he shouted that he had a bomb.

The people around him immediately informed the authorities of the suspect's statement.

When the police frisked the suspect and examined the contents of his bag, however, they only found clothes and other personal items.

If found guilty, the suspect may be imprisoned for up to five years and meted a fine of P40,000.

Earlier, the authorities warned against the bringing of backpacks and the wearing of caps as security measures for the weeklong Penafrancia festival.


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