Man with 2 unlicensed cal .45 pistols arrested in Iriga City

IRIGA CITY, September 6, 2016 (Bicol Standard) -- Police investigators are still studying the possible connection between Arwin Olivares y Ricafrente, who was arrested yesterday, and charged with Illegal Possession of Firearms and Roderic Talagtag, who was earlier shot to death by a motorcycle-riding gunman, at Brgy. San Isidro here.

Olivares was collared by the joint elements of the Iriga City police and Nabua Municipal police, after he was found in possession of at least two (2) calibre .45 pistol, loaded with ammunition.

The report said that while the police authorities were at the Iriga City Hall of Justice, they heard several gun shots, which promted them to verify where the shots were coming from.

While on their way to the place where the shots were heard, they saw a man running towards their direction.

Seeing the unidentified person to have a gun tucked in his waist, they ordered him to stop and drop, and thereafter, a body search was made upon him.

The police recovered from Olivares’ body the following: 1 unit calibre .45 TM ARMSCOR with serial number 1282902, with one chamber load and one inserted stainless magazine loaded with five live ammo; one black leather holster; one olive green sling bag containing three steel magazines for calibre .45, with two magazines loaded with five ammo; 1 unit calibre .45 TM NORINCO 1911 A1 with serial number 200027 with chamber load and with inserted steel magazine loaded with seven live ammo; and 11 pcs of live ammo.

When Olivares was required to present his documents regarding the recovered firearms and ammo, he failed to do so.

Meanwhile, during the interrogation, Olivares told the police that he was the companion of Roderick Talagtag, who had just attended a court hearing at the Regional Trial Court (RTC) for the crime of Frustrated Murder.

Talagtag allegedly works as a bodyguard in this city.

A few minutes after he left the courtroom, and while on his way to Nabua, he was shot by an undentified gunman.

It was not yet clear if Olivares is acting as the security of Talagtag, and why was he carrying two high powered firearms which are both unlicensed.

Olivares and Talagtag are both residents of Nabua, Camarines Sur.


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