Legazpi City, Daegu Korea ink friendship pact

LEGAZPI CITY, September 9, 2016 – The city government here and Daegu Metropolitan City of South Korea recently signed a friendship agreement to strengthen partnership and facilitate mutual sharing of best practices for good governance and development.

 Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal said the good relationship between this city and Daegu City would facilitate the sharing of good governance knowledge and experiences for continuous progress and urban development. This is turn could open windows for opportunities to uplift the lives of the people of both cities.

The friendship pact will also facilitate the mutual sharing of knowledge in tourism promotion between the two cities separated by hundreds of miles of distance with different culture, language and political orientation.

Legazpi City Vice-Mayor Bobby Cristobal and Daegu City Vice-Mayor Kim Yon Chang signed the agreement at the City Mayor’s Office witnessed by officials of both cities.

The pact materialized after City Councilor Melissa Abadeza passed a resolution authorizing the city mayor to enter into an agreement by and between the City Government of Legazpi and the Daegu Metropolitan, South Korea.

“This friendship agreement would serve as a vehicle to improve their initiatives towards the adoption of medical tourism that includes the holding of medical mission and training to the members of the medical team and also to develop the medical system and improve the sanitary situation in the community,” Rosal said.

He furthered that the agreement will also serve as an accelerator for economic growth of both cities and an engine to improve their initiatives towards the adoption of Public Health and Social Services, Planning and Urban Development and Culture and Arts.

Chang on the other hand said that the friendship between Philippines and South Korea started during the Korean War when this country sent an almost 7,000 Filipino troops.

He added that they intend to provide good service system to the people of this city not just for earning money but to maintain the strong relationship of both cities.

Legazpi City is classified as a component city and a capital of the Albay Province located on the East or Pacific Coast of the Province that plays host to the iconic Mt. Mayon, the world’s most perfect cone volcano with its tag line The City of Fun and Adventure captioned by the International Travel Market Industry.

It was also named by the USAID as the number two most livable city across the country and recently declared by the National Competitive Council as the 3rd Most Competitive locality under component city category in its 4th Regional Competitiveness Council Summit and Awards ceremony for best practices in the field of good government efficiency, economic dynamism and infrastructure development.

The Daegu City on the other hand is the 3rd largest Metropolitan area located in Southeastern Korea about 80 kilometers (50miles) from the Sea Coast near the Geumho River and its mainstream.

It was an Economic motor of Korea during the period of 1960s until 1980s and especially known for its electronic industry.(MAL/SAA/EPS-PIA5/Albay)


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