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Duterte nagdeclarar nin 'state of lawlessness'

DAVAO CITY September 3, 2016 (Bicol Standard) -- Nagdeclarar si Presidente Rodrigo Duterte nin “state of lawlessness” o “state of lawless violence" tanganing labanan an terorismo asin pakusogon an kampanya contra sa illegal na droga.

Photo via City Government of Davao
Sa saiyang pagtaram sa intrevista sa TV, piglinaw kan presidente na bako ining martial law.

Alagad magkakaigwa nin sararong esfuersos an militar asin police sa bilog na nasyon.

“I have this duty to protect the country. I have this duty to keep intact the integrity of the nation,” sabi ni Duterte.

Nin huli kan nasambit na deklarasyon, magkakaigwa nin mga mayor na checkpoints, asin curfew.

Kasubagong alas 4:00 nin aga,(Sabado) binisita na ni Duterte an lugar na nagkaigwa nin pagsabog nin bomba sa Davao City night market.

Sa sinambit na incidente, 14 personas an confirmadong nagadan mantang 67 an nagkarulugadan.

Mientrastanto, an aki kan presidente na si Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte nag-issue kan minasunod na official statement manungod sa nasambit na incidente:
Let us pray for the victims of this unfortunate incident, especially for those who died.
Let us pray for those who are being treated in different hospitals and pray for their quick recovery.
There are at least 10 people who perished because of the incident and a number were reported wounded.
Rest assured the authorities are on top of this incident.
Right now, we cannot yet give definite answer to as to who is behind this as we are also trying to determine what really exploded.
It's a sad day for Davao and for the Philippines.
Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte
Davao City


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