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Pokémon Go can lead players to God, says Bicolano priest

NAGA CITY, August 9, 2016 (Bicol Standard)--Can popular augmented reality game Pokémon Go bring players closer to God?

Fr. Mayo Cesar Herrera of San Francisco Church thinks so.

Photo montage via Fr. Herrera

"Many of the PokeStops [in this city] are located in Catholic Churches," he explained. "This is where users collect Poke balls needed to catch Pokémon."

"In San Francisco Parish Church, the Pokémon Stops are at the main altar where the image of Jesus is taken down from the cross, Jesus crucified (left side of the church main door), and the History of San Francisco Church Plaque," he said.

"We welcome you to visit our Churches but please be respectful. Hopefully, once a person finds the Pokémon, they will enter the Church and find Christ. Once you get some Pokéballs, take a moment to stop inside the Church and pray," the priest suggested.

"What an excellent opportunity to lead them to God," he remarked.


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