Thursday, September 29, 2016

Duterte: 16,000 barangay captains, 11,000 cops, mayors, congressmen, etc in my list

MANILA September 29, 216 (Bicol Standard) -- “It is my duty to tell the nation what is happening,” President Rodrigo Duterte told the members of the media in a press conference.

“When I return, I will have one session with media and read my list. It has some congressmen, judges, mayors, a lot of barangay captains, police and one or two from the military,” he added.

He also revealed during the said press conference that 92% of all barangays in the country are affected by the drug problem.

"There are about 11,000 policemen in my list and 16,000 barangay captains," he said.

“It behooves upon me to tell you the truth and prevent something catastrophic,” he said.

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